Yu Haul. Traffic shooting cone mines

Simple but satisfying. drops four cones that aim certain ways . The first cone dropped aimes right at you with a shotgun turret. The 2nd cone aims with a machine gun to the left or right forcing you to pick the correct safe way around it. The 3rd cone aims at you with a shotgun right or left and you have to pick the safe way around that cone. The 4th cone shoots at you only if you pass all the other cones it trys to shoot at the bumper of the enemy with a machine gun turret. So every cone aims a different way and oh did i mention they are filled with high grade explosives! Make sure you dodge these bad boys they leave a mark to those daring enough to drive over them. Has four sets of 4 and able to use micro factorys to increase the numbers.

I’ll be honest, your idea for a weapon is WAY too cryptic and complex just for the sake of it.


The traffic cones thing is genius. It needs to be either the next mine layer (epic Fortune?), or a CK for turrets.

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I just might use Turrets if there were a Traffic cone CK.

Speaking of Traffic cones… It’s weird that there isn’t a traffic cone decor item. Closest thing we have is the “Road Work” hologram.

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I was wondering this since the day I discovered the market. I get king size donut and a guitar but no traffic cone…

Maybe there is some weird freak that collected all the cones he could find as holy relics of the (world) paradise gone. Probably has a small church and a few zealot followers, and wears a traffic cone as a hat.

Though we have much bigger problems in the game than the absence of traffic cones :slight_smile:


Somthin strange. Road signs are still things but what the heck happened to all the traffic cones! Do the ravagers use them for party hats?

Okay heres a map of how it would look birds eye view as you see how this works as a no chase trap type turret that blows up if you run into it but it also has 2 different types of guns shooting at you as you try to follow this crazy cone placed lunatic and his suprise of the old statement. Follow the traffic laws no matter the environment we live in the wastelands. Machine guns on both the front and rear placed for maximum range and damage in the area to block small paths. And the shotguns in the middle of the setup that just wants to pop a tire as you try to pick a side to cross as you chase that cone headed fool! And his evil cones! Btw i put a small piece of cheese in the picture for comments below on how it got there.

I still think your idea is good, but the way you want to implement it is very messy and cryptic. In game design, if you can get the same results with a simpler solution, it’s usually a good idea.

What if it was a shotgun turret? 40m range, 2-3 times the dura of regular turrets, bam. It forces people to slalom away from it.

edit: actually, it could even be a short range laser turret. It’d look very Founders-esque


at least you colored inside the lines…


Picasso would be proud! I’m sending a copy to the National Library of Congress for inclusion in their art vault.


I draw in the dark on tv light. Lol