1 year old Puncher

23rd May 2023

I posted for the first time in Sidekicks (differences between Hawks) topic the prototype of my second drone build ( with Sidekicks instead of Hawks ) without false modesty and without any displaced sense of grandeur i can say it’s the most focused and the most refined design i made to this day. where i compiled everything i know and accomplished in terms of engineering in one place, one build.
I’m very pleased with it and proud of it. ( but that’s not the point, i’m only celebrating)

The prototype. ( even in this phase this was the build that required the less changes from the initial design )


One thing that all of us can do to mitigate the META or something that may be annoy you ( whatever may be ) is to build something specific to go against it, may not be the solution but, it will increase resistances and slow the effeteness of said META / Nemesis. ( that’s the point ).
In this particular case it is an anti cannon build with melee resistance features ( now improved)

The main bully to this build has been the devs and the game itself not other players or builds. But even despite of them and to them i say.
Puncher will complete 1 year, as good as always been.

taken yesterday

To see the evolution of the armour layout and resilience over the last year i will post the several changes i did in those moments that broke my build. ( don’t worry i kept out variations and crazy conversions ).

Improvement of front armour.


Due to changes in Armour piercing mechanics

Due to the BFs buff ( that was a nerf to this build), changes in the guts, frames, radar, generator, resistance to fire

Obligatory changes due to melee nerf that somehow affected my build survivability for the worse, feature a partial V hull for the first time for melee resistance capabilities

Current version, resistance to melee improved, improved the side inner armour in the front, changes in the underbelly layout and frames.

And because good it’s the enemy of perfection i have more ideas to put on it, i need how to put more weight on it and i know where i will find that extra weight i need.
Perhaps for fighting heavy bricks shoulder to shoulder…who knows what the future will bring… outside the energy nerf, that’s the immediate incoming break to my builds but if i manage to overcome it…who knows what future will bring.

Happy birthday Puncher :slight_smile: