Sidekicks (differences between Hawks)

So, i made a drone build with only sidekicks.

And i’m enjoying it, they are like attack dogs and somehow i feel they end up having more survivability than my hawks, due to how they move and present themselves instead of just being there, close to the adversary’s crosshair.

But something is off.

I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of making a more compact design than my usual drone build.
Aware of sidekick’s lower speed i decided to choose more armour and less speed.
But even so, often i find myself being the target and my drones are still way inn the back.
showing up a bit late to the party.

Now i will go heavy ( i observed that most of the times i’m going at 60/80 kph.)
I will try another version to be able to keep up with my drones.

drive into where your team is already engaging the enemy , drop your drones and dip out / cloak up



And find something close to the action to hide behind… put some damage dealing melee on the front & ram folks as your cloak dies.

You still won’t get MVP, but it’ll be fun.

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Often i drive in circles close to the action and my drones but the worst is when i start to pursuit someone (wrong habit for the drone in question).
Having a slower build, i think it will help me to keep up with my sidekicks.
Let see if other aspects will interfere.
I always can go back to my Storm chaser

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Yeah… with most drones, you want people chasing you. Your drones will follow you & shoot them.

LordTutor, who doesn’t post that much anymore, has a nice team-oriented, aggressive drone gameplay. He’d dump his turrets or drones in the battle and would then instantly look for something useful to do for his team.

Picture this. You’re 30s into the game, 50m out of spawn, fending off a shotgunner because your 95kmh hover team left you to die. You mashed X like a madman to call for help, but it’s solo Q PvP, you’re not getting your hopes up, and trying to keep that stupid shotgunner away from your butt is a f*cking nightmare. You sigh and get ready to call a sarcastic gg in chat before leaving; and right when denial and bargaining are replaced by acceptance…

LordTutor, if you read this, I never regret having you in my team UwU. You’re a good solo q team player.

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I know a good player when I see one and you got to save the good ones. I never regret having you as my ally.

The Call Cabin is the key. The power boost when Drones are deployed stacks up to 3 times. So, what can you do with a huge power boost? Ram people! Race to enemy base for one capture point and reload and go ram someone else!
Another key is a Detector. How can you know where to be precisely? Without a Detector, you can tell if an ally is being chased by unseen enemy and try to respond in time, but a Detector shows the red markers.
Health points and Bumpers is key. Drones are light, Cheetah, Big Foot tires, Detector and Cloak use 3 Energy but you can carry a lot of Mass. Detectors are heavy, but cloaks are light.
Newest key. Use Phobos for speed bonus not R-type 52 for drones. Lose your engine, but your co-driver can keep you fast.
Never sit still!
Hiding the boxes under the Cabin, all your Armor is for show, and for tanking damage. The bumpers protect you from Tusk and Melee while also ramming wheels off.

The Logo for Professional Wheeled Drone Trial is pretty cool, complete the Trial and stop using Sidekicks. They have been nerfed too hard.

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love my sidekicks! 3000 hours with them <3

yaoguai is the most powerful drone, just use it

i don’t actually “drone”. I mean, I use drones yes BUT (and it’s a big smelly butt) I’m more melee, I just use drones to get the damage resist perk from The Call cabin. I usually drop my sidekicks waaaaaaay far away so that they are out of the fight while I’m in the fight. What I love about doing that is I can melee down an opponent and, just when I need them, the sidekicks show up to finish them off.

It’s not my style (to cloak up), what i normally do is seeking adversaries already engaged or pursuing fleeing adversaries and other things like trying not get killed or be caught alone.
either way, whatever maybe the situation, once my drones are out in the field, the mothership has a job to do.
with this one i found out i can block or pin down some builds protecting my drones from being knocked over.
Even if i wanted to cloak, i can’t due to lack of energy or Space in both builds, and i’m normally close to the action to take advantage of the co driver’s perk.

I just have to adapt from hawks to sidekick, they work differently…i wonder if sidekicks work best as a defensive weapon.

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Absolutely… a lone droner/turret guy is almost useless to the team. Stay close to the action, stay close to allies.

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Now, make the Sidekicks spawn in the front of this one, and push them into the battle.
I spawn Turrets to the side or out the rear, and not out my front because I would get stuck on them, but Sidekicks have wheels and can be pushed.

Mount 2 Spike Bumpers to the Frames or the Gessen on both sides of the Gessen, or mount Hatchets in front of the front wheels. or just use 2 1x4 frames in front of the front wheels.

You could lose both those heavy bumpers on the front above the Gessen and use 2 Punchers if you have those. Buggy Bumpers would weld to the top of Gessen and the Structure Parts and are much lighter.

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sidekick movers

That’s one other thing I use my booms for. Scoop them up like a fork and herd the sidekicks around battle.

No need, they spawn around me, i usually carry them there, i have to remain there to make use of the perk.

I can’t complain, i usually let the other guy being annoyed by shoot at me with no effect until it’s too late for him.
But i will try this (thank you for suggestions) .

sidekicks are really good, they have a lot of upsides compared with Hawks…and hawks are good as hell.

Hawks are faster, they are always with you, but they are more fragile because they are close to the crosshair of the other guy. I usually i’m extremely agressive with them.
in the other way, i use a heavier cabin with sidekicks than with hawks , i don’t need speed as much , i have to drop them much closer but not only they seem to have more survivability, they seem to spit more DPS because they usually shoot for longer.
while i have no change against Mgs and SGs with hawks, i can send them to the garage with sidekicks. That’s an option
It seems i get shot at more often and my sidekicks much less .
But what i really like is when cannon builds shoot at me.
Paradox, it’s harder to do as well as with my hawks build.
Often i have to break pursuits to let my sidekicks to caught on , and other shortcomings like that.

In PVP it will be a matter of what drone i feel like to play.
In events it will be Hawks

Hawks or sidekicks? for my upcoming TOW build, sidekicks for a defensive option.

Next weapon, Tempuras.

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