2 day ban for 3 guys for no reason

hello, yesterday[2023/09/21]
my clanmates started complaining that they were suddenly banned.
From what they say, they suspect that the ban is for a certain raid
[of course, none of the punished people witnessed the post of information or video]
and as for the rally itself, one person shows that he was punished for “standing” and waiting for bots instead of driving like a fly to the light and this is a violation of the regulations, so with this rule half of the clans in the game should be banned for afk on cw.

and the second and third person still don’t know why they are banned, but probably because their friend pushed them halfway through the game and blocked them, they blocked him and when they were all together under the bridge on the “bridge” map, they collapsed the bridge
but let’s face it, my friend probably sent a 30-second fragment of the game, making himself a victim, let him show the entire recording of the entire game, otherwise, in my opinion, the recording has no legal force and can be manipulated.

I would like to ask you to keep the topic open because I would like to talk to someone who knows about it, as well as to my friends and the player who had a different playing style.

because when he was driving and others were standing, it’s a different style of play and not standing “afk”

I will add that I have been mutated more than once, and if I wrote in my native language that I was looking for a clan or recruiting people to the clan, in the appeal I was not given the regulations based on which I was mutated, because there is no such thing, after I forcefully demanded a paragraph in the regulations then they wrote to me that I had broken moral and ethical laws, e.g. confessing fascism, etc., so they wrote to me that writing in Polish was like confessing terrorist or fanatical sects, and since then they have never written back to me.

In my opinion, hiding the topic or deleting it will be considered as avoiding responsibility and lack of courage to start a discussion,


Post this up on Reddit. It is the official Crossout forum and there is a dev who is community manager. Devs don’t read this forum.


They give the appeals process is this thread if you want to report it on here:

but he has banned 2 hours later becuase he stay near 1 postion or bridge [ its my meta for stay afk on frontiers ] and now whole game play this style , and he has banned for staying …


Are you even reading what they’re saying?


but he got ban 2 days for , afk " he ask in support why is banned and they , becuase he afk in raid game,


so try understand it now , he got BAN for stay near tower not kick


Staying right next to the tower in a defence raid isn’t bannable. It’s a suboptimal tactic, but a ban imposed for that would be wrongful.

Trapping a troll under the bridge and collapsing it onto him, a.k.a. “bridging,” would be bannable. If done in self-defense, because the troll was pushing them and interfering with carrying out the objectives, your clanmates had better have the whole raid on video. I understand that it was the troll that had it on video and posted only the short fragment where they bridged him. So they were unable to prove what really happened. But even if they had, they’d still be admitting to using a forbidden action for self-defense, in which case it’d be up to the moderator to determine if they deserve a ban for that. It’s best to be safe and not admit using such a forbidden action, be it through a written statement or a video recording, even to defend onself against a troll. But if the troll had that on video, they’d lose even if they’d said they didn’t do anything wrong.

Are all 3 players banned from logging into the game? Is that the penalty they received?

If appealing didn’t work, PM Faley016 on this forum, or Reddit should work too, even Discord. His business hours may be limited during weekends, which is definitely the case with the support department.

Which moderator processed the appeals? I’d expect for that to be HornOchse, on this new forum. In that case, appeals regarding wrongful bans are less likely to succeed, but on the other hand, reports are probably more likely to effect a ban.

You can record battles if you have a powerful enough GFX card. IF not, use OBS. I record my battles in 1280x800, in 4500 kbps, so a raid takes up around 300 MB. When using OBS, it’s critical to:

  • Turn auto-updating off, because if an update hasn’t been registered with EasyCheat, you won’t be able to record for weeks or longer, unless you revert to an earlier version.
  • Mute the microphone/line-in in the sound mixer at the bottom, or you’ll get noise.
  • Untick the voice call option in the system sound settings, or recording in OBS will be recognized as a voice call and the video’s sound volume will get reduced by 16dB. If that happens, you’ll have to increase the volume by 16dB, e.g., in Avidemux, which is great for editing videos before psoting to YT.

If recording with OBS, the output settings in Avidemux should be Mpeg4 x264, audio copied (or AAC FDK if processing audio), and the format “MP4 Muxer” - not “MP4v2 Muxer.”

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2 of us are banned for i dont know what , and third is banned for staying near tower , on map brdige , bots can come from 3 positions no more , so staying and waitig for whole , raid " i one position is more effetive than no sense driving , so i understand 2 bans when is for team killing , but ban for stay ? xDD

ps. yes they says to gm on forum and decided to receive a penalty, even to the person who was waiting for the bots.

and its stupid they play 3 in party and play defensive , 4th player play rush , dies 2 times and report party guys for afk and they got ban …

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Hello @taiiger,

The topic is now closed, I don’t like lies.
All three of you have been banned because you refused to attack / inflict damage.
There is a video, the violation is clear. You just waited for the last player (the 4th) to self-destruct / die before attacking. He even tried to get help from you by coming close to you, none of you fired - helped.
And no one was AFK, everyone was on the move and still had ammunition.
You all attacked after he was destroyed.
Such behavior is unacceptable and detrimental to the gaming experience (there is a rule for that).

Best regards,