Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty

Hello survivors,

if you want to report a game rule violation, you can send me a private message with the following information:

IMPORTANT! Please follow the form and recommendations, be polite, formulate thoughts accurately and briefly. This will significantly shorten the response time of the administration and simplify the analysis of a reported incident.

  1. Nickname or userid of the accused player.
  2. On which platform: PC/PS/XBOX.
  3. Circumstances: describe what happened in as much detail as possible and which game rule(s) have been violated in your opinion.
  4. Arguments and Evidence. If possible, present evidence in the form of screenshots or video (in most cases a video proof of the whole round is highly recommend).
  5. Please also ensure to report incidents using the in-game functionality as well.

If you think that you have been unjustly punished, you can send me a private message as well and we will look into the case.