4 Energy Avenger Hoverers

Are starting to take over the lower power scores.
go make them 5 Energy again targem games


Last time I played, there were hovers as low as PS 3K.


Sorry i ment Energy Drain in stead of Power Score


im not a cannon user but, i just did my cannon daily with 3 avengers on omnis , i can see why they do it now


Today I saw a hover with the special energy guns around the 3500 PS
I got into a few games with it, but I was like not seen one of you’s for a while, the last time I saw a hover player around the 3k mark was a dude running Chords on a hover and cleaning house too :rofl:


I haven’t tried hovers that low, but at 9500, they’re like cheating. :rofl:

I think when they fixed hovers this second time, they just broke them further somehow… or, they didn’t fix them enough & people are figuring out they can slap 'em on light builds & dominate.


Ya, hovers…I think they need to stop screwing with hovers personally. What is it with the developers and Hovers anyway?

I don’t think I often care to comment on them. I’m not a user, so what do I know? But, they are just so outrageous, I don’t know how to grasp the edges of it. They are like a device from a different game that still operates under the physical laws of that alternate universe, like Superman.

Superman wasn’t particularly OP when he first got here either, but now he’s got laser-vision, frost-breath, can actually fly-and at light-speed too, strength that is basically immeasurable…it’s stupid. These developers answer would be to basically leave all that, but make him drunk, like Hancock.

Instead of stripping Hovers of their super-powers, they just make them drunk, and un-fun to operate. I don’t understand why they struggle so hard to nerf them effectively without making them miserable to use.

…and so they look at it all, and decide to nerf the handbrake? I guess hover players don’t do better than average at gathering resources? I mean how are they even looking at this? What is their perspective; God-wheels aren’t an exploit, because they were designed to be that way?

I would rather they handled tight like they did on the 2.0 test server, but turned down the speed, acceleration, and durability…instead they just make them wobble and bounce all over.

I try to not make it my problem, but geez, they were all the way down into PS 3K.


I still think when a hover movement part is destroyed it should have blast damage like when gens and fuel modules do
I doubt that would fix all the issues people go on about with hovers, also PS bump be good.

But hovers have been a part that people cried about from the very start but for different reasons, the original reason why people cried about them as it “ruined” the Mad Max feeling of the game…

Well, they were right. :upside_down_face:

But… and it’s a big butt…

The game is called CrossOut, not Mad Max. :man_shrugging:

That would make them really difficult to frame out.

Then they should complain about all the energy-type weapons as they weren’t in Mad Max but they don’t …

Could you clarify what you mean by that?

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Making them explode would probably take any attached frames along with it, which would make it so you’d have to split frame the entire build or your hovers would always come off in pairs. Beyond that depending on the blast radius it might take out any frames right near it as well.

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That’s for clearing that for me, but if they did introduce that I could see at least 80% of the hover whiners not cry nerf as much

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Yeah, imagine what exploding hovers would do to a 5k hover build. :grimacing: :dizzy_face:

They’d still cry… plus you’d have hover players crying on top of that.

Oh cheezus, then Targem/Gaijin would need to stock up on adult diapers… Anyone knows if Huggies make them, asking for the devs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue: :cheese: :wine_glass: :clown_face: :salt:

This hover is on FIREEEEE!

The avengers really should go back to 5 energy and they need to reduce their ammo count some too.

2 avengers on a deadman cab with the epic fly wheel is really nuts as far as the reloading goes. The avenger is already the fastest reloading cannon in the game.


I am not one to pay attention to part names, but the avenger is the white cannon right?
If so then I think their fine as they are now, in my experience even getting hit with dual white cannons is little more than a mosquito bite most of the time

I’ve actually not seen that build type before, but at that PS wouldn’t the blue cannons pack more of a punch in the jaw?
And for Roopull, that’s just hilarious where did you find that or did you make it? :rofl: :joy: :sob:

The reload rate on the white cannon out paces the blue. The blue damage isn’t that much better and has much less ammo then the white cannon right now.

dps meter:
White 950, 35 ammo
Blue 920, 10 ammo (upgraded for blast damage)

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I would just say, lower the ammo on the white cannon, increase it on the blue, and the blues damage and possibly slight damage nerf on the white one

I never thought a day would come when people even remotely hint that white parts are “OP” or too good, they’re mostly crafting fodder to me, though I do use Chords a decent amount in battle