6v6 battles for ore

Why not? Especially if theres disconnects in clan wars this could be a save. Make it so the more players playing the better the ore resource amongst ourselves? It would be like clan wars 4v4 vs 2v2 strangers so it wouldn’t bother most of us if it was easier to obtain but in a very low ore count 1 to 2 per player? Idk just throwing that out there.


Its already hard to have 4 players online for CB because the game is pretty much dead. CB should be 3 vs 3 like arena .

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I see alot of disconnects complaints thats all im saying .

Fix the server

They have said it a billion times before and its you players with crappy internet connections even though this is the only game that I have encountered that has so many map failing to load in or just gettet thethered to the start.

They won’t fix anything and if they do try to fix it it will just break more things and fix nothing just like the crushing damage thing they did.

Odd how no other online game I play does these things or how I can stream movies in 1080 p or higher with zero buffering but crossout is 1 out of every 3 games going derp

Personally i’d love being able to earn it that way, but I’m not sure what effects having many more relics around would do on the overall game itself. :thinking: