A brief description of what I think now

Now I feel that the pursuit of strength is a wrong direction, when I think so, I feel that some design is not good, so I have to use powerful design, resulting in this kind of thinking makes me tired and lose interest in the game, when I do not think about this, do not pursue anything but really free to play the game, I seem to eliminate all the worries, just like the beginning of the game feeling full of imagination for the game


It’s like I have said… just do whatever you actually have fun doing in the game.

The “grind” is entirely optional.

Feeling like you need better parts to win is a fallacy. You can win with an entirely blue build… there’s an entire thread about it with excellent examples:

Efficient, Accessible and Budget builds (“EAB” tag) - Discussion - Crossout

There are people who will attempt to shame others for not being at level XXX with Engineers, not being in CW, not having relics etc etc etc… Whatever. At least I’m smiling while I’m playing & not coming to the forum so salty no one can stand me.


This is good and bad advice at the same time.

I know we always push everyone to do what they find is fun…

But, the problem with that is that not everything you want to do is good. So you might think you have a great idea and invest a ton of time into something then you realize all of that time is wasted because what you thought was “fun” is :poop:

Then when you realize that it is :poop: then it is no longer fun.

Which is what I think he is trying to explain. He gets all excited to make something new that he thinks is strong then it’s not.

This is also why we end up with a ton of the same build in game. People do not want to feel like their time is wasted. So if something is going to take them a month to build they want to make sure it will be good when they are done.

It’s a double edge sword - do what you think is fun and be punished because it sucks - or do what is proven to be good but takes all of your creativity away.

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I’m going to agree and also disagree here as well.

You are 100% correct, you can make a blue build and win. This is a fact.

But, if the only thing your winning against is low PS no0bs then are you really winning? I just feel bad when I play low/mid PS - it’s not fun to shot fish in a barrel.

I played several games with my 9 year old yesterday. We grouped up & played for about an hour or more. He was careful to choose builds that matched my PS almost perfectly, and I obliged him and did the same.

After a couple of matches, he was getting frustrated because we were always - as in 100% of the time - the weakest two players on the team. Insult to injury… I got MVP out of that situation at least 3 times. So, I told him to pick a build about 4k higher than mine & that’d put him at the top & me at the bottom.

That worked. We later stretched the spread to just shy of 6k.

Moral of the story… the MM apparently works quite well. It has learned that if I plop myself into a low PS match, I need to be handicapped. It does that by matching me against much higher players. I’m sure at first, when I first started venturing back into lower PS matches months & months ago, this wasn’t the case. I remember getting very frustrated and after a while, I was always the weakest player on my team - sometimes with a PS spread of 7000. I posted about this on here!

The MM is unfair! It’s broken!

No… it wasn’t. It was doing its job, and doing it quite well.

In fact, yesterday, with us on the same team, we worked together… calling out enemies, coordinating strategies, choosing complementing builds etc. That’s why I kept getting MVP. MM kept hammering us relentlessly… and we kept winning. I’m sure if I played grouped up regularly, MM would be even more brutal to me.

Now, if I’m playing alone with a lower PS build (we’re talking as low as 4950 to 8k), I get hammered by the MM. And, they’re not a bunch of noobs, either. There are a lot of min-maxers in that bracket, and plenty of mini-metas running about who know very well how to play. Then, there are the functional-art builds and guys like me who handicap myself with blue-only builds & the like. There ARE noobs in that bracket, but there are noob whales above 14k, too. I don’t get MVP like that anymore often than I do at higher PS. I just don’t… I do have more fun, though.

Faster matches - as in matches that don’t take as long…
Faster matches - as in most of the builds feel faster…
Faster kills - as in builds aren’t rocking 3k durability, so they (and I) die faster…
Faster load times- as in the bulk of the player base seems to be around 10k, so I’m not waiting for matches…

Now, if there’s ever a daily challenge where I have to win MVP in PVP, I’m bringing my kid & a couple of 6k builds. Y’all will die. LOL :joy: :upside_down_face: :wink:

yes,your not losing :rofl:

these maps are a Barrel,so shooting fish is all they have :crazy_face:
we need bigger maps,some are too small :saluting_face:


That’s not my type of winning, but it seems for many of the people on the forum it is.

To each his own, I personally can’t do it.

"Feeling like you need better parts to win is a fallacy. You can win with an entirely blue build… "

I think part of the problem is the players that bring higher ranked weapons too low, dev should really add some rules to prevent Rare(blue) items from needing to take on anything Epic(Purple) or higher, or Epic taking on Relic. etc…

It’s not that you can’t use a Rare to beat a Epic or the Epic to beat the Relic. It’s more ALLOT harder to beat them and when I run my pure Rare (Blue) build which is upgraded 100% and have to battle Kings or the Launchable Drones… it’s almost impossible… never mind if their are multiple on a single team


We’ve suggested there being brackets for PS and rarity… Something like a rule where you couldn’t have relics on anything below 12k powerscore, legendary below 10ketc. Of course the numbers for those brackets are endlessly debatable, but anything would be an improvement.

That being said, it is immensely rewarding to run down some doof worth scorpions on a 7k build and kill him with sledgehammers. Min-maxing generally means those dudes have very fragile builds (and very fragile egos).

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A whole bunch of this got fixed when they upped the PS difference between the weapons.

No more harvesters at 2499. No more fused junkbow seal clubbers at 2499 either.

With power creep, I believe it is time to do this again.

Adding a graduated PS amount would help a lot.
Add 100 to blues, 200 to cyan, 300 to purps, 400 to legendaries and 500 to relics.

This would space the play out, but there would have to be enough of a population to support players in the new spread.


The PS increases helps a lot for the seal clubbing and keeping different rarity weapons away from each other.

I’m not sure what exact increase would work. But I’m all for a PS increase to help with balance.

This is a reflection of the diversity of the game, when you get an advantage in the rarity of weapons, you have to sacrifice other aspects of the ability to keep the ps unchanged, for example: in the low ps play legendary rarity, perhaps reflect the advantage from the play, but never the ability

If the ps match is still followed, a high rarity weapon with low configuration or energy is still matched with a low rarity with high configuration or energy


While this is true, the nature of some weapons will, in my opinion, always circumvent the match maker. I only say that because I play a lot of lower PS matches, and some of these “min-max” or “seal clubbing” builds are nearly impossible to deal with at low PS.

Specifically, hover/scorpion builds, Porc builds, certain retcher builds etc…

I’m not saying they’re impossible to deal with, but jeeze… It’s almost impossible to run one down without a cloak - which many players don’t have at lower PSs. Those builds are just too good at keeping distance between themselves and the enemy.

I think having Power Score based brackets that exclude rarities is the only viable solution because the players are simply too clever at building for any adjustments in part PS to work.

yes but the trade off would be more severe, limiting armors etc compared to other vehicles in the same PS while moving weapon tiering farther apart.

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I’m definitely against placing limits on using higher rarity weapons in low PS, as it would remove a lot of diversity and freedom from the game.
But some PS tweaks could make lower PS less friendly to seal clubbers.
As long as you are forced to heavily compromise on armour and/or modules, high rarity weapons in low PS can still be fair.

In my experience, it’s really the team coordination that make low PS death squads so hard to counter. Not much you can do about that, other than trying to make a squad yourself.

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100% this.

If the dev team keeps to any design promises they have ever made, let’s hope they stick to their guns on this one.

Restricting where the rarity of items can be used would be :poop:

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I found it pretty exciting when I graduated from the kiddie pool and got obliterated by a legendary weapon the first time. Even more exciting when I blew up my first seal clubber.
Suddenly seeing all these exotic parts in battle made it seem like the game suddenly expanded, and you get a taste of the infinite possibilities. Keeping the rarities segregated would be so boring.
I think too many people have convinced themselves that the game would be more fun if it was easier. Working for a win is so much more rewarding.

Even now, this is the highlight of most of the times when I play lower PS builds. Chasing down someone min/maxing, seal-clubbing or whatever you want to call it with a pure blue build is just bliss.

My thoughts for separating them with brackets isn’t so the game is easier. I mean, the game feels pretty easy to me already. I remember when I was new and would end up getting destroyed by a scorpion or porc player, it was incredibly disheartening. The game really felt unfair and out of balance back then. My concern isn’t really for ME playing the game, but for new players.

If brackets weren’t used to block higher tier weapons out of lower PS matches, maybe there’s other options…

Perhaps they could make it so people under a certain level with engineers never played against anyone with legendaries/relics/whatever.

Most of us on the forum are rather experienced, and what we complain about simply isn’t what new people complain about. It’s easy to forget what the game was like early on… For all of our carping about problems with the game, I think the game’s biggest shortcoming is retaining new players.

The building mechanism is intimidating… from how the pieces literally fit together to what makes a good build.
The matchmaking is insane.
The story or “lore” of the game is all but nonsensical. Yes, I know it’s there, but it’s far from clear.
I could go on…

To reiterate what I think the issues is - and why I’ve suggested bracketing out higher tier weapons - new & weaker players should never face a min-max seal-clubber. Ever.

I don’t hold much value in this.

I have a saying for XO:

“I have killed the best and I have been killed by the worst”

It’s like “every dog has their day”

It’s funny how some people seem to hold more value to their kills of more experienced players. I have had guys I meet in voice chat (more then once mine you) and they would be like “I killed you the other day” and I would answer “Who are you?” Because I honestly don’t know their gamer tag. Then they will get all pissed off “You know me! Don’t pretend like you don’t! I killed you!” And I’m still like “nope, don’t know you dude.” Their ego can’t cope with it.

I think this is human nature.

They notice me because I kill them all the time. So when they kill me they hold a lot of value in that kill. And for me they are just one of the nameless faces I kill all the time so I don’t even notice their name when I kill them.

Aren’t new players separated from the rest of us until level 30? Or is that just another Crossout legend that may not be true?