A contest to name the wallcannon

According to a fresh leak, we’re gone have a wallcannon. Let’s start with the leak:
Assault howitzer
Rarity - Legendary.
Projectile damage - 500 pts.
Explosive damage - 200 pts.
Reload time - 10 sec.
Optimal range - 100 m.
Maximum range - 1000 m.
Horizontal aiming angles - from -10 to 10 degrees.
Vertical aiming angles - from -10 to 50 degrees.
Ammunition - 10 units.
Durability - 1592 units.
Energy drain - 12 units.
Weight - 3510 kg.
Dimensions: 8 wide, 7 long, 4 tall.

Fires armor-piercing projectiles exploding after piercing 2 pins of the armored car structure.

Perk: While reloading, the weapon’s resistance to all damage types is increased by 30%.

Poll: Do you want the wallcannon?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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Now, the contest. Seeing as the new weapon/structural part :laughing: may not be named yet, let’s try to come up with some interesting suggestions. Because we can (believe in ourselves). One other reason is that if it’s simply named “Assault Howitzer”, people are gone abbreviate it to “AH” while referring to it in the chat, and that would result in them being banned from the chat (in perfect accordance with the rules). And I’m not talking like an hour, no, this would incur some lenghty penalty, at least a week (doubled on their victory days, which they seem to have aplenty; e.g. a Russian submarine sinks because someone messed up - bam! let’s put that in the calendar as another Victory Day).

Post your suggestion in the comments. Perhaps one per comment, to avoid confusion, or insert a poll to choose from among several suggestions, if that’s possible for comments.
The suggestion with the most likes wins.
The winner hypothetically gets this new weapon/structural part with a set of upgrades of their choice.
The contest will run for 10 days or until the weapon is officially revealed in a news post.

I’ll humbly start with my suggestion: Wallcannon, or WC. Hopefully someone comes up with a less generic name to inaugurate Crossout’s very first P2W purcheasable structural part. :joy_cat:

At this point, I have no idea what to expect from the upcoming season (beside CKs for the Aurora, the Small Track, the Harpy and the Bastion). According to the leaks, it was supposed to be the Syndicate, and the pulse cannon was supposed to be in the Syndicate (which it’s not), but how would they place the wallcannon in that faction? Maybe seasons are now just made up of whatever the developers are able to throw together in a marketable bundle quickly enough. But who’s going to spend money on a game this laggy? The prices are set for Western players, who are experiencing regular lag worse than ever (for me, it impairs boosted driving speed, regular driving steering, and even using the Incinerator - which is an extremely lag-proof weapon), while Russian players probably don’t have this issue. How is the game supposed to keep earning money? Who’s going to pay for a game they can’t play?

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Do you realize that we had leaks before and they never listened to player given names, we had polls before and still for nothing. anyhow imma give it a read and come back with comments.

Now that i did, it’s an entire novel for nothing that complicated.
For anyone who is interested in this read the rules and throw a name. Good luck.

The fat guys package.

Because… Well… It looks like a…

Ps. As much as I love canons I can’t say this one interests me. glances at energy usage. I immediately want this! But it’s hp is veeery low for such a high energy brick of a Canon.


This is pretty much exactly the cannon I’ve been hoping for in this game.
Definitely picking one up as soon as it’s released!

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How about the “Hadron Enforcer”? We already have a Hadron, but it needs enforcement, and the new cannon probably pairs well with it. Also, the new cannon looks like its best use is blowing up small moons.


I see the mad flagger is back online.


And somehow they left my posts alone. It’s a miracle.

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I’d say Rhino to go with the strength in one hit thing and heavily armored.


As for the dura, I don’t think it’s too bad in itself, it’s the energy that’s dumb. Make it 10 or 9.


I would love it to be 10 energy. Then I can pair it with a tsunami or something and do all kinds of combos with it. Like pair it with two porcs. Nine energy would be Awsome too. Then I could run a double bubble cheetah build with it.


Yeah, lowest as possible imo but as long as it doesn’t go under 9. (so people could have more than one on the same build)
I’m also really curious on what PS it will have.

I am absolutely against it being 9 energy, I’d like it to be decent enough to be played endgame guys, not a sealclubbing toy to slap on a Duster.

11 or maybe 10 if you want, but 9 energy and the lack of power that goes with it? Without the wang’s perk? Heeeeeh.


I wouldn’t mind 10 or 11, I just think it would depend on how effective it wil be imo, especially if it shoots like a mandrake.

I’m eager to pick this gun up and slap it on a sideways Deadman omni build with inverter and flywheel.

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suicide by anus, all you need to do is sit on it and wait.

i have to say i love the new gun as for the name , i was thinking ( Vulcan ) its a name that embody’s its volcano like firing system and its easy to say .


“Dwayne’s Johnson”


Assault howitzer “Suitcase”

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We could name the cannon “Dwayne’s Gym Bag”

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