A.I. or Human?

With the rise of A.I. in the last few years i started wondering, are the regular posters here even real?
We now know most mainstream social media is being overrun by fake accounts with ai chatbots.
And seeing as i have been here since the beginning of the game, talking to people on the forum for years that i have never ever seen ingame, one has to wonder, are they AI or using a different alias here than they do in the game?.


He’s onto us!


Shouldn’t take serious such people, they either got banned for being too inadequate but still can’t let go of this forum thing, or just don’t have their profile correspond to the ego they are trying to maintain here so they just use another account for forum.
Also probably PC players can’t see those of xbox players or something.
Definitely not AI

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People here are real, tho i seen AI in different forums using Chat GPT, but it is visible based on its mistakes. And for now most bots are kind of “answer my question bot”

But who knows, i belive its near future to get spam of ai on forums promoting some ideologies/etc.

Indeed, the AI is evolving 100 times faster than we can imagine, it creates photorealistic pictures and videos now, can simulate human voice and text, i think were all doomed in the next few decades.

well, most problem it might create is “false-accusing” by creating fake videos with someone voice and video images.

Tho if you seen examples with popular AI Gordon Ramsay, there are artifacts/bugs visible in lipsync/etc, so its still far from perfect. But sadly i feel like soon perfect hard to identify as AI generated videos might appear. And ofc perfect versions will be available first for govs/etc.


Are you an artificial intelligence?

No of course not, i am a virtual one *simulated smile

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We had a few posts a few weeks aga I figured were AI Chat Bots being prompted, then copy-pasted into the forum. I’m too lazy to look up the examples. They were either that or weird Translate.Com bufoonery.


A thread Doc was in had an AI bot reply to him or sometime like that… if I remember right.

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What a good thought. You contribute to the forums in such a unique fashion. I, too, also wonder whether or not all replies are meaningfully thought out. Thank you for your time and consideration on this important topic.

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this was 5 years ago, imagine what ai can do now :grimacing:

Basically everything. There are fully animated and AI generated videos of artificial humans speaking.

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Suddenly my fake account hypothesis doesnt seem so far fetched anymore eh?.
Those “regular” guys who are always the first to respond on the forum, but you have never seen ingame. :thinking:

Aside from some “suspicious answers” I don’t see others as truly AI. I mean, there may be something artificial about some, but Intelligence is definitely not the word I’d use while describing them :laughing:

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My question is… why would someone bother? I mean, obviously at least one response is a copy & paste right out of a chat. But, creating an AI just to troll a forum?

As for not seeing someone in battle, but seeing them on the forum. Really? If that’s the basis, most of you don’t exist in-game.

Obviously, RoughMonkey plays regularly, but I’ve never seen him in game. I don’t remember seeing Kehich, ClaysDad, UltraLocust, MudNBeer… etc etc etc.

Heck, I even posted a video with Kohtupora in it & didn’t realize I’d played with him in that match until he’d pointed it out. :rofl: :man_shrugging:

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in this discussion on AI. Your contributions were invaluable and helped me gain a deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence. I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts and experiences with me.

I hope that this discussion has been as meaningful for you as it has been for me. I look forward to continuing the conversation and exploring new ideas together.

I mean… really…

I use AI every day in my regular work day.