A petition to add opt out feature to settings for pvp to avoid pvt

This is mainly an issue on console where player base is NOT large enough to support large number of preselected groups. As a consiquence random players are forced to face the same preselected groups match after match.
where there is NO chance to beat the group focusing 4 on 1 For quick kills and minimal dam in return. .

Would like to start a petition to have an opt out option added to settings that would allow a solo pvp’er to cue for pvp matches and NOT be forced to cue against Pre selected players AKA team up to 4 cuing together as a group.

The opt out option would allow you to select how many preselected players you cue against if that group comes up in a matching. 0,2,3,4 would be the options check which box willing to face in regards to preselected groups.

NOT everyone has the best gear for PVP thus the need for this option so that we are not forced to face overwhelming odds nearly every match. And thus in turn take a real hammering in rep, resource and fuel acquisition.
Where it becomes a infant clubbing because once you shown the preselect group that you can kill one or more of them they target you for assasination ever match thereafter for threatening their free fuel farming at no risk to them. They don’t want competition thus their focus on you if you show any aptitude for killing their team and preventing them from collecting their 15 fuel and rep and resources nearly every single match. .

The main issue is preselect go in with agreement to stick together and pound the same target till crippled or dead. and its usually takes only seconds if you do NOT have the best gear for PVP.

There is NO way 1 build can stand concentrated fire from 4 players at once. the accumulated combined total ps and weapon PS is so great there is no contest at all. even randoms that agree to stick together don’t have the agreement to hit the same target thus spreading the damage to the preselect group out so they can keep hitting at near full team strength till random players are dead.

The only tactic that works. is either OUT DPS their accumulated weapons dps or hit and fade tactics where your only hitting when you can get away without taking fire from the collective group. BUT there no time to actually do that method of battle due to timer limits for the match. BUT there is NOT enough time to do the hit and fade due to match time limits.

Please only sign this petition not meant to be a conversation.

point of this petition is to get through to the devs they need to fix their game because there is too fundamentally unbalanced mechanics that either they didn’t foresee or knew about but did not realize just how severely lopsided it is.

AND i am hoping that getting enough signatures will spediate a fix so they stop losing player base due to unfair competition in PVP by ambushing us with PVT without foreknowledge. as randoms facing preselect.


Sorry you must be new.

This is what we do on PVP. If you join the battle queue after a battle. You are very likely end on the same battle with the same players as you are on the same PS range queue at the same time. They to wait a min or 2 before queue. We also have builds that are on different PS range. Change to a different PS range and you should not meet the same group of players. Ofcos this also depending on where you are and what time you are playing too. Goodluck!!

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Rise above. Move the needle. They’re not unbeatable. Spoken from experience. gL;hF

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I know you don’t want to see this, but I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone.

“I like playing VS groups it makes it exciting”

It don’t happen every time for sure, but many times VS group I can still pull a very high scoring “unyielding” badge - many times I will even score higher then the highest person in the winning team and deny them MVP. We still lose as a team, but did I lose? No!

Also, winning vs those groups is also not impossible (as mentioned above) and when that happens the win is super sweet!

Remember that PvP missions are a resource grind and win or lose (if you do your best) the reward is almost the same.

Just have fun trying, you don’t have to “win” to “win”


All three of you missed the point was pointing out those of us who are still leveling and not in end game content. THUS the option to move to other ps cue again etc is unreasonable. signing the petition to have the option to opt out balances the game why you so hell bent keeping it extremely unbalanced?

i am not a noob. I saw a problem that was fundamentally breaking the game on console AKA why I suggested to do 0,2,3,4 AS THE OPTOUT options. me I am on 2 sub 3000ps. but I really do NOT have the gear to take on more or higher level preselect.

I know others take issue with this but are afraid to come forward and fear being ridiculed for demanding that an option be added to put an end to seal and infant clubbing. .

I think the two quotes above contradict themselves.

What Engineer level are you? Just trying to get an idea of where your at in the game.

No shame being low level, we all had to be there at some point. Many of us here of the forums have different opinions based on where we are in the game. It makes a big difference when having conversations to understand where that player is.


renoun 10 but pure grinder on console

so none of the fused gear you start with on PC. I am a veteran to games with about 40 years experience. and that does cross translate to crossout even if we never played the game before. example S.L.A.I. steel lance Arena international. is very similar to this game in a lot of ways. As person with diversabilities I have more hours clocked into games than many other hardcore gamers. Due to all the time on my hands being locked out of society.

I only aquired my 2nd epic cab today by crafting. first being omnibox cab and the 2nd being huginn. no fused cabs been slowly playing the market to try and make coin but not going to well when same people trying to undercut you .01 coins every time you adjust yours to point they force it into negative profit. IF I can’t make the 10 percent market cut and 5-10 percent profit I don’t sell.

3 piercers 1 fidget, 3 avengers, 3 maces, 2 sine-o 1 trigger, 4 bigfoots 8 fused random race tires. 2 growls, 2 small track, 1 omni wheel, fuse cs cooler, 1 blue radiator 1 ampre, 1 oppressor, 1 colosus, 1 buz saw, 1 maxwell,

I had more but been selling the blue stuff for profit. To build up my coin and resources. which I dipped into to make huginn because it required one part that wasn’t craftible for 139 coin.

That is majority of what I have I can recall off top of head. have other miscellaneous whites etc.

What console, I play on Xbox.

The only reason I asked is it level does really matter on the answer you get or give on the forum.
I’m 50 years old, and so are a lot of us old timers :slight_smile:

So we all have the “I played a ton of games” kind of experience. XO is a different beast.


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when I started my kill ratio was 4.5- 4.8 THis is big deal because this is when we are all even. and still under shield to prevent being forced to play seal clubbers and preselect groups. and i consistently nailed MVP during that period. or the one where do most dam but still lose match.

Born 74’

This also shows your new to CrossOut.

XO counts assists as kills, also different weapon types give different kill ratios since you only have to touch someone with a single bullet to get a kill on the count.

This is why most of the community will consider this a pointless stat.

Kill ratio also do not affect the match maker.

Also killing bots in patrol raise this stat… lol.

Born 1972, your a youngster :slight_smile: lol

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NOT on psn
you had to do the majority of dam or last of the damage. assists don’t count IF you do NOT do the last of the damage that kills it. . if they counted all assists I would have a much higher kill ratio than I do. because I focus on stripping guns. move on or kill if they are only ones there and move on. if weak cab shoot cab instead. double shotty on huntsman cab. with cs chiller. or two.

This is just not true sir.

All the platforms work the same. This is a known fact.


LOL all of less than 2 years :wink:

Changed my post, your talking about real age lol :slight_smile:

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I got a test for you.

Go and look at your kill count.

Then go into a patrol (yes patrol… I know it’s dumb… but whatever)

Then do your best to hit as many bots as you can BUT do not do the finally blow to any of them.

Then count the amount of assists you have at the end of the match. Then go look at your kill count. It will be increased by that number.

So that is two times the BS, because 1 it’s a bot and 2 you didn’t have to kill anything.

Works the same in PvP, it’s know by the community on all platforms as a useless number.


believe me I watched where I did damage to ALL of them to see if I could get a total kill count. couldn’t achieve it one I killed for 6 damage as final dam and it counted but others if shot first moved on it didn’t count as kill. in regards to ratio. I pay attention to stuff like this. and experiment to confirm it.

Again, your mistaken. It does not work this way, I promise you.

And I can already tell you everyone that plays on PSN that posts on this forum is going to post behind me echoing the same thing I said.

I wouldn’t say it if we have not had hundreds of conversations about it over the last 6-7 years.

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Also… even if it did.

Which it does not.

That does not mater in Match Making.

You are matched by PS brackets.

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give him a couple months…he will see how this game is… :crazy_face:

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