A real discussion about hovers

A real discussion about hover balance issues


I want to discuss the issue of hover balance properly with the community and bring up points and real evidence as to why I and many others believe they’re wildly unbalanced compared to the rest of the game.

I invite any hover advocates to bring up points or counter points to arguments made in this post instead of the usually downvote spamming as a way to show they truly care about the balance of the game rather than just having a bias; comments belittling or not engaging appropriately will be promptly ignored as this tends to happen within such threads.

Speed and maneurverability

Currently hovers are able to traverse up to 95kmh on VII hovers, at first this would seem like it makes them weak to wheels which can travel at 120kmh but in-game this speed difference is almost irrelevant:

Look at the weights and acceleration, 4 tonne, 4 blue wheels and cheetah/falcon fused kami vs a medium cab 9 hover 13 tonne hover and the speed is barely anything different, and remember the hover can just and do that in any direction at will with little inertia, I chose one of the heaviest hovers just as an example here. A wheeled build would be the only vehicle capable of catching a hover in the first place, yet the directional movement of a hover makes it impossible given enough open ground to back up or simple make hard enough turns to render a wheels turning circle obsolete.

A hovers speed allows it to dodge most projectile weapons given a reasonable amount of range between the hover and the fired weapon, anything that isn’t a scorpion shot or hitscan can simply be dodged by moving erratically or simply moving out the way while the shot is in flight. Hovers don’t fight up close until the match is a guaranteed win so you won’t have the opportunity to hit them otherwise; flanking to get a hit can be possible but any competent hover can just back away, take you out of cloak and kite a player using any other movement type.

Getting a flank on a hover is simply hoping they’re making a mistake or not paying attention, which is impractical when talking about actual balance, being 75kmh allowed wheeled builds to actually hunt down these hovers that are now practically uncatchable if they simply keep a bit of distance; which can be done on most maps.

Increased instability

Hovers currently tilt more when changing direction or moving due to weight distribution being taken into account more than previously; but anyone also saying that ‘they’re a bit wobbly’ just aren’t mounting their weapons to negate this miniscule little issue, mounting weapons inside and sideways makes then not only negate this wobbly behaviour but also armours them much better -

This coupled with the new aiming system means anyone can just point and click while moving any direction they want effortlessly, I hate hovers and never learned to use them but even I can just happily fly these things using my left stick like an arcade game -

Not to mention that 4-6 hover builds will just fly on their back hovers perfectly fine no problem, you have either destroy an entire side, or all of them, they will also fly on 1-2 hovers if they mount them properly and put them in a linear position behind or in front of the cabin (as theyre the only movement part now allowed to be mounted on all sides of the frame) -

Powerscore, tonnage and power drain comparisons

For this stage I will only be comparing epic movement parts. Currently this is how all epic movement parts sit in terms of the above parameters:

150PS - Buggy wheels -10% power 600kg

190PS - Hermit wheels -12% 850kg

220PS - Hovers 4/7 -8% 650kg/-10% 1350kg

225PS - Bigfoot -20% 1250kg

230PS - Small track -12% 935kg

250PS - Claw - 9% 1400kg

250PS - Omni -12% 1300kg

300PS - Sabbath -15% 1650kg

300PS - Hardened track -22% 1850kg

360PS - Auger -28% 2800kg

360PS - Bigram -25% 1900kg

400PS - ML 200 -25% 2400kg

625PS - Armoured track -40% 4000kg

800PS - Tank track -55 4800kg

1000PS - Goliath track -70% 6000kg

Looking at these as a comparison to hovers you’ll see that they have the lowest power drain but not the lowest tonnage. Not only this but they have the 3rd lowest powerscore behind wheels; with so many more positive attributes than wheels, surely they’d have a higher PS (their ability to hover off the ground, not flip, omnidirectional movement, easy to just point and move with ease in any direction etc).

You can argue that they have low tonnage and low HP but both of these things are negated by how you can build hovers. Hovers are the only movement part with the ability to be mounted on all sides of a frame, this allows hovers to mount them deep within a build and even directly behind or next to a cabin while having spaced armour which can stick out way more than even 20 blocks in any direction. This amount of armouring can only be done to hovers, using super light armour as spaced armour; negating their low tonnage and low HP traits entirely.

Spaced armour

Yes any build can use spaced armour, but hovers in particular can armour further above and below the base-height of its builds’ frame compared most other movement part; only legs can do this but legs have to touch the ground, meaning there is always a gap between the armour and the base of a leg. Hovers on the other hand can mount armour to block damage from even touching the underside the movement part itself, giving it more of an advantage of using spaced armour compared to all other movement in the game, further negating their weak HP parameter.

Flip resistance

The flip resistance hovers get is a huge part of why hovers have an advantage over other movement parts and builds, they simply don’t have to worry about flying into or up/down walls and cliffs, even when tilted 90 degrees or more they simply pop back up and can stay on target the whole time:

I’m not an advocate for realism but if we’re going to use mass/centre of mass to define how builds move then 90 degree hovers or ones that are upside-down should stay that way or flip like any other build, when flipping by a teammate their hovers should shut off during the flip for 2 seconds and allow them to be set the correct way up, then turn back on. They would then act like a regular vehicle in that regard.

Hovers improve all weapons

Putting almost any weapon type on hovers will objectively make them more effective than any other movement platform. Apart from the obvious melee and mandrake every weapon benefits more from being on a hover build, the weapons can be more deeply armoured than other movement parts, they can be turned in all directions faster simply by looking, allowing all limited angle weapons to gain an extreme advantage.

The only things close to the mobility of a hover would be Omni wheels or legs. But why would you pick either of these? Omni wheels are slower on directional change and can only gain 5kmh which makes no difference in their performance in comparison, you cannot use as much spaced armour as a hover build due to being on the ground and theyre also higher powerscore and higher power drain; instead of 4-6 Omni wheels you can just as easily take 5-7 hovers for nearly the same powerscore, more armour and maneurverability.

Why would you use legs which are a huge target, much slower and less maneurverability. Both of these options (Omni and Legs) should have the advantage of being able to use more armour and have that survivability, but hovers’ use of spaced light armour just negate those balance aspects.


I think hovers stand out greatly as an unbalanced issue within the game; one that fundamentally throws off the entire balance within the ecosystem of items we use.

Before the recent update hovers could go 75kmh, even then it was hard for a wheeled build to flank or catch a hover, but it allowed them a chance to do so, now with their speed at 95kmh and higher flying height it feels nearly impossible when the hover user is competent enough to watch the radar and have some situational awareness.

I think lowering the top speed back down to 75kmh and maybe lowering their flying height would help with this issue. All of the above point accumulate to such a movement type that not only looks ridiculous but ruin the game balance even more than it has in the 5 years it’s dominated the pvp landscape at most powerscore levels.

Try to think of actual arguments and not just what-about-ism and finger pointing at other things in the game; as this usually is all hover advocates can come up with and it just furthers my points.


This is a double post. It is already in the main thread about hovers.


After reading that wall of text, clearly skewed by your perception, I offered up one retort.


That thing obliterates hovers with only 1-2 good hits. Never does it take 3. Unlike every other high PS build in the game.


I’ve really only started playing hovers regularly and enjoying them since the big update, and mostly because the new controls hurt my hands less, and because the increased speed has made them more fun to play for me. Previously I always preferred wheeled builds for the speed and the comfort of the controls for my hands.
Having said that, while I’m no hover expert, playing them more heavily recently has given me a better picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

Are hovers one of the strongest movement parts? Of course they are. Are other parts not competitive against hovers? Of course not.

Wheeled builds are still best for catching hovers, although omniwheels and small tracks can also do it. But why do you need to catch hovers to beat them? Sure, close range weapons are very effective against hovers, but given how popular MG and SH hovers are right now, getting close isn’t always the best strategy anymore. Nevertheless, if I’m playing flamethrowers or shotguns or melee, hovers are usually the easiest enemies to take out quickly. I would much rather face a hover player than a spider when playing a close range car.

You say hovers are impossible to hit at range, but that’s just not true. Hovers with long range weapons are usually playing peekaboo with cover, which allows you to predict when they’ll poke their heads around a corner. And if you’re on legs, you are more likely to actually land those long range shots than if you’re also on hovers. Also, if I’m playing a cannon spider, I know I can take a lot of hits before losing mobility or guns. If I’m playing hovers, I’m a lot more fragile, and can’t make as many mistakes.

Also, current hovers are very flippable compared to the past, and lose a lot of mobility and functionality if you lose a few hovers.

Having said all that, hovers could probably use some kind of a nerf. My vote would be for more PS cost, although that would make high PS even more hover dominant, as more hover builds would end up in high PS. Not sure if that’s really a problem.
Acceleration could also be nerfed, either by increasing power drain, or by changing the weird acceleration curve that hovers have.

If you are having trouble fighting the current hover builds, I highly recommend making one yourself. I firmly believe that is the best way to learn the weaknesses of hovers. Play a variety of hover builds for a week, and you’ll be a lot better at fighting them once you go back to your usual movement parts.


I think that Icarus IV ( or VII, which ever was the slower hover that nobody generally uses over the much more faster and agile one) is pretty balanced as it currently is

So, the person who drops into what was previously a mature conversation about hovers and starts cussing, calling people names, not reading what other people wrote… THIS person starts a thread wanting a “real conversation.”

Yeah… nah.


Another Hover topic !! ~aaahhhh



And look how Lexi contributed to the last conversation, which was going well…

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I really wonder how some people function in the real world. Do they just behave completely differently online? Or are they actually this emotionally messed up all the time?


Let’s get back to discussing hovers.

Hovers have always been a polarizing topic, people either love or hate them.

It seems like the recent updates have made hovers even more powerful. The high agility, spaced armor, redundancy, and Omamori module have given Hovers very high survivability.

Like OP said, most of the game’s weapons perform the best on hovers. Weapons like Punishers and Scorpions are potent on hovers, yet lackluster when mounted on anything else. Even Shotguns are more effective on hovers now.

I think it’s a shame that in a game with almost endless creativity, most people will flock to a certain build archetype.
Why are there epic movement parts like Armored Tracks almost useless while items like Hovers and Bigrams almost outperform the rest.

I figured id share this old screenshot.

The first pic was taken july 8th 2022 of this year and the last one was taken today december 27th, 2022.
Icarus vii was always the most popular movement part with iv being the 6th most popular. Now since update vii is still the most popular and plus some but iv has since moved up to 2nd place. Devs said they wanted to kill toxic hovers with the update but all they did was make it more popular than it ever was, hovers did not need a buff at all. The amount of pros they added since last update far outweighs the cons they added to it so overall hovers got a huge buff and it sure reflects in it’s popularity. Just when you think hovers couldn’t get any worst it did. Hovers is all you sees at ps above 11k. No joke if I had to put a accurate guess on the amount of people currently using hovers on pc at high ps in just regular pvp(let alone clan wars) it is probably around 85% compared to probably 50% pre supercharged 2.0 so what ever was left of the miniscule amount of variety that was left in the game is now just about completely gone. The percentages is literally that high so if that is not extreme imbalance nothing is.

Great job devs hovers are now more popular, toxic and versatile then they have ever been.


Hovers are the the Puck and any other movement part is the paddle…
make hovers Relic or up the ps,make it end game…make it something to work for like porks n scorps.(although i haven’t seen any scorps in months) anyone else notice that??

Only on bots…

Weird, I’m seeing more Scorpions than ever before on PS4. So many snipers currently.

At this point i dont know why this matter is to be discussed and i also dont know why the hell devs have let this gamestate go on for 2 months now.

Never has the game been so unfun in high ps.

You could remove hovers today, you know whats coming right after that? Kami-omamori-aegis-hermit breakers.

You think any non special builds can kill that? They are only kept in check because hovers are so much better than anything now.

Nerf hovers hard, change kami perk, make omamori weight double at least, game is fixed.

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I agree’ This now needs to be addressed I started "Hovers out of control’ It was my first post on this forum EVER! I care deeply for "Crossout’ and felt it was time to speak out about what I was experiencing’ and seeing on the battlefield. We are a very small community, and I think it’s now time we come together to save what is left of this game with an open and honest discussion. NOT calling people who post " Oh, you’re Crazy’ and retire’ and Adapt.

It’s very clear that after recent changes, things have become very much one sided. Id like to thank those who are willing to speak out about this such imbalance, I don’t play this game to win’ I play to have FUN. I also would like to see new players come into the game and remain in the game.

The eternal discusion, hovers. Im hover user for long time, i didnt chose to drive on hovers because they are op, i pick hover because i like since first time i saw them.
At same time i recognize hovers are really strong compared to other movement parts but… are unkillable flying machines that are imposible to beat from ground? Just no.
Im playing hover builds ever on CW most of times, and my feel is that not ever i have a supreme advantage versus other builds, an easy example is when double harverster build with flash apear no matter from what side and just eat my entire build in 2 seconds, is this balanced? I dont know.
I see also a lot of ppl complain about how strong are hovers because they resist ton of damage, i will take as example the most used hover on CW (On ps4/5 at least) i talk about 3 punisher omamori totally covered on midle of the build. This build is extremly OP, big DPS fast mobility and aparently good resistance but at same time a build with certain week points, the frame behind build that you can shot it from front is one of the best points to aim, there you can literaly take half of this build only taking this frame making enemy build imposible to drive.

Another thing i read some times is: i cant hit a hover when he move with my canon because its imposible. I will be clear about it, if you not hiting hover while its moving its not because hover are op, is only because person who shoot need to improve.

I do not question that game need better balance, but i feel like ppl instantly complain about everything before analize, i knew a lot of players on this game that was doing the same all time again and again and again, and after get frustrated just say, bah hover is op or oh spiders are too much tanky, and after years playing they still engaging spiders from front with dogs, or trying to catch hover using cloak front of them and not even checking if this hover have verifier or not and of course never saw them aiming weak parts of any build just random shoots all time.


Lol yeah. Lexi (aka M420) has been removed from this forum many times. They always make alt accounts. This user will resort to pointless personally attacks, memes, and other forms of general D-baggery.

They have been trolling Reddit since the forum change. I’m going to have to assume they are not getting enough attention their, so they have to return here.

The best thing is to ignore this user and they will move on.


Nope plenty to say about the topic, just don’t feel like dealing with your tude.


Dead wrong. Most weapons in the game got something called projectile speed and when you got projectile speed you need to be able to predict where the target is going to be to hit them. Hovers are more like ufos that can change directions on a whim and they wobble about adding more to the unpredictability. Id have a easier time hitting a 200 km/h hermit hermes booster than a wobbly 75km/h icarus iv hover that is constantly changing direction playing peak a boo behind what ever cover they can find. It is the same reason house fly hunting is harder than duck hunting/moose hunting if that fly don’t pitch good luck.