About the contest organized on the Discord server !?!

I received a warning because I said that the same people always win the contests.
Why are we either closed or blocked when we defend our rights in this game?
Does anyone have knowledge on this subject?
Here is the evidence that the contest draws go to the same person and here is the warning given. Some people don’t want people to see the truth. :slight_smile:


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But Ichiro Skywalker is ok?

All the contests and events in this game are rigged and I have seen players claim in gen chat that they were paying mods, without any problem. There’s a fix for it, and it’s to pick a better game, preferably less russian :eyes:.

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I’ve noticed the same thing, the same people win the contests, though they do swap out frequent winners here and there, this has been going on for years, I’ve literally built contest builds from scratch, built to how they wanted them to a tee and not even rank, most I got was top 50’s. But I’ve seen the same people get exhibition builds change them up a bit and be in the finalists.

last time I checked getting a build from the exhibition was against these contest rules but they even win, remember one contest over a year ago it was the same build from the exhibition with minor changes to each other that won 1st and 2nd place, I’ve also seen builds be in the top 3 and not follow any requirements/rules of the contest, thus why I stopped participating in these wastes of time contests.

Kinda figured the contests were geared towards faves but never heard about buying off mods before so not gonna comment on that unless I see evidence for myself.

And on the other hand, if you defend the facts to your credit, the topic will either be deleted or you will be muted.
A lot of positions were locked here and I got penalized a few times.

Bro I won the last contest, trust I’m not paying no mods, I’m not even paying for battlepasses lmao

Plus do you really think I’m some sort of a favourite? If anything I’m despised and live rent free on that Discord server… Over the course of the 2 competitions I’ve won 5/8 of the large contests.

Most of the entires are just not creative in any real way, I understand some people don’t have editing software but the competitions have mainly been:

  1. Creative building - Build a frog, Decorate a Christmas tree, Create an emoji.

  2. Creative writing - New years greeting, Birthday greeting.

  3. Meme template - Using a meme template to maek a meme (done twice).

  4. Get the highest score in the Crossout Day event (Was an event taking place during the summer).

Most of these are very creatively inclined and guess what our community isn’t?..

Most of the entries are so bad, so basic… or try to make light of game balancing or Targem practices which they will NEVER choose to win any competition and it’s stupid to think they would even consider and entry like that.

You just have to make something that looks good, stands out by being unique and also Crossout related in a way which doesn’t dig at the state of affairs.

I realise now that OP’s talking about Discord competitions, and that my comment was off-topic/misleading. Was talking about ingame events. I can’t tell about Discord competitions, but I know CoinCoin and he’s the kind of guy who enters ever single one of them, so it makes sense to see him in the winning list lol.


well this is OP’s entry for the meme template and a New Years Greeting, assuming it’s them…

Then they say it’s rigged

The mini contests give 1 point to those who are correct and the winners get picked at random and get 3 days of premium… so it doesn’t matter in the slightest and you’re only missing out on a few premium days. Even if the mini contests are rigged it doesn’t hinder the whole competition in any way.

Where are your facts?

“Rights?” IDK, man. Are those even a thing?

I get your point though. I really do. It just sounds a little like me 20 years ago. I miss him, I think.

I wish they’d do a contest I can actually participate in. I won a couple back when the old forum was up, and they had more interaction with us here on their own forum.

I don’t get involved with any of those other platforms, and they don’t ever talk to us here on the Official Forum, so I’ve come to ignore the contests…I didn’t have an Echo anyway.

Maybe next time?

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He’s on about the Discord competitions. You could do well in them and you’d only need to join the officil discord for the duration of the contest which is what I do.

The contests are usually creative-based

Once they asked us to just make a “Happy Anniversary” meme, and I won simply by entering, for the most part.

There were only like three or four other entries. I thought it was embarrassing for the community, and maybe for Targem too. IDK.

Maybe that’s why they don’t talk to us anymore.


Most entries are terrible and not just in quality but they’re never original or unique.

I’ve won 2/3 of the large contests so far in the Winter marathon, the first was to decorate a christmas tree and I’m not gonna go out of my way to buy decor so I tried something unique that didn’t quite work… But here i what I’ve won with so far:

First was a New Years Greeting card:

Second was to write a New Year Greeting:

As the year turns its page, and the clock strikes anew,
In the Crossout arena, where battles ensue.
May your builds be fierce, your battles intense,
As the clock ticks down, you can feel the suspense.

Scavengers scrounge in the scraps of old,
Founders tell tales, of courage untold.
Syndicate lights weave stories in the night,
Engineers craft dreams, with sparks so bright.

With metal and mayhem, let the new year unfold,
As we begin our journey, courageous and bold.
Matches go by, ferocious and cruel,
Only the strongest return with their fuel.

In the garage, where dreams take shape,
Creativity blossoms, no room to escape.
Happy New Year, survivors, embrace the fight,
In 2054, let the wasteland burn bright!

You could do this kinda stuff


I do like that stuff.

Well done, both entries.

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Dude, why don’t you explain here that you are friends with admins and GMs?
You don’t need to write pages and pages.
And I have proof in the pictures I shared above. Do you have any proof?
You say you didn’t even pay for Battlepass. This makes sense.

Caveman IQ, go back to the Cave


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I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

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how much? $ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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