Absoluteluy Totally Useless Stabilizers

Getting them in reward crates. I have over 60 now that I will never use. Let us salvage them for at least iron or copper. Gaijin got smart and let us sell the other useless item the shells.


That won’t change the underlying problem but you can sell them once in a blue moon (for a fairly good price usually) when they do an event that allow to use 15 of them to remove fusions. Hopefully for you, they will do such an event soon.


As I said in a previous post, I wouldnt mind if I upgrade a weapon and it made a difference or more powerful, but it made no difference on the power meter bar when I did upgrade, no difference, besides I wasted resources building 3 of the same weapon to upgrade one.

And there’s no guarantee you’ll get the upgrades that you want. And let’s say you want 2 machine guns with the same upgrades; good luck with that, it rarely happens. I have 4 gremlins; each one received different upgrades. :unamused:

I would be happy to buy them
They used to make them trade-able ever time upgrade event was on, but last ones they wasn’t. =(

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Just stockpile them and sell when they allow it.
Remember to check prices, and potentially use your lower level ones to craft higher rarity ones for more profit.
Just remember that relic stabilizers will usually be hard to sell.

click this link----:wink:

Well then, I’m hecka lucky. I have SIX fused Taymyr’s, all of them have the exact same fusion. All of them were first try, in a row.

Stabilizers are not even that useful when fusing, especially if you want multiple items with the same fusions

I remember back when Varuns weren’t ding dong bannud into being crap, and I wanted to have 2 fused. Trying to get the second one fused, during a fusing event so thankfully only 1 gun for new fusion rather than two, ad with stockpiled stabilizers took 6 rerolls where the last parameter kept going back and forth between the two options I did not want out of the three

Fusion is not worth it even with stabilizers and events

A single upgraded item isn’t going to make much difference. All the upgraded stuff added together make a huge difference.

*quietly collects them, merges them into legendary’s…waits for secret sales days to make bank from feeding legendary stabilizers to all the whales.


Just like unwanted stickers, Doesn’t take up storage space but are annoying if you don’t use them . I am waiting for the day they can be sold . :money_mouth_face:

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they did a 3 day window last year for selling them. They’ll do it again.


They may only do this if their data shows too many people holding onto them.

We’re about due for an event that uses them.

Pro tip: Whales prefer a 50/50 mix of purple and gold stabilizers and will pay nearly gold prices for purple stabilizers. You are missing out on a lot of profits if you make and sell only legendary stabilizers. You should always make and hold purple, and then if there is an especially good market for gold stabilizers, you can craft them at that time.


If I remember correctly, the last one was right before Xmas, I think.

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ya December 22nd…
stalk up on legendary for good coinage. :wink:

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