*Special* Removing the upgrades and tradable stabilizers

Same amount needed for all blues,epics ect…

PC prices…


Legendary are 15 stabs too…

Cracks me up how many people are doing it and selling off but it’s nice to see the market getting refreshed.

Big returns to market on:
Machinists, Avalances, Heathers, Waltz, Jubokko, Sd-15 Vultures, Kaiju, Parser, Vindicator, Miller, Tempests, Omamori and Bootstraps

Smaller returns but gaining on:
Kami, Cohort, Hadron, Griffon, Master, and Yokozuna


i just sold my legendary stabilizer and got 67.00 coin :stuck_out_tongue:
just made 500.00 coin in 10 minutes crafting and selling legendary

I did the same but got a little more didn’t want to get stuck in the PC price corridors when the prices bottom with items. I thought about doing a de-upgrade on a stillwind and sitting on it till the price went back up though.

don’t forget you can craft them too…

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I could do another batch but I have plans for my smaller ones. I tend to sell a lot of the legendries I try though so I hardly have a use for those and can make more if I really need one.

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Is this for real? I got a porc that id be more than happy to unfuse and a boatload of stabilizers. How many do you get back?

you use stabilizers to remove the upgrade so you can sell your item,you don’t get stabilizers back.or you can just sell stabilizers,craft and sell the ones that are higher in the market.

i haven’t done it yet so i don’t know if you get the materials back.
screen shot it if anyone did it yet…

So you don’t get 2 or 3 of the same item back for whatever you are removing the upgrade from?

i just edited my thread,i don’t want to use the stabilizers i’d rather sell them until i see we can get back the mats we used to fuse them in the first place.
but it would be nice to get back those mats,but being xo,i highly doubt it.

If you only gets one item back I will just sell the stabilizers. Seemed to good to be true, surprise.

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probably is why the market is flooded :wink:

It’s the I smell coin crew :smiley: lol

The prices for the stabs kind of crack me up at the moment. Debating on if I should buy up some rare ones. lol

I unfused my Stillwind and quick sold it as well. This didn’t cause any heartburn, because the event Stillwind was a bad fusion of +turning speed, +heating and -weight. A well fused Stillwind would be -Spread, +heating or + blast radius and +durability or resistance to damage. Stillwinds have terrible spread problems so -spread is the must have item for the gun.

but the question remains…do we get back the 2 same items we bought for the upgrade to make it worth it?

No, you only get one item back.

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The people quick to jump on it, I didn’t think would have any issue as it was good coinage. I missed the last few quick sells by a few minutes while I was making up my mind. I wasn’t a fan of them even after their update. I had made a number of them during the BP but sold them all before they got the buff. I agree Explodie radius would have been nicer to get on the original bp one. I use to have issues with the rotation speed with the other large AC’s though so can see how some wouldn’t mind that while other would. The spread issue is pretty common to all of the autocannons though.

I’m really just enjoying watching the market move in this experiment though.

Do I have the self restraint to hold off on selling all my stabilizers until the prices settle down? Or will I dump them all on the market as soon as I get home?

FYI, for those whom want to sell or need more stabilizers, you can also salvage the previously non tradable cabins, weapons, modules, wheels, and decor items that you probably received in the free packs. Line shown in red box below seems to be needed to salvage it for a same level stabilizer (special for special, epic for epic, etc.), otherwise it will salvage for resources. Hope the info helps.


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I used it on two BP Legendaries I don’t like to make a fast 10k coins. Since it was a BP item I don’t mind not getting 2-3 items back, I figure it just gave me 10k more value out of the BPs I already payed for.