AC-62 Therm and BP?

Did I miss something?

I thought I bought access to everything in a BP? How am I going to craft any of the guns without access to AC-62 Therm crafting?

I was never warned at any time that “access to everything” meant only if I had bought previous BP’s and kept the stuff from it instead of using it.

So now because I used them (to make stillwaters irrc) I’m bjorked out of my 10 bucks and access to the weapons?

wait you need therms to make one of the items??
hey man id give you my 4 blueprints for them if i could. hell if i could sell them id sell them to you cheap.
i still have a ton of blueprints of them as well as many other weapons i havent used.

Yup. We all only got four therm workpieces from that bp. Only way to mske em. I used mine. These guns are going to be expensive. Thats why i may just pick up two nuthongs via lighters even though i dont even really want them. I do like how they have higher burst damage though. Peekaboo mg.

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nothing should be limited like that. they should have the blueprints available for them at all times. its sad that they dont.


Great. Ty. Guess Ill get the purple non weapon crapola. And never pay them another penny.

So is the market so screwed you can’t buy them anymore?

1200 coin each.

They are 340.99 right now on pc. Don’t know what to tell you other than sorry.

Yep, it’s all limited. Probably rotating over year — some other BP comes out and those blueprints come up again.
Targem/Gaijin prey on greed by creating artificial shortage, so you would need to pay more and either donate more or grind more resources.

All the parts require uncraftable shit. Therms and Piercers (casings are running out) for the epic MG, Guardians for… the tracks? etc, etc.

It’s horseshit obviously, but hey, it’s Targem’s commercial policy. Has it ever been about not milking us, even just once? No :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: One of our clan members lost his marbles and dumped 100€ in that BP on day one. He’s now going around doing 3k score every game with Nothungs. Typical XO UwU

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that doesn’t bother me tbh.
BP stuff should be OP if for those that want to dump that money at first.
It bothers me that I paid to access everything… but everything is not accessible in this singular season as advertised.

Never before did a Battle Pass require that you not only buy a previous season to participate, but you have to had known a year in advance to save stuff for it.

It’s the last money they will ever get from me. And they won’t even get that, I did a chargeback today.

Im clueless as to what everyone’s goals are in this game but im guessing people want to make this Gungnir to either sell it or create additional
and upgraded versions.

Im sitting on 3 fused therms and 4 therm workprints which im seeing is needed in this craft creation.

What is the smart thing to do here with this new Gungnir gun. I dont plan on using this item in the game but i also dont sell every wep i get from the game especially if it has special qualities. I do plan on finishing the battle pass as well but i grind through it slowly just through playing pvp. I dont pay attention to the challenge tab.

Was looking for some advice from the experienced crafters around here on what would be smart or worth doing.

goal? well i just want to have fun and play the weapons i want to without having some lunatic shooting off my weapon in 2 seconds with a shotgun. cause some weapons you cant use in pvp without getting swarmed.

i have 2 fused ones and the 4 blueprints that i doubt ill use. i like saving my scrap.

use it in raids? i mean free resources is free resources right? xD

if you need money, craft and sell. if not the save them for when you want to use them in recipes.

im no expert crafter , but my plan is to craft 4 gungnirs to possibly fuse in a later event , at least 2 tracks and spend lighters on fused nothungs

I don’t think it’s worth it the gen is worth it though.

For me, variety. But I have already done CW’s the first two years. My goal then was to be number 1 of course. (never reached it but hey, I seek perfection knowing it is unobtainable)

Now its… can I build a viable build that regularly MVP’s. Doesn’t matter what PS. I just sit and build until I like how the build is then refine it.

The overall smartest thing to do would be build as many of the sellable generators as you can and save them for 6 months until the price moons. (not financial advice!). But then, the smartest thing to do is build Apollo’s, never buy materials and only buy exact parts that are already crafted for builds you pre plan.

I have never achieved this.

If you don’t have nice machine guns to do the daily with or the higher raids, by all means I would go for at least a couple (for me i would want 4) of the purps. They seem like they would be good in raids without using modules.

If I hadn’t used the therms to make stillwaters (super happy with those btw) I would be making a set of legendary ones.

Sell them later after the next BP draws in some suckers and they can’t get that gen.

Best money when I was totally f2p was making apollo’s, selling them and fuel then just buying the parts I wanted. Allowed me to play all the pack parts without buying packs.

Yeah im just gonna sit on everything i have. No real desire to use this stuff at all.

Fuse some of your favorite rare weapons and special weapons and play 6000-7000 power score.
Never fuse Epic or higher weapons cause the nerf hammer ruins them and you are out a lot of value.
You want 4 Bigfoot tires? You could craft all the ingredients and just craft them yourself to keep.
You want that new item from the previous season because you missed out? Sell your Resources and buy what you want.
The buying price is usually lower than the crafting price.
One could counter that statement by saying that grinding Resources only costs time so spending Resources to craft something costs you nothing, so how could the buying price be lower?
Well one BP the Weapons were going to be limited time and thus should have been extra valuable. Next thing you know I am running low on Copper and Electronics and burning through my stockpile of Resources. Then when I go to sell the Weapons after tax, I could have just sold my Resources and made the same Coins and not jumped from Faction to Faction like an idiot, trying to use the work benches wisely to craft all the ingredients.
I did make good coin on Kaiju sales.
I learned the lesson and get suckered into repeating old behavior by the allure of the limited time only BP and have to learn the lesson again.
Sell your Resources, buy what you want.

I did buy 3 BPs in row. The coins for extra levels were worth more than $10.00 if bought from the store. So, I got all the Items basically for free. I napped a little and missed the deadline for the next BP and never bought another and never will.

This is very bad advise.

I would agree that many people can’t afford it, so maybe they shouldn’t fuse them until they can afford it. But for many of us fusing purples is cheep.


Im debateing on whether im getting two with lighters or not. Not much else to spend lighters on otherwise. I only really want the tracks but i figure ill just craft those regular.