Acari and Atom now in exhibition

So new parts have found their way to the exhibition now

Turns out Atom is just Omni wheel but better, I’d compare it on handling to Omni wheels being icarus IV and Atom being Icarus VII. Just omni wheels but way better/responsive. So you know those small omni builds that are super agile and a pain to hit? They’re gonna get worse. Literally just Omni but without the artificial sluggishness.

Acari does not seem that amazing all in all, it deals damage for 4 seconds ending in an “explosion” only in name, and the damage is very ineffective with test drive testing. Rather than tagging multiple enemies, as the damage is very lackluster, you have more success on timing your shots so that once 1 shot ends, another lands, keeping up the constant damage drain.

But it feels kinda like a single spark is a way better overall damage dealing weapon compared to having two of these, when trying to deal damage all over an enemy build. Fun to use and a very peekaboo weapon, but the damage is just not there. Gungnirs feel like Nothungs compared to this thing

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And with how the Acari works, hitting all parts rather than any specific part, you can spam 20 of these shots at an enemy build and not blow off a single module or gun or movement part, and say rapid fire machine guns could have already degunned and immobilized a build in half that time

Using these to destroy a training target with low hp, trophy ravager, took 5 shots, so that’s 20 seconds, without blowing off a single movement part during it
Destroying the same training target with three gungnirs takes 2 seconds aimed at cabin
Even two impulses spamming grenades at the targets general shape takes 2 seconds to blow it up

So yeah bad news for anyone who was interested in this gun, me included

The Atom has the same braking issue as the Omni. Doesn’t brake instantly, keeps moving. You have to press the keys for the exactly opposite direction - just like the Omni bug.

And there seems to be some slowdown uphill too. I’m not sure if it’s as bad as with the Omni yet.

Correction: You have to press + hold the keys for the exactly opposite direction, in order to brake. It’s the same problem as with the Omni. The Omni used to brake instantly after pressing (without holding, just tapping) a movement key for any other direction - and it stopped immediately. For my combat style, i.e., the way I drive, take positions, and use terrain, I need the Omni and the Atom to drive like the old Omni, at the very least. If it could brake on the spot some months ago, I want that back. Breaking Omni braking reduced the effectiveness of my vehicles. It shouldn’t be that hard to give us an option in the settings for the “Brake” key not to toggle “Strafe,” and just brake instead. And it’s not about me not willing to adapt or learn. There are very specific menoeuvers that I was learning to do with the Omni. For unique combat advantage. It was working, and I was getting better at it. It needed a lot of practice and fine-tuning. It’s time-consuming and hard to master. Something cool no one else does, and now it’s much harder to do, when the wheels keep moving after trying to stop.

Even if someone doesn’t need precision driving, the vehicle handles more predictably when braking works without delays. Some regular Omni user told me he doesn’t need to brake - so I guess he crashes into teammates and terrain, which is irresponsible, or maybe that player uses camera steering.

Oh, and one more thing - will the Atom’s steering randomly cut out for 3 seconds like the Omni? Leaving you stranded or rolling on - like when you try to brake, except for 3 seconds? If they both use the same code, get ready for that stimulating handicap! :grin:

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That sounds OP. So Omnis do 90/100 Atom does 80/90 and Gerrida does 70. Is there any more room in the game for multi directional movement parts?

Add to that 2 other types of legs and 2 other types of hovers and it seems like the game is overcrowded for multidirectional movement parts.

Another downside of the Acari is that the weaker your enemy is, the less damage it does, so you can end up in a situation with an enemy being basically a cabin and a few frames, and your shots do a total damage of 40 and you can spam 15 of them without managing to kill an enemy on low hp. That will be really helpful if you’re the only player left and need to finish off an enemy that is immobile and has no guns, but you just can’t dish out the damage

Acari looks absolutely broken dude, just can’t be your only weapon. I’m poking my 9k PS car just once with 4 energy, 1200 dmg after 4s. WTF… That crap’s going to deal MASSIVE damage to endgame builds. But you can’t stack multiples, so no triple Acari.

The Atom are hilariously strong compared to Omnis which were already like, 3rd best movement part rn. Just great, more fast strafing camera steering bullshit.

Some Acari tests:

  • It deals % of current health.

  • Cab is unaffected

  • EVERYTHING ELSE is affected. Passthrough and resists seem to apply, frames take little damage.

  • First shot deals slightly below 20% max health damage. On the 79 parts of your opponent that aren’t his cab. He has 20k effective dura? You’re nailing him for 3.5k.

  • 4 shots bring the enemy below 50% health, 8 bring him to 25%.

Overall I’d say I love the concept, but Targem needs to stop shitting on durability tanking/heavy cabs lmao. People are tanking with shields and Oma since 2.0, wtf needs the XO equivalent of D2’s Sorceress Flash? Meh.


That’s actually kind of interesting, and explains why it struggles to finish enemies off.
Is there much projectile drop? I wonder what other weapons it might pair well with. Toadfish?

Might actually work with phoenix: soften up pass through parts for the phoenix’s blast.

It’s similar to others Xbows in terms of trajectory. I thought about it and sadly I’m convinced Phoenixes would just detonate the Acari bolts early.

I can’t see a single godlike synergy rn, but I have an idea of how it might be used to good effects. I’m going to slip into RPG talk for a bit.
The way it works makes it both a good anti-tank AND tank weapon because it’s based on % health DoT that can’t stack. On a RPG it’d mean you don’t need to invest into attack speed and can focus on tankyness, in XO that means you get no use for a volley and can get very decent damage out of 4 energy. Not “I’m carrying the game” level of damage, but enough to disrupt enemies if they ignore you to focus your friends. WHich is what a tank does in a RPG.

With that in mind, and the idea that more DoT uptime > more bolts (and if I had the parts), I’d probably try to play a Tank spider, with 1 Acari + King + Flywheel on Hadron for near permanent %health debuff and annoying defensive mines. This is already plenty of tank damage and utility, and you’re left with 7 (You need an engine!) energy to load up on modules for your team. Daze, Doppler, Interceptor, ARgus, whatever floats yor boat. Barriers and Trombones would mess up your reload so prob not a good idea.

I’d also suggest not using Hertz because getting +30% damage on 3-4 parts is probably not worth losing 30% damage on 70+ parts, even if it’s just armor and frames. Asfar as codrivers go, Falcon sounds good to me, Jay might make it a great poking tool against a long-range team.

It might be decent on Catalina in high PS PvP, but don’t quote me on this. Will probably just be tedious to charge up for a combo that can’t finish anything once it’s actually charged up :joy:

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They both feel way too nice. I want the wheels way more though.

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The wheels are 100% broken, usual strafing powercreep shit for this game, I’m sure it’ll help them not get reviewbombed.


I wouldn’t say broken but way too nice for epics. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get nerfed.

Haven’t seen any review bombs :slight_smile: we are not on PC.
Our reviews are fine.

Omnis are rightbelow top-tier rn, these feel way, way, way better. So I dunno. Feels OP to me but then again everything got +15kmh in 5 years except wheels.

I would agree with this but I still wouldn’t say they are broken. I had expected them to be worse i.e. like a heavy version of the omni.

Bigfoot cockpit triple booster acari double bubble cheetah daze cloak hertz build inbound. :fire: :fire: :fire:

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I find it very lacking even as a support gun on other builds, on paper shooting at a huge brick of a build is being played off by numbers as doing big damage, but in practice I don’t see any parts popping off or getting weak

I did extensive testing on a dual gungnir 1 acari build, and then compared it to the same build but with just 3 gungnirs, and even without the damaging absolutely every part imaginable from the acari the three gungnirs destroyed off parts and finished off enemies way better than the build with an acari added. In fact it felt like Acari hindered the overall dps and rate of shooting off parts rather than aiding with it, and by just forgetting the acari all together you can strip guns and blow off modules rather than hoping the acari does something

Another cool observation is that the Atom makes your ride be just a hint taller compared to the Omni, so if you’re using somethign liek atoms on the front and back, and omnis on the side, the omnis don’t make contact with the ground or really help, but if you have atoms on the back and omnis on the front, you can tilt your build just a little bit so the front is a bit lower than the back

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You must not play CWs. These are going straight to the A-tier META. If not S-tier. Put these on a quantum hover with 3 punisher builds and let the Acari work the enemies for the first minute or two. Then send in the Punishers and watch as their armor and guns gets ripped off like so much paper mache.

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I feel like Acari’s purpose isn’t exactly to go all-in at point-blank on an opponent with MGs… It’s definitely more of a long range poke.

How often do you see people complain that they shot an enemy for 9 damage with 12 energy of scorps? That’s never going to happen with Acari. A single Acari in the enemy team will probably be a very strong incentive not to try and play the pokey game, especially if it has a cloak too to get cheap shots.
Imagine the frustration of hiding behind cover with a spider waiting for the fight to start, and seeing that you get nailed by a cheap Acari bolt in the toes because you’re too f*cking wide, for probably 3k damage or more… Your whole craft is down to 80% dura. Your movement parts, your weapons, your guns, your bumpers… GL if you have to tank a porc after that.