Acari and Atom now in exhibition

Makes me think it might be fun to combine with porcs or incinerators. Soften people’s entire builds in two different ways!

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Inci’s would heat the target, but also reduce its current health, so I’m not sure it’d work too well. Acari + porc sounds brutal. Honestly I believe Akari+Hadron+King will be the optimal play, because you’re maximising the DoT uptime, AND dealing massive AoE with the mines to opponents that are down to 80% dura or less across the whole build. But Hadron + Porc might be pretty close too. Movement parts will go down pretty fast.

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Neither is Gungnir, it’s the long range machine gun not the close range one

I dunno, I had a 4050 give or take, over 4000 hp for sure build and when testing out the acari + gungnirs against it, I was thinking it’d chew up the build way faster after first being shot with an acari, but I did not notice any real difference, felt like the rate of chewing up parts was the same with first shooting the build with an acari and then with machienguns, vs just shooting it with three machineguns

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Lots of great info here.

Thank you for testing and sharing!

Normally they’d keep the lite and deluxe version of the packs up for longer then a few weeks but this time they’re here till the end of September
I need to log in the game to see if they’ve upped the prices of them as a lot of places who limit the time something is out up the prices

On the pc the regular pack is 29.99 euromoneys, which is normal, but the lite is 13.99 and the deluxe 63.99
Last time i paid any attention lites were 10 and deluxes 60

Oh okay thank you for informing me, yeah I know the deluxe pack is more expensive for sure as it was 59.99 before

I called their would be a long range electrical weapon, you can all thank me.

i think its more of a support type weapon then anything. you know, hit the enemy with it while dealing damage to ALL parts and using your guns to deal even more damage in combination with that. i want to try to use them in raids but i think medium is as high as ill go with it. it also has a limited firing angle to which might make it a bit tricky to use. if anything id say combining it with cannons or even machine guns would be the best idea for it. also it needs alot more ammo then just 7… like common devs. i think they gave it 7 cause they thought it would be overpowered? idk. also 40 explosive damage is pretty laughable to.

i find the atom to be an interesting concept for a wheel. i said in a previous post but i can imagine a legendary version of them that are bigger and deal damage when you steam roll someone.
honestly though i thought they were going to be alot bigger then what they turned out to be.
i like them though, maybe ill buy 2 more of them sometime and have 6 that i can build with.
i seen a guy in bedlam with like 10 of them on LOL :rofl:

and your complaining about that? let the clan wars kiddies cry about it hahaha! :rofl:

omnis ARE wheels. they are just classified as giant mountains that only thor can move because they are as dense as a neutron star and cant be moved by anything.

i think its a raid weapon in all honesty. it would be more beneficial in raids hitting an enemy with weak armor or an an enemy with high armor to strip them quicker.

cloak and shield. if they are running the nova then thats also dangerous as nova has that broken shield.

one of those with 2 porcs… ouch :face_with_peeking_eye:

The Atom

Atom seems to turn and face enemies in the rear much faster than Omni wheels. Omnis have trouble working from a stop or switching directions, and they have trouble making a sharp 180 degree turning radius. Atoms have the hover fluidity of not losing interia when you want to make sharp drastic turns.

Coupled with crazy tonnage, Atoms are shaping up to be quite a package. I want a set.


Me too! Power fused please!