Across the board DPS nerf

DPS style weaponry needs an across the board nerf, or non-DPS weapons need an across the board buff.

All PS brackets are dominated by bullet spam weaponry only counterable with more bullet spam. Autocannons, machineguns, miniguns etc hard counter all weapons and builds, while only being countered for the most part by the same weapon/build only.

When was the last time you did not see rapid fire machineguns, miniguns, autocannonsa nd mostly gerrida builds? Low PS it’s dual cyclone triple gerrida, a bit higher it’s dual cyclone 4 gerrida, much higher it’s triple cyclone 5-6 gerrida. Small glass cannon Omniwheel builds with 3-5 rapid fire machine guns dealing so much damage in an instant they won’t even need to worry about having no HP and armor at all, usually because they also wedge everything in their path

It’s become too much all about weapon stripping, and huge hp pool weapons can not survive the constant bullet spam. Tons of weapons are left to rot with only being able to maybe get 200 points at maximum sweating, while the same kind of a player can get a copypaste miller brick or autocannon gerrida spider and put in 0 effort for at least double to triple of the points

It was old in 2022 already, and now it has gotten even older.


Step up your PS. You see reload weapons like scorps, toads, mastos, athenas, helicons, and destructors. Typhoons and mammoths also show up.

Regarding lower PS balance, I dont have much to contribute.

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I already play 8K-13K but no matter what the ps is everything is dominated by dps weaponry. Scorps, toads, mastos, athenas, helicons, and destructors, Typhoons and mammoths all struggle to do mostly anything while matches are based solely on DPS weapon builds.

It’s only against weapons non-dps that feel like a “fair” fight for both parties. If I am running a reload weapon and the enemy is random DPS, I get slapped with ease. If I have a random DPS build and the enemy is a reloading weapon, I feel like I am cheesing victories left and right while not even trying, I am missing 1/3rd of my shots and just bumping around like I am drunk rather than having stress induced heart attack level accuracy and gameplay of absolute precision as with reload weapons. FPS works in all situation and builds, while even super specific reload weapon builds designed to work around any downside the weapon has gets just absolutely obliterated by any just have lots of spam fire weapons on a build do not even bother hiding or armoring the weapons type of a build.

Game currently is like rock paper scissors but scissors beats everything while only paper and rock have to play by normal rock paper scissors rules. So then everyone plays scissors and it devolves into matches being more or less decided based on which team has more scissors players.

The solution is…only have one single weapon in the game, and you can only mount one of it, then everyone will be on equal footing. :unamused:

It’s why I’ve almost exclusively ran a build using Aegis… this dps meta is so damn lame and tiring.

I find it funny when players message me saying I never switch it up yet all they use is camera steering dps… Who is really the boring one? I’m sure it’s the one that simply holds 1 button/key and points the camera to drive.

I’m actually finding that cannons and sniper guns are pretty scary in a lot of PS ranges right now. Feels like a lot of competitive players are getting bored of DPS, or maybe that some are realizing the best way to counter DPS is with ranged alpha strikes.

I’m really learning to fear Scorps again, and getting that panicked feeling when I hear one of those “pings” whizz by my car.

Cyclones seem to be the most effective DPS option currently, probably because they can fight back against the snipers.

Also still seeing a decent amount of flamethrowers, shotguns, and melee, which is the other obvious DPS counter. Also fairly effective, as long as you can find a target who has strayed from the pack.

Yeah if you dps dps then someone’s gonna lose and someone’s gonna come off pretty bad. Alpha damage without taking any yourself is what I’ve done for years. People just follow the meta so hard instead of finding their own method and I wish our community would be a bit more creative.

But the issue is that they made Scorpions a real no-skill weapon compared to before… Before you had to target specific parts, explosives, weapons and such… You would be penalized if you missed these spots. Now You can just aim center mass and get a tonne of damage for no real thought process, they made it the easiest to use relic with really no unique aspects. Point and click.

They had to make scorps easier to make them more popular. As you say, most players will always choose the easier option. No matter how well you balance the game, some options will always be easier.
Nevertheless, there’s still a huge difference between facing a skilled scorpion player who is able to effortlessly pick off guns and explosives compared to one who just shoots for the cabin. Skill is still rewarded.

Edit: the bright side of most people following the easiest option is that you can more easily optimize your build against whatever the current meta is. When you know what kinds of builds you are likely to be facing, you can prepare better. I find that a very fun part of the game.

I smoke MG builds with my Fire dog or Fortunes, I see others do well with Toadfish Destructors and Athena.

I will agree that weapon stripping is a problem and should be addressed.

In fact it could be argued that MGs are slightly under powered. The Reaper received a buff but it still wasn’t enough. The Miller took a fat nerf. The only weapon that stands out in the PS range you mention is the Cyclone and any skilled player couldn’t miss that weapon if they tried, Cyclone players deserve to be stripped easily.

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Ok now counter 2 gerrida Cyclones with weapons that shoot a single shot and then reload, and fly in a trajectory, with maximum rarity you have access to is legendary, while keeping in mind the miller brick and reaper gerrida on the same team as the 2 gerridacyclones and also you have 2 fuze players on your own team, opponent has a scorpion bot and a destructor bot and your own bots are driving against a wall also there seems to be 2 players from the same clan on the enemy team both running shield equipped nidghog jormungandr builds

Do Fortunes count as single shot and reload? You are right that the bots make too much of a difference.

I think they do, but if they were to be excluded it would be pretty hard to think of a good counter

Wonder if fortunes get Impulsed as well, as in they buff them and suddenly they are very good and then they pull back the buff for whatever reason

I guess so. There is a reason I’ve been running my Aegis so much, the current hold 1 button with cam steering meta is stale and boring

Yeah, not to mention it has been a big problem for a while now, at first it was stillwinds millers arbiters and rapid fire machine guns, and then nothungs were added to the mix, and then cyclones got buffed, and then starfall was added, the staleness has been going on for so long and they just add more of the same stale things in slightly different packaging into the game

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Why would I try to beat the mainstream in your oddly specific way? It honestly sounds like you need more experience with a variety of builds and some friends. Clan confrontation is full of cyclones and MGs for you to practice against, no bots.

Dont come back here when you get rolled by Pork/kapcan, Destructor, Athena, Fortune. Be glad you’re fighting rapid fire :laughing:


Get some Turret boxes, hide them under your cabin, weapons almost never get stripped, sometimes they get burnt, but never stripped.

Theres nothing to practice against with cyclones in CC. They fuck everything up with zero effort. You are a hunter gatherer taking down mastodons while the meta DPS player is like a cat getting fed in the morning. The effort and skill is so asymmetrical.

Maybe I should stream so y’all can learn how to kill Cyclones :joy:

What you are calling an “oddly specific way” is 8/10 matches on the PC at any given day
Besides there is nothing “oddly specific” about it, You’re given a normal everyday pvp match now how will you win it because you apparently win them a lot? Simple question, that you can’t answer at all and start pulling random stuff into the conversation in the hopes of distracting people about the fact that even if you tell everyone you counter things easy, when asked how you would counter the things you supposedly can counter, you can’t provide a single answer.

Like I said, oddly specific.

I gave you my answer in the first reply, I have success with Fire dog and Fortunes. You need to be on Omni wheels because movement is key against them.

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