Adapt or die

Just a reminder that Crossout is always changing, and if you refuse to adapt, you will die quicker.
Every new part introduces new possibilities, and every balance change also makes some strategies no longer as viable.

There’s a big difference between discussing what strategies are currently strongest and raging about the fact that some approaches are currently stronger.

If you love the game and want to keep playing it, you’re going to need to accept that the balance is always shifting.

(None of this is about any particular thread or forum user. If you take it personally, that’s on you)


Got to love chasing the Meta

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That is absolutely not what I am saying, but I think you know that.

If you don’t feel like you need to play meta builds to enjoy Crossout, you never need to chase the meta. You just occupy yourself with exploring every new item and change to discover new things that work for you, and that help you counter the new threats that emerge on the battlefield.


I’m honestly split about this statement.

This game does kinda mimic human nature in a way. We like to follow what works. We value efficiency.
That’s how progress is made. It can be satisfying to beat meta builds with a car you built yourself.

Addition: This game seems to be about trial and error, and making your perfect craft, but this game seems to contradict itself. Due to the ease of downloading a build, long grind, and lackluster balance. This game almost seems to punish you if you don’t use the META. It’s no surprise why many players will chase the Meta.

However, at the end of the day… this is just a video game. People might accept “Dying” and quit.
As more people quit, the whales, sealclubbers, and metachaser’s prey become more and more scarce until the game becomes unplayable.

Metas will always exist and perfect balance will never be achievable, but I think it could be a lot better. I find it sad that a lot of items and build archetypes suck because the Meta is just so powerful.


Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of any game.


I think I’m learning to enjoy the current low-ps Borer-melee META. Speed and agility seems to be giving me an edge in pvp I didn’t have before. I always liked fast and agile, but it was never as useful as I’m finding it is now, with all the Borer-Truckers grinding about.

Since the subtle borer nerf, I’m finding they make a more entertaining adversary than many of the past METAs. They are brutal and frightening, but can be overcome with a little teamwork and some fancy driving. I think they are making great super-villains, and the best thing about them is that anybody can build one and participate, unlike some of the other METAs that required advanced or expensive components that made wins a little exclusive.

Their counter doesn’t appear to need to be any more complex than teamwork (I really can’t stress that enough) and a fast well balanced ride with nearly any AC or Machine-gun. Shotguns work good too, if you’re brave enough to get that close, and quick enough to flee. I think that’s a near perfect storm, as far as game balance goes.

As far as the Melee META goes I’m enjoying it…for now (hadn’t been for a long time). But, like the OP says, things change.


Generalists prevail in change. Those who only play one op build risk getting a nerf and then they rage quit and delete the game. Always have a few builds handy. Don’t rely heavily on any one dominant meta, because it can change.


this is totally accurate…but it seems to many of todays gamers never want to be challanged…and if they ever are it must be due to either someone cheating…or the situatioon is deemed just totally unfair…


Improvise, adapt, overcome.

I second the OP


It’s hard to argue with, isn’t it? Like it or not, that’s the game.

I’m not sure anything they introduced in this last Battle Pass was much of a game changer, though (and I’m glad). They might seem strong in the right hands, but I don’t see anything as being overpowering so far. I still need to check out that artillery thing, though. That hits hard, but I haven’t seen anybody dominate with it. Yet.

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Crossout is always changing and yet, the meta has been the same BS for almost 5 years now. Sure, some of the equipment changes and new toys get added, but there hasn’t been anything REALLY new in years. The last real game-changer were hovers in 2017 and boy, was it not a change for the better, lol.

Most of the players who are too obsessed about telling everyone to “adapt” seem rather insecure and feel like they need to use their meta BS of choice in order to compete and then get SUPER toxic when you mention it and/or get really upset when their meta toys get finally nerfed. Just don’t jump on the nearest meta hypetrain and play something different, what are you gonna use that patrol-farmed kills per battle number for anyway? Making a statement on the forum?

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kekw, so true, it’s why there isn’t any point in engaging in such threads usually…

Meanwhile I made a kami drift car with a Wang and I’m clappin haha

Got to love clapping low PS noobs.

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Only time I’ve saw you, you were in a growl dual cylcone sipider and you rage quit because the game was too fast paced for you, so keep coping

Just check our your amazing positioning:

Kekw stay at high PS because you can’t build efficiently or think fast, haha

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Boom! Game over boys!

The meta has been found!

I made a meta :sunglasses:

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Me too. Small tracks and Borers. I’m not feeling real bad about it either. They should be glad I don’t put the Skinner on it too.

Bothered to look you up in game.

You have half my matches but -way- more relics than I possess and essentially every single meta part and based on parsing through your builds I’d guess you’ve bought every single pack. You own porcs, mastos, breakers, and scorps. Judging from your patches and guide you run yao and firedogs as well…

All of which I’m stating before I ask:
Were you referring to yourself when you went off about people insecurely using the meta? If you were self-owning, then good on you!


To add to the overall thread: Playing the meta isn’t the only possible way to adapt. Following the adaptation of others (meta) is the easy way. But… the better form of adapting would be creating a way for what you want to play to bust the meta up.