Adding a drone to the regular mode

So many drones in dronapocalypse, so why not add a few to the regular mode?


You mean as enemy bots in raids or something else?


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Cause drones are one of those weapons people hate when new ones are added, they’re always called no-skilled noob weapons, especially by the people who die to them!

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Yes, it seems that those who think so are not the only ones who hate them, even though most of drones are not very strong and even some of them are weak

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This 100%

The biggest group of guys that used to complain about drones where cannon users. Cannon users always feel like they should be left alone to sit back and shot their targets, and anyone not doing the same thing must not have skill.

So, during the big Typhoon Meta not only did cannon guys convince the dev team that cannons where not OP, they also convinced them to nerf everything that defeated them.

Got to love skill, lol.

I’m not against cannon guys, everyone should play what they want and everything should be equally strong. But for anyone to say other people are less skilled because they don’t play ranged weapons in just an EGO issue they have.


laughs in Interceptor

Very true… and the same was true of pyres, caucs, & copter drones in the helicopter event. People thought they should be allowed to hover in place and slowly drift towards their targets unencumbered by that annoying rocket warning. :rofl: :melting_face:


so like every other weapon that people die to? :rofl:

their only weak cause of the massive nerf that happened due to the grenadier and annihilator drones. those drones ruined it for everyone.

i use cannons quite often but the only things that really gave me issues were grenadiers and annihilators. i HATED being the target of those drones. grenadiers because they kill you in no time. annihilators because you cant do anything to defend yourself except hope the drone user comes into the open and you hit the drone launcher off them before they take you out. i thought typhoons were broken when they could infinitely stun lock but then it was balanced a bit where the stuns couldnt stack endlessly.

i want a mini nuke as a legendary or relic upgrade to the fuze drone.

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That was then, for now

When I use drones I sometimes think that machine guns are too fast to destroy them, especially flying drones


yeah i know. im hoping they buff drones again but not buff grenadiers or annihilators. when they nerfed fuzes it was extremely noticeable. i used to be able to hit bulky box builds really hard and take off huge chunks of their armor, now the damage was almost halved. the new cabin that gives them double damage for 7 seconds doesnt help at all. it takes them a few seconds to get going and even then 7 seconds isnt a long time. imo that cabins a waste. i prefer my harpy cabin due to the increased ammo and explosion radius.


I’m pretty sure it’s the missile turrets and missile drones that should get the buff, other drones have performed well in different ps areas, for me I don’t get the wheeled drones too much but I’m sure they do enough damage, maybe make them increase range but decrease damage?

All I know is that the fuse works well on it, and when the drone is turned on as it approaches the opponent, it deals about 1000 damage

I agree here. We had some months where Typhoons where Meta but also seemed fair because we had counters. But at this point the hate against Typhoons was at its high becuase they had just dominated the last year, so people still complained and they nerfed them into the ground to make them happy.

Missile turret and drones have been trash from day one. The missile moves to slow and the fire rate is to slow on both. Then they nerfed them on top of being no good.

People usually think something subjectively, and even if they realize it, it may not be correct. For the ability of an item, it needs to be seen in terms of its attribute data and win rate and usage statistics

i like the missile turrets however… they are a huge target, have range limited to your radar, have very low damage (seriously they only hit 75 on a cabin and the missiles dont hit very hard on armor. seriously a pillow being thrown at them would do more damage…) and on top of that the drone itself has low durability and piss poor fire rate. i actually made one just to run it in raids for a change of pace but its so awful and never hits anything that its not worth it. most of the time my team mates block the shots anyways. sometimes the shots miss to.
the missile flying drones have the same issue. they fire to slow, are a big target and enemy ai instantly target drones anyways. i dont see a point in drones in pve as i view them as useless because they are taken out nearly instantly.


The missile drones and turrets probably need some extra durability and some attack speed, and then their missiles need to be faster and more accurate.Raids are another issue, I’ve mentioned to the dev team that weapons that are balanced in pvp are unbalanced in pve, missile drones are already weak in pvp and this type of weapon is even less so in raids

A legendary drone cabin, a Sidekick hologram, a drone duck, a drone torso decor part, the Dronapocalypse 2051 sticker, a Fuze CK… Is this enough for a droner’s paradise, or do we need more? Maybe a beeping Fuze ‘horn’ that would be permanently on? A drone module that would release two small drones, each armed with a Horhet? For variety and giggles. Inflateable drones - e.g., balloons in the shape of flying and wheeled ones. A module releasing a swarm of flying drones that would crash into enemies for miniscule damage, but would be hard to get rid of and block cloaking attempts. A free-roaming flying drone spraying water on the ground, causing flowers to pop up in the wasteland. At no energy cost, classified like the ATM decor part. More drone CKs, e.g., mechanical birds for the Falcon, the Hawk and the Owl. Coiled-up snake CKs for the Cobra, the Python and the Anaconda.

I’d want a flying shield drone, with a shimmering force field that looks like a soap bubble. Not too big, absorbing damage, but also getting in the way of my weapons, for balance. And a rainbow hologram to go with it. Or just a wheeled rainbow drone, spreading happiness over the wasteland, another ATM-like active decor piece with no energy requirement.

A cloud drone hiding my car in a dense, dark mist, with some rain, wind and lightning, like a proper storm cloud. Enemies would know I’m in there, but they’d have to guess where to shoot. A Tornado drone, causing melee damage and keepign enemies at a distance, or at least slowind them down when they to to get close to my car. Or when they try to run way too far, so I can chase them down, should that me my goal. And it would counter the cloud drone. So the cluod drone could be an epic and the tornado drone a legendary? :slightly_smiling_face:

A red carpet drone, spooling out proper ground cover for my triumphant advance.

A fairy light drone, zipping around my car and illuminating the night with a lantern changing colors. Or a ball lightning hologram. A ‘Misty Marshes’ flare to go with it, emanating an eerie atmosphere, perhaps with an occasional glimmer of the swamp gas lighting up. I’d want it to be on all the time.

A star hologram, with several selectable consetllations, and a random cloud of stars appearing and fading away. And another with purple-blue gas nebula, or a changing variety of colors.

A decor module emitting a white cloud and some sunshine surrounding it, to brighten up the glum wasteland.

A hologram with chirping birds.

A hologram with clunking chains, for some darker, haunting atmosphere. And a ghost hologram? :ghost:

There’s lot of room for new cool active decor.

Imaginative ideas, but developers are unlikely to go for them :rofl:

how about a hologram just laughing at the player? xD

what about a drone with a trumpet on it that just flies around your car annoying you with a loud trumpet? :rofl:
or the spic sax guy flies around on the drone playing his sax while taunting the player lol

DISCO BALL!!! :smiley: