Adventure Mode Needs a Rework!

Many of you have heard that the Devs REFUSE to rework Adventure Mode or in the very least that’s what they’re implying. I’m not a hardcore PvPer personally, I don’t care about chasing the ‘meta’ or clan wars. I just want to screw around and explore. But the only option for us would be Adventure Mode on Blood Rocks. Don’t get me wrong, I Love Adventure Mode and Blood Rocks. I just feel like it needs some work.


Not going to disagree that it needs work, but for this game PvE is a waste of time. They just don’t do it well.

I do hope you get your wish, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


They actually said that in a dev stream. Not happening in the foreseeable future. Sorry. :neutral_face:


theres a mix of both pvp and pve. if they did pve well noone would really complain. i for one like pve more then pvp and i really dislike pvp. mostly its just people running the same uninspired, cookie cutter builds that ive seen running around for a long time. countless people running around in tiny shotgun builds stripping any weapon that gets in their way, or with a big hitbox. uninspired ramming builds. anti hover builds. high damage weapons. theres no room in pvp for many varieties of weapons. alot of weapons fall short or are stripped so fast that they just arent worth the time of using or making a build for. ive ran into a ton of these. some weapons have such low durability that a gentle breeze or a sneeze can knock them off. hell im surpriseed just hitting a bump isnt enough to make them fall off…
pve for me allows me to use weapons i dont normally use. heck it even allows me to practice on bots with my aiming and precision. really good for cannons if you want to get some shooting practice in. the mode of pvp i do like the most or do the most is the dronepocalypse. i spend alot of time in it.

i to hope they will change their minds on adventure mode and start to design something for it. i love adventure mode, i love racing around on my car in such a huge map. however i want more in the map. they took out engraved casings from the mode and now you can only get scrap and copper which is ridiculous. now we have to wait to see what they are going to do with the casings, if they are going to remove them completely or keep them in. if they remove them then theyll need to rework the weapons associated with said casings.


I would suggest playing one of the many well thought out PvE games that are already on the market.

+1 to you and I hope you get everything you want, but Crossout is just not that game.

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I think there’s a real opportunity to turn Adventure into less of a story-mode and more of an open sandbox mode with more developed PVP aspects.
I’m not sure exactly how to achieve this, but I want to see it.



They could use the map for a new storyline aside from the “Awakening”, and it would be great to implement it for clans.

Imagine a campaign where your clan has to capture each region on the map from the controlling factions over the course of some period of time. When all regions are captured, you get some significant reward. All clan members would get some reward, but the bulk of the reward goes to whichever members actually participated in it. You can already play the awakening and side missions as a group, so I think it would be workable.

You’d probably need to play it as a PVE; if you played as a PVP (2 opposing clans vying for domination), it becomes a scheduling issue between the clans and would be be unlikely to be completed in a timely fashion. To keep the thing going at a decent pace, maybe you’d be given a time period in which to complete it (a weekly basis?).

I think it would benefit the weak clans who have no hope of ever accomplishing anything significant, and have the added benefit of encouraging less-active/less-well-equipped clan members to join in.


You just gave me an idea.

Split up the map into zones that can be occupied by clans, but keep it a 24/7 free for all like it currently is.

Once your clan captures a zone and plants their flag, they can leave the game and it will stay occupied by them until someone else captures it. You could also choose to base camp, and defend it from rival clans. Or you could get ambitious and try to claim all the zones.

Obviously some clans will try to cheese it by capturing the entire map in the middle of the night, but that will get naturally countered by others trying to do the same thing.
Besides, sneaky midnight raids seem like something that belongs in the Crossout universe.
Points would be awarded for minutes occupied for all bases your clan was in control of.

Lower level clan members could be more useful as patrollers. Just hanging out, hiding when the raiders come, and then sneak back as soon as they leave to reclaim the territory. All kinds of strategies could be viable for a committed active clan.


This is what happens when whales funnel their wallets into egregious monetization business practices.
As long as you got a FEW people with MORE money that normal people to dump into any and everything a game company creates, then there is no incentive for them to improve the gameplay or experience.

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I think it’s more that most players on most online multiplayer games only play the PVE story mode as training when they first get the game, and then never play it again.
Lots of other games get frequent PVP updates and never update the story mode.
I don’t think Crossout is unique in that regard.
Nevertheless, they could make the adventure map into something great.

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I will say it again… I love adventure mode, I use to spend 234 hours a day there, but that only goes so far. I would want to have new missions added to the current missions. Someone mentioned like when “Red feather” says I’ll be back, you know what I mean… Stuff like that. I have come up with 15 original missions for this, and if they added to this, I’m sure it would be accepted. Even if they added " Find 20 Bosses"… I just trying to come up with something.

It does not have to be super complex, but no different that the others.

The only thing I would recommend would be to add something other than “Scrap and Copper”.

Something like “Steal the cargo” “Kill the entire enemy team” “Destroy 15 Bosses” “Capture the base in under 5 minutes” “Earn 3 Boss kills” “Transport the cargo from one side of the map to the other” I know sounds familiar… it is.

I’m sure others can comment on this… but I do wish that there were additional challenges to the current ones.

And on a final note… ZingTing raises a good point, hard to counter that one…



And even then you mash the button to get through the story as fast as you can and never read anything.

I always thought the PvE intro of multiplayer games was kind of an tutorial and a way to get new guys a little resources as they learn the game.

Then when they complete that, you never go back because your to busy playing PvP.


Thank You Guys for the feedback, I hope that one day they’ll rework Adventure Mode. Because I believe it deserves a place among PvP and PvE, not to be just a pair of training wheels, but to feel like a real open world for not just newcomers. But to all Players new and old alike.


In an ideal world, we’d have decent servers and an optimized engine, and Adventre mode and Bedlam would be a single mode, with way more content. A few safe zones protected by indestructible shields where weapons are automatically dazed, missions with a flag that start once enough persons/PS joined, etc.

Oh well.


They should add an area you can activate that starts a wave defense similiar to the old Gronch events. Enemies get progressively stronger until you die. The game records your personal best. Id play it for a fun challenge and for bragging rights.



You would be surprised how much weapon variety we are seeing in pvp in high ps right now.

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That would also be very good for build testing. As is, I typically take a build out into the test drive first, then adventure, then patrols, and finally real PVP. It would be nice if I could knock all of that out in one nission like you’re talking about.

Just start with PvP.

If a build is good in PvP it is good in PvE. (Unless it’s like a Lance build)

For me personally I don’t really play PvE so testing in a non-player environment does not show me anything.

Plus I don’t care about K/D so I just test in the mode I plan to play the build.

Any pre-testing I do in my garage with shooting my own build with whatever META guns to see how it falls apart. Then right to PvP.

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