Advice for weapon modification

I wanted players to be able to fight the way they liked, so I came up with this proposal:

Allow the player to modify the weapon, for example, I want to use a precision machine gun, I modified the machine gun to improve its accuracy, it can also maintain good accuracy when it continues to fire, but for balance, it is necessary to reduce his other attributes, such as attack speed, so I get a machine gun that is more suitable for long-range accurate shooting but has low damage

Not to be rude, but I think that’s why the game has so many different machine guns with different parameters. I think the devs want you to pick the gun that suits your play style the best, rather than modify existing guns into something different.

Nevertheless, I do support any increase in things we can modify to make our builds more unique.

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I always felt that there were not enough weapons in the game and that new weapons were not designed fast enough, which was an alternative way to give the player more options with the least amount of work

Trying to think that through… I feel like there’s a huge variety with weapons, but that’s just my feeling on it.

If you were allowed to modify a weapon, would you be required to have an offset? For example, using your example, if you could modify a gun to be more accurate, would it have to be heavier or fire more slowly?

If so, you’re kinda’ getting into what they do already with the various weapon types. A more accurate machine gun is essentially an autocannon, right?

I dunno… food for thought.

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As long as the weapons are balanced, the more the better, isn’t it?
Autocannon is a bit like what I said, I’m talking more like an adapter

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In short, only increasing attributes without cost is unbalanced, as for functional conflicts, first of all, my transformation is limited, will not make the modified weapon very different from the original weapon, more importantly, now the weapon already has a functional conflict, such as WHIRL, it is actually a sturdy submachine gun, two almost identical machine guns: M26, M29

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