Aerial vehicles in crossout!

Greetings, survivors!

Very soon large-scale battles involving aerial vehicles will begin in the Wasteland. Fasten your seat belts — “Sky raiders” are approaching!

You’ve already had the opportunity to try out armoured aircraft, but that was just the beginning. Now the majority of the factions have mastered these technologies — some have developed them themselves, others have stolen the blueprints from their neighbours. In any case, just about everyone has their own air fleet now, which means you will too!

With the update, which is planned to be released next week, armoured aircraft will become an integral part of Crossout — just as armoured vehicles and leviathans are now. This means that there will be a new slot in the garage that will store the air monster you’ve assembled!

The armoured aircraft assembly will be no different except for the requirement to have a rotor. Or even a couple if you want! Speaking of rotors — there will be several types of them in the game, each with its own characteristics and features.

In addition to that, you can expect the appearance of other parts that will help in ground-air battles: an anti-aircraft autocannon, a bomb launcher, heat traps for deflecting rockets — everything that will help you establish your superiority on the changed battlefield!

Mixed battles between armoured vehicles and armoured aircraft will be available as part of separate missions based on the already existing “Get the scrap metal!”, “Get the wires!” and “Get the batteries!” At the same time, the old modes will also remain in the game — this way you will still be able to take part in exclusively ground-based battles.

In addition, with an armoured aircraft it will be possible to enter the “Patrol”, “Back on patrol” and “Bedlam” modes — there will be no division into ground and mixed battles.

Raids, Confrontation, Clan wars and other modes not listed above remain solely ground-based at the moment. But it’s possible that in the future, air battles will become a part of these modes as well!

In order to test themselves in aerial combat as soon as possible, each player will receive their starting armoured aircraft when they reach reputation level 10 with the Engineers faction. For those whose level is higher, the aircraft will be issued automatically.

This is just a brief description of what awaits you in the new update. If you want to see more and ask your questions to the developers, be sure to join our livestream, which will take place on Tuesday, October 10, on the official Crossout YouTube channel.

See you soon!


Off we go is gonna permanent, yes!!!. This is all I’m gonna play and dunno if that’s good or bad. Just as well sell everything that ain’t upgraded cause the only build ill be using from now on is my pyre caucus helicopter lol. During the off we go event I only played regular pvp to get my weeklies and that was it. I think they should make this into a brawl instead because I will not play nothing else otherwise.


I suspect pyres won’t be as effective this time, with the addition of anti heat-seeking flares.
Regardless, I’m excited to fly again!


funny story. last time, in Off We Go, I bought 6 pyres at around 600 coins each (not realizing they were normally only around 250 coins). I been waiting for the day I can off-load those things and try to make those coins back. Hopefully this is it!!


Finally, the misery we’ve been forced to suffer through for the advent of multiple omnidirectional movement parts is about to pay off, and they’re going to put these new camera controls to proper use. I was beginning to wonder.

I think they should do boats too. Submarines? A sunken San Fransisco? A risen Atlantis? France…more maps, please.

I hope they’ve removed some of the invisible walls in Adventure mode. I love the sky view in there, but it would be nice if they added sunsets to make screenshots just a little more interesting.

This ought to make for an interesting fall season…very exciting…I’m sure they’ll find away to screw it up. They never do anything without some element of masochism.


Oh thank god they are separate modes and we still have normal ground based crossout, I hated the helicopter mode


All the missiles got old real fast, and I ditched it early on myself, but I’m ready for a change of pace.

I hope the new “heat trap” works, whatever that means. I was hoping for proper flares. I’m not sure that’s what “heat trap” means.


Yeah, I am hoping the new battle pass parts are not too helicopter mode focused and usable in normal mode as well.

Still dislike flying in general but at least with some help against the missile spam it could be promising. The flare is definitely interesting, hopefully it’ll work good enough instead of being the missile version of what enlightenment is to stealth

In b4 caucasus spam

My theory on what the heat trap could be is something you deploy, like a mine or turret, and it’ll only work on the missiles that are currently targeting you when you deploy it, rather than something you can deploy that will attract all missiles for as long as it lasts. Something you drop and drive off while the missiles go for the thing that you dropped rather than yourself

At least I would imagine that being the most possible thing, rather than a turret that will attract all missiles for X time as long as it lasts, that people could drive by and make the missiles chasing them hit the heat trap instead

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is poor Russian translation. they mean the flares.


I was just thinking about how easy it would be to adapt these mechanics to submarines.

Hope they do it!

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I remember off we go drastically drove up the prices of the pyres. Lucky for me I already had 4 upgraded reloading pyres from one of the upgrade events prior and the pyre was amongst those weapons. I really pities the folks who couldn’t play the rocket launcher meta because of sky high prices.

Aquatic Ravagers would be delicious. They could even do low gravity sea-floor vehicles (crabs?)…with boosters…I shouldn’t get to far head of myself, I suppose, but the new camera control feature opens up a lot of possibilities.

Oh nice they finally remembered to provide that.

This might be interesting.

It has me a little concerned at their past actions of not adding stuff to work benches though. With what they’ve said so far they’d end up with half a play experience for players joining the game for free post event.

Kind of a shame they left Awakening’s Map out of this, that’s one of the few maps I’d really like to fly around in.


I don’t know if I should be excited or worried, probably both! :joy:

I and another person pointed that out in an earlier post they made

Glad they made it so you could choose to pick if you want to fly or drive, my worry is people will overly pick to fly and this dev team will swerve into making this a combat helicopter game

I’m glad this isn’t locked behind paid walls and glad we’re getting a variety of propellers possibly a tail rotor.?

Same here!

Maybe air theme decorations for our garages maybe, hopefully!?

No thank you, but more sub-parts and boat parts for sure:+1:

I hope they remove some in all modes, especially raids… and from within the map boundaries!

Yeah, it wasn’t for everyone, but I enjoyed it but glad they kept a ground-based modes only too!

Yeah they’d do well with getting an english dictionary!

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Yeah, it wasn’t for everyone, but I enjoyed it but glad they kept a ground-based modes only too!

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Can you explain to me what’s going to happen with the fuze? What about all the melee weapons? What about flamethrowers? What about the fixed missile launchers from ground vehicles? What about turrets? Do you understand that the only way to attack an aerial vehicle from the ground is with SMGs from very close or with automatic cannons, instead of trying to balance the ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE imbalance in damage between weapons in the same battle rating (ps)? They come up with this, in short, Gaijin doesn’t know which way to go, it’s becoming clearer every day.

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‘Put on your propeller,have fun’ :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Turrets and drones in the first two attempts at aerial combat you had to nearly land or land to deploy them. They basically had a min height to deploy somewhere around 5m. The game currently treats it like your doing a jump off a cliff and it work’s the same way as in you can’t deploy them at the start of the jump only at the end of it. I didn’t think they would work well but I did see players using them and doing ok. The remotely deployable drones worked fine launching them from the air too.

Attacking the air was possible with shotguns however they had to be within that range 35m window. The only difference with shooting in the air is they can move to an altitude that you can’t get to. It wasn’t quite as bad as many expected as people crashed a fair amount. Aerial players often also dived to attach creating the opportunities to shoot them too. The game play with shotguns ended up being very hit and run, it was actually rather fun.

Flame and melee from the air worked just as it does from the ground you just have to get close enough. Things like skinners were used a bit more to grapple. It often resulted in crashing both heli.

Limited angle missiles fired from the ground just had to be played more opportunistically. I.e lurking around on cliffs, bridges, angling up hills to make up for low inclination abilities. Players mostly just had to relearn what made for good attacks with them again. Similar to shotguns the play style was more hit and run with them.