Aerial vehicles in crossout!

So basically as i said they messed even more the already broken weapon system

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But on the other hand…

Not sure I’m excited about this. The folks with the best stuff now, will still have the best stuff afterwards, and those who don’t, still won’t. There’s plenty of other flying games out there, if you want to fly. I’d rather see alot more maps, alot more modes in rotation, even extended campaigns. Besides, I don’t have any free slots available to experiment with different flying builds, and not dumping what I have just to stick a propellor on a crate. Maybe if it was a completely separate game, I’d bite, but this always was a ground-based game (hovers don’t fly, they levitate) and changing it to anything else seems to dilute that.

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Not much is going to change that.

Flying actually made it possible to have some larger maps as the heli can cover a lot more distance quickly. They had a few that they made in the first test of them so maybe they would be added in to the flying rotations. The longer distance maps were nice for long distance weapons and really fast builds.

They already mentioned they are adding a slot for the flying machine. You’ll still be lacking blueprint slots but it sounds like they are giving at least a permanent slot for it.

I did a flying steppe spider crate with 3 crickets early in the first test it was amusing.

They are still offering regular ground matches, so I don’t see much of an issue. I do wonder what it will do with que times though.

Judging from the pics, I see four different rotors (3 new ones!).

I’m glad they’ll allow these flying things into patrols, because while I’m sure I’ll get sick of all the missiles (can’t stand the constant alarm) that are sure to spoil the regular PVP Hella-copter mode, I’ll still like creating air-ships and floating about blowing up bots in patrols…raids could really use this as an update to make those things more interesting.

It’s looking like there’ll be a new map (a dam)? I noticed that the Waderkvarn website mentioned a dam as a “new worksite,” so I’m wondering if they mean we’ll get an updated garage to go with the copters, or if it’s a map for combat?

Also, I noticed from the pics an odd frame-like body.
That’s interesting. I think it’d make a cool Davinci style flying machine.


Win for the Devs imo.

No one has to play ground-air mode.

Nothing is obsoleted by this that I can think of.

I hope this means new maps.

Can I haz Patriot PAK 3 system please? (guess we kind of have this already with rocket turret)

Clearly they were playing the long game too. This development has been almost a year in, from the introduction of camera-controls, to ultimately having a permanent flying mode…which has been frustrating, having a want for instant gratification.

Now they need to spend a year balancing this game and updating all the neglected features they’ve got piled up and abandoned, plus this new one (flying), I’m sure.

They’re really going to need new maps too. I’d love it if they spent the next year simply tweaking stuff and building maps. No new game breaking schit. Just maps, battle passes, and fine tuning.


I am back and prepping for this.

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Also anyone else notice the vehicle on the main image has 18 power worth of equipment?

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I want a FlakPanzer Gepard turret

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sounds alot like you are getting it.

This seems like the most exciting patch since the Founders introduction. (a whole new faction was pretty exciting back then).


The first picture in your comment shows a new rotor on a player helicopter. It’s interesting that it seems to be integrated with an extension boom.
The second picture in your comment shows a rotor on a Lunatic helicarrier that I’ll try to build by tomorrow and post on the exhibition in the PC version, and I’ll post a screenshot here.
The third picture in your comment shows a rear turbine (rotor?) of this helicarrier that I posted on the exhibition (PC) on 2023.09.20:

Note the boxy structure in the rear bottom of the helicarrier model, constisting of 2 rings. It’s exactly that, and I tried to reproduce it as best as I could. There’s one on each side. The 3 Annihilators in the middle represent 3 lift turbines (rotors?) in the full-sized helicarrier.
If you want to fly it before the full-sized version is in the game, you could create a new account in the PC version just for that purpose. I posted it there to do something fun for the community. :wink:

Actually, here, for a more detailed comparison:
2023.10.05 001
2023.10.05 002
I put the hover engines in there to make it fly properly. Seriously, visit the PC version and fly it today! :grinning:
2023.10.05 003
Bonus picture :slightly_smiling_face:



This seems like a rollout of an entirely different game, except you get to keep all your gear from the old game.


They already made a game about boats and it’s Age of Water. Yeah, “it’s brand new company definitely not good ol’ us frfr”. So it’s not gonna happen here.

I would’ve agreed with you but they are actually on the BD side of BDSM. Because it’s the addicts who are suffering.

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Thing is, I remember a lot of complains about helis. Mostly they were from cannon cucks users. I feel like half the current weapons is gonna be useless against helis. Melee and flamethrowers, for instance.

If we’re going with that comparison, I’d say “they” are the BS of BDSM B is for bondage which is Gaijin, D is for discipline, which no one seems to be able to exhibit leading to balance issues, S - Sadists (the ones that like to inflict the pain) M- Masochist - glutton for punishment.

So, yeah, “they” are the BS in BDSM.

Think it is funny how people are saying “adding counters weapons and equipment isn’t balance.” UH in building games like this THAT IS LITERALLY BALANCE.

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I, for one, am looking forward to these items.

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same I can’t wait to see how they work in both modes.

And that is something they get a lot. Both B and D. Not that kind of D.

Sadists… well, Gaijin are, perhaps.

You mean, like helicopters? ;D