Aerial vehicles in crossout!


Da Vinci’s design is called “The Aerial Screw” I think it would make an excellent CK.

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The problem with the Aerial screw is the fact it is a glide part not a fly. the power it would take to fly is more then that of a standard blade, but it is really good for controlled decent.

EDIT: I want it to but do to how it works, it would be better as its own type of heli blade not a CK.

So the main build shown in the first image has the following 1x power unit, 2x pyre, 2x jule

so 8 power in rockets, 8 power in Autocannons, and 2 power in wasted power. that is 18 power.

no visible generators.

The military one shown last has 2 crickets (10 power) a front mounted cannon of a type I can’t tell, and two flare launchers.

I am pretty sure looking at things that we will have 18 power with generators on these things with either 14 or 15 base.

Pyres are only 2 energy each I think.

yeah they are only 2

Nope they are 4, I just looked at them in game.

EDIT: looked at the special tier one as that is the one it looks like, might be wrong then.

Pyre is the small epic homing missile and it costs 2en. You’re thinking of the one from the wasp line they all cost 4.

those are not pyres though, pyres have a single launch tube, they also have details of the special wasp line one.

Pyres are 2 energy though, I’m not sure what you’re talking about?

lol The ones he’s trying to refer to is the pyralid.

But he said pyres have a single launch tube, so if they got that right there’s no way they’re defending the unguided 4 energy line… just seems odd to be right and wrong in different ways

Dieselpunk airships; this game could do that really well, I think. My version of the game is going to try.

I’m hoping the developers will go along with it, but I’m terrified of how this could suck. I want it to be cool. I think it could be cool, but I’ve played this game too long, seen how it goes, and am afraid to get my hopes up.

Not to mention how some of the players will try as hard as they can to screw it up from their end.

I have my fingers crossed, but I’m not holding my breath. I’d like to see this game get its momentum back, and I don’t feel like this year has been much fun so far, despite some very cool new features. I haven’t been feeling it, anyway, and I’d love for this update to inspire some enjoyment in this game for me again. Dieslepunk airships could do that (potentially), and I’m pretty anxious for it to land.

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I feel like half the current weapons are going to be useless on heli’s to shoot ground targets…

I have faith players will invent new builds. Balance in a building game with 80 choices per player.

Most weapons and all movement parts will be pretty much useless in this new mode…

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I don’t have a problem with it. No one is being forced to play the helicopter mode. It’s not like the last 2-3 patches where they forced the changes on players or forced the player base to play in a particular way when qued for normal pvp etc.

It will be a “play it if you like X group of builds” just like other modes. I mean no one plays CW’s and expects to be able to use every single weapon/build combo and win consistently.

Edit: In the previous event, roughly 3/4’s of the way through, I played mainly ground vehicles and did fairly well on maps that had some cover points. The big wide open fields though…

I am sure there will be plenty of nerfs/buffs to cycle through wallets.


Giving the knowledge on how real life attack helis use their weaponry, I´m positive 80% of all the weapons will be fine on aerial vehicles.

Speaking of the remaining 20%: how drones will work on it? Turrets? Melee? (:rofl:) We know from the previous heli event regular weapons work fine, as long as the player is able to stabilize their vehicle for the shot.

So I’d think about some special weapons and how it would work mid-air. Harpoon sounds like fun, too.

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I am pretty sure this won’t be pretty when it launches with tons of unseen imbalances.

I’m thinking in heli mode at the very least the Rocket turret drone should have a much bigger range. Needs to be able to lock on and fire much higher without turning toward the target (missile can turn).

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I am talking about pyralids. the build shown in the image has 2 pyralids, you can tell do to the spikes on the launchers and the overall design as well as the fact they have two tubes like the wasps.

One thing that got to be done no if’s and but’s about it is the ban/limitation of fuel barrels or genesis. Towards the end of the off we go event there were loads of griefers/exploiters just entering the match with nothing but fuel barrels and genesis attached to their builds and sacrificing themselves to the enemy team so they can get a quick and easy victory. If they ain’t gonna ban it then at least cap it to 4 to 6 and that probably includes ammo packs to.

yeah I would agree with that there needs to be at the least a one per type limit to explosive parts. So only one of each rarity ammo box, and one of each fuel barrel. Granted griefers could still make death boxes, but it would be harder with the max explosive parts at 5 (special ammo box, epic ammo box, standard fuel, blue fuel, what ever generator.)

Also at one per rarity on ammo boxes would mean you would have to pick between small ammo box and genesis which quite frankly is an interesting dinamic to have.

But even that might have balance issues as droners require at least 2 genesis to be effective most the time.