Aimbot and Wallhack without getting Banned

That is the Life of a Crossout Bot.
You mostly have double the HP of players and you can see cloaked enemies even when they are behind cover, without having a radar equipped of course.
Your weapons never miss, unless they are slow projectiles at a very long range.
All these Gamebreaking Cheats and yet you still rush forward every match and die first :joy:
Long live human ingenuity.

It applies to some players too. It looks like SupremeRaider_ and CIaw are very much safe, because they’re still around.

If you trace these players’ positioning by following the minimap, you’ll notice that they weren’t likely to see me before I cloaked up. But did they even know I was cloaked?

I recreated SupremeRaider_‘s movements in a custom balttle, and I discovered that shot was taken through a narrow space between two buildings that were in the middle of the Scorpion projectiles’ path.
2023.04.06 001

CIaw had a Listener - if it’s hard to discern in the YT version. And of course, in both cases, someone else on the team could’ve had a Doppler. But that doesn’t explain what happened.
2023.04.06 002
CIaw could only see me for maybe half a second at 04:55, as he was flying out from behind the building. Let’s say that he zoomed in on that cliffside under the future-train rails, because he knew that’s the spot to look at. Let’s say that he saw me. Yet, he chose to fly behind the containers upon the cliff, and all the way to its other side. At 04:50, he started to move back, flew out from behind the containers, and at 04:47, while beginning to duck back behind the containers, fired the shots, which flew for some half a second, to almost hit me at 04:46.
If he did see me for that fraction of a second:
a) Why didn’t he stay put and start pre-aiming? That’s around 8 seconds of prime aiming time wasted. Unless he didn’t need to stay there, because the whole time he knew exactly where I was.
b) How could he see me, if he didn’t have a scope? This is a frame from the version on my HDD, before YT transcoded the file and reduced the quality. It shows what may look like a colossus. With 3 Executioners, that’s 16 energy points.
2023.04.06 003

In both cases, it could be the ‘radar hack.’ Supposedly a hacked XBox controller can be used to intercept player data, such as their position, and that data can be displayed by the user. In case someone should misunderstand, it has nothing to do with the detectors. I’ve been using a Doppler upgraded for more range of detection in cover since 2017, and I consider it the most useful module in the game, more than any weapon. So I know how the detectors work.
I’m not posting any links about the ‘radar hack,’ in case it could be considered helping to popularize this type of hack. But the information is out there, e.g., on Reddit (I guess I need to provide some details, just not very specific).

I reported both players, but nothing happened.

However, there is another possibility… Both SupremeRaider_ and CIaw are, indeed, bots. Put in the game to provide ample challenge. And this universe is a simulation. Who am I then? Am I ‘real’? That is, do I exist as a biological person outside of the simulation? How can I even begin to investigate this, if I can’t even be sure if the laws of physics are the same? It would stand to reason that the physics in this universe would be much simpler than in the one outside of it. Eric Winestain has recently said that there are 7 dimensions of space and 7 dimensions of time.
a) OK, but that’s regarding this universe. The one outside of it would have more dimensions.
b) The physics outside this simulated universe could be so different, with some very types of properties that can’t be inferred based on our physics.
c) He’s also most likely part of the simulation, of the content to be experienced by the player. So maybe what he said was just a diversion, sometihng I can use my time here to spend on.
d) Joe Rogan’s podcasts may not be some archive from humankind’s history, but, perhaps, just more randomly generated content.

How to tell who’s a ‘real’ person in a simulation? Let’s start with a list of who could be encountered in one.

  1. Real people. If there are more than one, one player could mess with another player’s experience. People would more likely pay for a game where they wouldn’t be bullied by other players - which would be critical with something so realistic.
  2. Sentient ‘software persons’ placed there by a civilization that doesn’t care about what happens to them. They’re electronic counterparts of real human minds, they are very much human, except they only exist as software. And this civilization is so cruel that there are no laws to protect the well-being, or mental comfort, of electronic persons. A player could do anything to them, but it doesn’t matter.
  3. Sentient ‘software persons’ placed in the simulation by someone who was able to hack it, because they wanted a more realistic experience. Interacting with limited software wasn’t enough, the player wanted actual humans, in an electronic form. But that civilization considers it unethical, so it’s illegal.
  4. Software sophisticated enough to create an illusion of interacting with human minds, but it’s not actually sentient, so the players’ craziest, most inhumane actions can’t harm anyone.

I’d assume the fourth possibility to be the most likely. But how can I be certain of that? I don’t even know if anything in this universe is a reliable representation of what’s outside of it, from the very laws of physics, through things like biology of the organisms inhabiting it, to the various social and cultural norms.

If these two players are bots, does this constitute proof of the simulation theory?

As a bonus, here’s Eric Winestain talking about his 7+7 dimensional theory.

How do you know they didn’t have a Verifier or Oculus?

Also even without those radars if I see someone cloak going a certain direction it’s not too hard to gauge where they’ll be… there are many routes and corridors which people take. You went up that little incline on that side of the map twice, if you follow that natural pathing then you go down the hill again and into that ditch, so I’d argue that firing there is the natual thing to do if they could see you on the radar…

Many time when I see someone cloak on the radar I can see where they were facing and work out the most natural route they will take and pre fire spots…


Seems like necrodigging in here. Anyway, not that hard to make good shots with scorps when you got big monitor, 1-st day after i got 27 inch full hd monitor after playing on 15.6 inch laptop, i was called cheater twice + oculus helps, same with blind shots. Can’t count how many times i shot someone from invisibility, we got patch for it aren’t we. Fused Dopler can cover most maps, fully to the enemy respawn

In both cases, my car was in cover when cloaking, and for a few seconds prior to that. If you go to Naukograd and retrace my movements, as well as the cheaters’ movements, you’ll see where the obstructions were, and where I could potentially have been seen. So then I keep driving in cover, cloak up, leave cover, and they don’t know if I’ll go over the hill, in front of it, or behind it. I’m cloaked, and the Verifier doesn’t show location precisely enough. As for using the minimap for aiming, one’d have to be peering closely at it, to find that exact spot/route where to expect an enemy, while at the same time looking more or less at the center of the screen, in order to aim the crosshairs. It’s impossible to coordinate sniping by the minimap like this, in such a short time. These cheaters were waiting for me to appear in those spots while I was cloaked because their precious cheats were showing me to them.

The white blob from the Oculus/Verifier is too big for such precise tracking at that range. Yet, they amost hit me.

SupremeRaider_ could have seen me for 1 second, then I was in cover for 4 seconds, then cloaked up, and the shots hit the ground arond 3.5 seconds later, just as I emerged from cover.

As for Ciaw, I was around 150 m away from IdraITA right before he started turning toward me. He has the Verifier unlocked. It would make sense that he had a Verifier in that battle. And Ciaw would’ve received that data. But that doesn’t explain how he almost hit my car after only seeing it on the minimap for 9 seconds. And IdraITA’s Verifier has not been upgraded to this day. I just asked him, and that’s what he said. If he has it from the Founders Battle Pass, that one was pre-upgraded for regular dtection range, not invisibility detection precision.

Chat screenshot

2023.11.20 001

After 7 and 9 seconds, respectively?

Now you’re contradicting yourself, thank you. You can’t track someone at that range precisely, because they can go over the hill, in front of it, or behind it. At different speeds, and not necessarily in a straight line. 7-9 seconds after maybe seeing them with your eyes, and 3-5 seconds after they become a white blob on the radar - good luck.

I didn’t. Only in the second video. Did you play it at all?

But you just said above that “there are many routes and corridors which people take.” So it’s natural for people to go every which way, and it can’t be predicted where they’ll go? :smiley: You’re just making this up, trying to look cool. You’re trolling, basically. And it’s not the first time. But you got a like from a person that has admitted to only reading headlines, and nother one from an Oculus sniper. And that counts for something. Too bad I can’t have a look at your profile on that console. Or maybe you have some videos showing intense competitive gameplay?

OK, so on a 27-inch monitor, your eyes manage to jump between the center of the screen and the bottom-right corner, and you’re able to hit enemies with 2 Scorpions? At what trange? Because this is some 200 meters away. After maybe glimpsing them with one’s eyes for 1 second, and then tracking them for 4-5 seconds with the Doppler, and next, for 3-5 seconds with the Verifier. I’ve ben using the minimap extensively since 2017, and I can’t do that. It’s impossible to shoot with the accuracy shown in th videos:
a) at a target that disappears behind cover, cloaks up 4-5 seconds later, and remains invisible for 3-5 seconds,
b) to then emerge from behind cover, but it can only be seen as a big white blob on the minimap,
b) at around 200 m.

The Oculus doesn’t help with anything that’s invisible and more than 173 m away. I know this because I’ve had one upgraded for more range of detecting invisibility since 2020. But now you know too. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

These cheaters didn’t decloak me. They almost hit me - which should tell the moderators what kinds fo cheats they were using. And from their movements, you can see they knew exactly what they were doing. In the second video, you can see how well coordinated it was. Ciaw knew exactly where to expect me, and when, because he was moving the whole time, and changing direction. My videos are in 1440p, which should be just right for your big monitor.

I have been using a Doppler upgraded for more range of detection in cover since 2017. It’s my most useful item. I know everything there is to know about it. And my Verifier is upgraded for more invisibility detection range. Also, the first upgrade set I rolled on the Verifier included +20 invisibility detection precision, so I know that it’s not very useful even at close range.

And you’re talking about sniping at some 200 m just by using data from the Doppler, and then the Verifier. It’s not possible. And if I’m wrong, show me a video.

I have been using a Heather car in raids for over 6 months now, and I do my best to be accurate using Doppler readings shown on the minimap, as well an upgraded Iris. So yes, I can hit moving targets with those big explosions. But after I lose visual of targets, it gets exponentially harder with every second, especially if they cloak up. (And I had to switch to 2 Heaters because after usng 2 Incinerators for years, I found myself losing too many points to AC bitches that will park up on the Crater’s edge and imagine they look cool exploiting broken game mechanics.)

I’m not even a great shot, and even I manage to predict positions of cloaked enemies and hit them.
Plus, cloak has been nerfed a bit, so if you are driving fast you are still a bit visible.
And 200 meters is just not that far.

There may be cheaters, but the nature of how we build vehicles in Crossout makes aimbots less useful than other games.

I feel this was resurrected because of my bit about suspicious decloaking in CW. I was talking about a full hover scorp squad nailing 4/4 decloaks in 2 seconds, straight into the cab from the other side of Founder’s Canyon. These vids don’t strike me as massively shocking.

From 200 meters, like in the videos I linked above? And the targets disapper behind cover, so you can only see them on radar for 4-5 seconds, then they cloak up, and for 3-5 seconds can only be seen as white blobs, if you have an invisibility detector. And then they leave cover, and you are able to hit them after not seeing them for 7 and 9 seconds, respectively. Because this is what happened in these videos.

But not from 200 meters. You should know that.

Not far for what? Glimpse a fast-moving target for 1 second, lose sight of it for 7-9 seconds, and then try to guess where it is. Out of which 4-5 seconds shown by a detector, and next 3-5 seconds by an invisibility detector. It’s impossible. Only cheaters can do that. Show me a video to disprove it.

I didn’t even know you created such a topic. No, I linked this analysis somewhere you didn’t see, and the trolls decided to have some fun. Maybe link your topic if it’s important. Definitely if it has a video link.

Show the video. I want to see if the targets drove behind cover, to then only be visible on radar for 4-5 seconds, and next, still in cover, cloaked for 3-5 seconds before the suspicious shots were fired. I want to see the video.

Losing visual of targets for 7 and 9 seconds, respectively, when they’re moving at a higher speed, along unknown paths, on uneven terrain that in turn causes the speed (and the paths) to vary, and then almost hitting them doesn’t stand out. It does to me.

Absolutely incorrect, if I had a eye tracker you could see my eyes on the minimap so damn often… I flick back and forth so much, almost passively driving by knowing where I am.

I can see someone cloak up on one side of the map and have a very good guess at the most natural route they will take, it’s also why when I cloak myself I take different routes and pull U-turns when behind cover and cloaking when I know someone if watching out for me.

There is no way you can say that going here is not a pretty obvious route:

On top of this I could argue that the angle in which you cloaked would have had you further to the right and side, meaning that the shot fired would have more than likely made contact with you if you had taken a more obvious path… your slight left angle may have actually saved you getting hit by the enemy who made a good estimate.

In your second clip you follow the lines of the hill, you go up the one side and back down the other, you follow the route perfectly and they were correct to take their shot at that location:

You once again hung left and didn’t follow the route as perfectly as your attacker thought you may have, again saving you from being hit.

Their shots are well times and thought out, the split second someone cloaks I can tell where they’re going to go and it only takes a moment to look up and see if you have a shot to that location, even less with weapons with fast projectile speed.

Yes I also have a 27 inch monitor and 1 second is too long for a quick glance let’s be real. I’ll actually go and see if I have any clips doing something similar to what you’ve shown, ironically if my clips are older then I’d have been on a 32 inch TV lol

They are in 1440p but the mini map is super compressed, I don’t know if it’s just YouTube but I’ll assume so… makes it a bit of a pain to see.

No, just because there are a lot of routes doesn’t mean you predict them all. You predict the most obvious depending on the situation - If someone isn’t engaged in a fight or if you know they won’t be expecting opposition (start of the game etc) then it’s safe to assume they will take the most obvious route.

If you’re mid fight and they cloak, it’s safer to assume they may try to trick you and U-turn or go another direction as they’re expecting you to be on guard for their attacks. All situations are different and require different thought processes. It’s all about the mind games sometimes - many times I cloak and sit still, people really never expect it and forget that a cloaks shimmer distance is based upon speed.

I guess you’ve convinced me that you really believe there were no cheates involved in these videos. And I’ll continue to disagree.

It is, but prior to that, I was in cover for 4 seconds. The enemies could only see me on the map for those 4 seconds, then I cloaked, and 3 seconds later the shot was taken. My speed was changing by a lot during that time. So you really mean to say that SupremeRaider_ was tracking me on the map. I’m still convinced that shot was too good.

The placement of that shot was perfect, and I only arrived at the spot too late. Turning left was leading me right into it.

So it’s possible to guess from a white blob, from a Verifier without the precision upgrade (that may not have mattered anyway), that I wasn’t driving behind the hill?

That’s be great.

I can establish the enemies’ positions just based on the YT videos. But I could upload both videos to a file sharing service, either in the source resolution of 1280x800, or in 1400p, if you want. I’m not enjoying dragging this out so much, but if you really want to get to the bottom of this, I could upload them.

The first video is from 2020.11.06, the second one from 2021.09.24. IIRC, the invisibility nerf was sometime in 2022. But I don’t believe invisibility shimmers from 200 m even now.

I now checked SupremeRaider_'s profile: 0 (zero) friends, unclanned (with 3384 WC battles completed). For such a talented player. Doesn’t have to mean anything, some just play for fun. While Ciaw/Claw talks big, a kind of troll from the ‘cool club.’ That doesn’t equal cheating, either. But I’m not the only one that suspects him of cheating. In late 2022, I had a long conversation with another player about Ciaw/Claw, which reminded me I had the video, so I finally posted it.

I tend to play devil’s advocate on things a lot where possible, I think it’s always better to look at the other perspectives and see any plausible deniability. I bet there are cheaters in Crossout… many in fact as it’s not a massive game, but I don’t think these clips are definitive proof of anything.

Yes and 4 seconds is a long time.

So if they were cheating why didn’t they hit you perfectly both times?

its funny,it’s not that players are cheating,but the game it self it cheating.’

It is. In such a dynamic situation, it changes everything.

Maybe their cheats only showed some red rectangle imposed on, or surrounding my car. The shots landed too close for guessing.


You went from “god vision” to “maybe” pretty quick I guess… it’s not able to be proven… sadly I’m not on PC to have witnessed anything suspicious.

Perhaps die and spectate them, record their movement and reticle location and try to spot suspicious things, this would be more damning evidence imo.

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I don’t quite follow?

you do

That was only ever meant as a catchy ironic title. I didn’t intend to suggest specifically they could actually fully see my car’s 3D model through structures. I don’t know how the cheats available for Crossout work exactly. I know it’s possible to intercept player position data using a hacked XBox controller, a “radar hack,” which is mentioned after the analysis part. The player I talked to in late 2022 told me about it, and then I found a general description of how it works on the Internet. So I would guess that only having someone’s position data in 3D would show the cheater some simple indicator, like a red or green rectangle. Maybe more, depending on how much data can be intercepted that way.

If we know that only very simple data can be obtained, e.g. player position in 3D, it would explain how they knew where I was, even while cloaked, but they couldn’t pin-point my location, due to the simplified nature of the data displayed. It’s called a “radar hack,” so maybe it only shows the cheater an overlay based on data used for the displaying of player position on the map and the minimap, i.e., a pair of coordinates, and that’s it. And maybe it then transforms it into a quasi-3D overlay with some depth representation, but it’s stll not accurate, because it’s only based on said coordinates.

About cheating and botting:

Players that are smarter dont cheat all the time, and it doesnt mean they are not good at the game, which makes it harder to tell when they do.

However, having 10k hours in the game helps a lot being able to distinguish with high success rate a bot shot from a player shot.
Having played in high leagues and being shot by a lot of actualy good players also helps.

I dont like talking without proof, so i cannot officialy confirm cheating by anyone but i can tell you some of the mentioned players here are pretty high on my suspicious list.

And there are more, not a lot but there are a few, some of them easier to tell than others.

Boter favorite gun is scorpion but there are some that use cheats on other guns too.

Im not going to reveal anything i dont have proof of ofcourse, but just to give you an idea of how high it can go, i have unofficial confirmation about a gold clan leader aimboting on pc, aswell as leader of a past high silver clan that is not longer playing the game.

I havent decided it since i didnt have the means, but now that i do, i may come back one day with actual proof.

I’ll just add my two cents to the discussion:

-Based on these videos, I have no reason to suspect cheating. Predicting movement is a basic FPS skills, and these guys MISSED. They were close, but if they were cheating, they’re pretty bad at it. Anyone who played Q3 for a couple weeks predicts like that or better, or ragequit the game because they couldn’t hit crap with any weapon besides the Shotgun.

-I’ve always been a legit player, and my pride and joy on CS was to get banned from servers for cheating. Not by a crappy anticheat system, but by the owner(s) of a server. After getting banned a couple times for suspicions of wallhacking (I’m not going to pretend anyone ever believed I was autoaiming lol) during regular gameplay, I started to go around servers with a Scout, smacking people in the head through walls and crates until I earned an unfair ban. You wouldn’t believe how often you can get called a cheater/day if you really put some efforts into it.
I even got permabanned of my fav server back in the days :partying_face:

I do not believe in cheaters in XO outside of the highest CW levels. I was a longtime Tarkov player too who quit because of cheaters.
A lot of ppl do believe I am cheating. I’ve had squads of sweats haccuse me plenty of times. I can’t and don’t want to convince them otherwise for my own ego’s sake.