Alternate Start Times

How about alternate start times for each class of cabin?
Heavy starts first, Mediums start 5 seconds later, and Lights start 10 seconds later.

Why do i suggest this?
Because teams have been driving in a clockwise manner for years now, the cloaking lights picking off the slow heavys of each team from behind.

And no matter how much you mark the map or enemy targets or spam ‘i need help’, when you are a heavy.
The team always ignores you and drives further away from the heavies that get ganked from behind.

I build fairly fast heavies that can keep up with the rest of the team. Sounds like a skill issue on your part. (That’s a joke, but really. Build better heavies.)

Having max 50 speed movement parts is not a skill issue, its an everyone is faster than you issue.

I build heavies that go 60, 65, even 70… No idea where you’re getting 50

Sure 60 mp/s is standard for heavy cabs now but try playing with ML 200 legs.

ML-200s were your first mistake

Tell that to the melee guys who spend one minute to take down a single leg :joy:

t r a c k s

They’re just as durable, and a fair bit faster

Sure tracks are great, but when you have frontal weapons you want to have mouse steering.

I built a heavy that goes 112 with 5000 hit points. If my Yoko and Fin Whale were fused for speed it would go even faster. With this build, you can outrun firedogs, push them around with superior bulk, or shoot off their flamethrowers with shotguns if they attack you.

Or just get good with tracks

I don’t build with the Yoko or fin (have neither of them), I build with the cohort and, if I can fit it, a Pegasus.

Heavy Cab 67 km/h + Fin Whale x 1.25 = 83.75 + phobos driver = 88.75 km/h
112 km/h sounds very believable uhuh. :lying_face:

A Fin Whale Denier!!! Wait until DHawk hears of this. You should check out his Fin Whale Truther thread.

Also, your Crossout calculations are incorrect. You add rather than multiply an engine’s kph to the top speed likewise with Phobos, and you are forgetting about the Yoko Perk.

It looks like you might be right, sorry if i didnt believe you, but i saw this video with the sabbath wheel combo.

Looks like i have something to grind towards, i will try out that high speed heavy build. :money_mouth_face:

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No problem. Get an Oppressor until you can afford a Fin Whale. It goes +22 KPH and the plus tonnage will help you out a lot.

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