Anyone maining 120kph wheeled builds with Fin Whale?

Title. I plan to. I think it could seriously inject some new meta builds to top PS ranges. Half damage to all guns could shake things up i think.

Edit: m420, this sounds like your cup of tea. I know, cheetah aegis, but this might make for another tasty wheeled build combo i think

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I play a Kronos cheetah build that goes 120, easy. Not sure if this counts, though.

Nah, the fin whale gives 50% damage reduction if youre at or over 110 kph. Literally more effective than an omamori if you have the stick skills to never slow down.

and to hit a target at that speed.

I was gonna throw on in the front of my builds for fun, it’s gonna look a little stupid but I bought the pass due to crossplay so might as well. It’ll also fit on my Heather build pretty well. I guess we’ll see if I can do more with it.

120? Nah. I dream of making 112 kmph builds on Beholder and Whaler - Oding generator, 5xIMP, fused RN seal, Phobos co-driver and cab fused for +3kmph, 6 hermit wheels(4ST+2non-st or 4ST+4non-st) maybe hide low-clearance wheels for tonnage if need be. 14 ton 112 kmph build with weapons getting dam resist boost and Beholder invis/Whaler damage perk. That’s how I think it shines best.

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If you use all buggy wheels, the perks maxes at only 65 kph. I built a 2 claw, 6 buggy wheel triple parser build tonight and it decimated the competition at 14k(75% buggy wheels had the perk maxed at a mere 76kph). Its incredible the punishment your guns can take. Two of the parsers were on omamori as well and good grief the damage i absorbed while being ballsy and ripping guns off people, while getting fired upon by multiple targets.

Edit: The full build specs was Torero, odin, 3x parsers, omamori, cham mk2, verifier, fin whale and flywheel on 2 claw wheels and 6 buggy ST wheels. Ill post a pic of it soon.

The gessan and haraate in the back lets me do a donut to negate incoming damage long enough to reload a time or two if i stay in the thick of it, or absorb small arms fire while i retreat if im going for a cloak hit and run. In the third picture, i painted the omamori red so you can see it a bit better. Its on the cab as well as the 2 parsers, chameleon and fin whale.

People always ask me why i use claw wheels in the front, and i do it because they will REPEL you off any wall you dont smack head on, giving you accident forgiveness, while also maining nearly all your speed. If youve never tried it and own some, do it, itll take you 30 seconds. It’ll blow you away when you see what i mean

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The perk does make me wonder if when I get my Odin and run a Retcher Aegis if I could use it to keep those Retchers alive even more.

Not true.

In Crossout in this case - this 50% is like 50% more HP, while omamori is like 100% more HP. (at least if absorb still there)

Thats why they even changed “name terms” now.

For example real resistance 50% is 100% more hp
Broken (they even given new term now) resistance 50% is 50% more hp.

For example real resistance 30% is 43% more hp
Broken (they even given new term now) resistance 30% is 30% more hp. (as real resistance its 23.1%)

Its same about fuse for 10% resistance, its not 11% more hp, its like 10%.
Tho for example dur fuse cause every structural part remove more hp from vehicle when destroyed.

So no. its not better than real-resistance absorb Omamori functionality.

But it can stack well with Omamori.

Why claw over sabbath though?
Wouldn’t they sabbath perk work better with what you’re doing?

The sabbath hitbox is chunkier and causes you to dig into walls more often than claw wheels. Claw wheels repel you like two magnets will do

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I bought a Fin Whale on the market for 7,400 coins. This is a decent price and I will get my money back on the back end when I have the battlepass version 1.

My first build is a Yoko Hammerfall build. I ran 10 Hermits, and this thing hit an easy 92 with perk speeds of 110 with 5000 hitpoints. I don’t love the firing angles of the build, but its proof of concept rather than a completed build. I gave it to some Breaker and Hammer mains in my clan and they ran it in their garage. At least one of them promptly bought his own Fin Whale for his Ermak Breaker shenannigans.

Everything about Fin Whale is OP except for its size. The engine is four blocks wide, six blocks long and four blocks high. This makes it huge and an easy target. The Pegasus is a favorite engine of mine because its two blocks high and hard to hit. Fin Whale needs to be built around.

I haven’t even messed with Buggy Wheels yet for the OP perk. My next planned build is a Fin Whale Beholder Flash Hammerfall build on Buggy wheels with Phobos. I got a -Mass +Speed +Mass Beholder out of a mini pass.

This should hit the following benchmarks:

Beholder 83 kph +Phobos +5kph, +Fin Whale +25 kph= 113 kph.

This is an attractive package offensively and defensively. Offensively, with this kind of speed, you can run down hovers. And, this sort of speed provides teammate oriented offense, as you can get into cross map fights much easier. For example, a hover on your team has lagged behind the group and is being carried away by a firedog. If you have speed, you can run down the firedog and make it pay and possibly save the hover as well. With the Flash you can slow the dog until slower builds arrive.

Defensively, you have a Flash, you have the Fin Whale perk, and you have a build that is nearly 16,000 kg. I should be able to get 3500 hit points out of that. As previously mentioned, Fin Whale on Buggy wheels is like a free, no energy Omamori.

For many players, all the buzz has been about the new cloak but I’m with Hawk in that Fin Whale is the most game changing and OP part in the battlepass. We haven’t even scratched the surface of possible builds with it, and its about to take high power scores by storm and possibly make hovers obsolete.

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The FIN will be much less impactful overall than the YETI. It may be very useful to a few outliers but most dont use builds that can really make it pay off. The cloaks only downside is its size. It functions better than the other cloaks. In most cases, pegasus will be a better fit than fin…and even the epics often will be more desired.

I unlocked Yeti in the battlepass. It gives you a new way to play rush, in that you can pick your spots to attack a lot better to get cleaner hits. I found the Yeti problematic, in that it adds high explosives to what is already an explosive packed space on light cabs. I have two Ammo packs, a Golden Eagle and a Thor on my tracked Fire dog and the Yeti put it over the top in being too large and causing chain explosions to destroy my whole cabin.

I got over this by mounting the Yeti and the fuel cell off the back of the dog on a pole. This works quite well, as you don’t really need a cloak after you get the all critical first burn through.

Time will tell clay. I’m a fin whale truther til proven otherwise :laughing:

Lol. U will be one of the few that may use it well but even you will have to decide if it outperforms cheetah with aegis.

That gives me anxiety, making decisions like that. Im honestly not sure if a fin whale double aegis wouldnt be better. The sustained intial firefight could swing the battle before a second round of aegis are necessary

I definitely think it’s going to make wheels relevant in a new way, and should get some more people using buggy wheels.
Come to think of it, I should probably buy some more while the prices are rock bottom.

Buggy Wheels on Fin Whale will probably become the new thing for the Breaker/Hammerfall crowd. I’m not looking forward to Ermak Breaker builds that do 98-101 and have guns that can’t be shot off.

The thing about Buggy wheels is that you need a lot of them to make them work, and you can stack a lot of them because they don’t have much power drain. I have 8 fused Buggy wheels but 12 is probably what is needed for a good build.

You might make a killing by rat holing Buggy wheels.