Anniversary of Crossout!

Hello, survivors!

Starting from today, we are launching a festive in-game event prepared specifically for the 8th anniversary of Crossout! Join other survivors, take part in the festive brawl and get rewards!

Attention! The event and festive rewards scale will be available from May 25 to June 7 inclusive!

This year, we’ve updated the “Crossout Day” brawl that many enjoyed playing last year:

  • “Crossout Day” is a confrontation similar to the “Free for all” brawl, where the player has no allies. You are surrounded by enemies and you need you to destroy as many of them as possible!
  • You can enter the mode as part of a group of up to 4 players, but all players in the group will be enemies to each other.
  • The battle takes place on the maps “Sand harbour” and “Abandoned town”.
  • Players take part in the battle on pre-built vehicles, sometimes highly unusual. All armoured vehicles in the battle are created by our players.
  • This year, we’ve updated the list of blueprints for the brawl. Just like before, all these blueprints are creations of our players, including not only the regular survivors, but also the blueprint builders and partners of the project.
  • The brawl also has respawns.
  • Only the first 4 places at the end of the battle are considered victorious.
  • The resource — scrap metal — is rewarded based on the place you occupy. The amount of scrap metal received decreases with each subsequent place.
  • At the beginning of the battle and after respawning, you can choose which vehicle to continue the battle on: there will always be 3 random blueprints to choose from.
  • Points are awarded both for shooting off parts and for destroying opponents. The points for destroying the enemy are also added to the points for all the parts that were on his armoured car at the time of destruction.

Event rewards

Each player will have access to a special event reward scale with levels for free.

  • You can unlock a level by completing daily challenges. One of the challenges can only be completed in the “Crossout Day” brawl. The second task is not tied to the festive brawl.
  • The number of levels is strictly limited by the scale. There will be no additional rewards and additional levels.
  • In order to unlock the whole rewards scale you need to complete all the tasks available.
  • All uncompleted daily challenges are accumulated. If you missed a few days, then you can easily complete several challenges in one day.
  • For leveling up, you can get the following rewards:
  1. Unique blueprint and all parts of the “Armoured camper” vehicle;
  2. Stickers, decor and paints;
  3. Containers with resources;
  4. 2 containers with a “rare” part of your choice;
  5. A container with an “epic” CK of your choice;
  6. Blueprint storage;
  7. Workbench coupons;
  8. Unique background and logo for profile customization. The emblem displays how many years ago you joined the world of the Wasteland (or will display when your first year passes);
  9. Engineer badges.

1st place on the 1st attempt!

That being said, after playing a few more matches, your success very much depends on what vehicles you’re offered. I realize now I was extremely lucky & got what I’m guessing are the 3 best rigs available.

My 2nd go round, I got 9th. :joy:

Still… fun little brawl with FREE rewards. No-pay mini-battlepass. I approve!

Plus, I don’t have to try to find whatever it was we were trying to find last year.


1st game 11th.

Do any of these cars have detectors? It’s something I’ve noticed with these type of events: cars with no radar whatsoever with mixed weapons on several buttons. Aka Blindman’s Bluff.

And yeah, the guy who got 1st was running some unbeatable side-ways Imp/Fidget/Piercer thing while I’m farting around with hold-before-firing wacko Varens or some other fidgety weapon that I might have checked out for half a minute in the test yard 6 months ago…

Yeah I’m just grumbling I’ll eventually figure out which cars are worth picking but initially these events ARE annoying at the start.

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my first match,2nd place… :crazy_face:

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the rewards are nice, and the cars are fun
Great event

I really love that double ripper deadman build, I wish relics were not unobtainium

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At least one has a radar, but generally you’re right. I hate that.

I’m enjoying this mode, allows me to goof around after getting enough points to get the rewards :rofl:
But so many try hards in this mode, they’d either lock onto you and chase you around the whole map being killed by others over their tunnel vision :monkey: :clown_face:
Then there are the sardines who stalk you like a crazy ex because you killed them :joy:
This behavior normally annoys me but in this mode, I just laugh and shake my bumper at them (smells good huh?) I be thinking :clown_face:

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A few of them do, for sure. Photon with Destructors is what I’m recalling.

Fret not, faithful customer! To compensate, during the next Bucko-pass they’ll introduce about 4 more miniBPs!

And, as usual, same old packs in the shop but for crotchcoins. So you can buy them all over and over and over and over… :+1:

Nice event.

I’m glad the cars are not all goofy looking.

And I have now have something to do today. Its a pretty good scrap reward by itself. And most of the builds are pretty good. Except the grenadier. They nerfed them in the event to match regular game lol.

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Devs, stop putting bots in the special events. All they do is ruin gameplay and steal points from actual players


“Where’s Jessie Pinkman?!” ~Heisenberg

This events map is designed after the southwest deserts of New Mexico and, if you take a spin around the perimeter, you might even find Walter and Jessie cooking up a batch :wink:

What did I tell you guys? Breaking Bad in the Crossout universe!


Pro tip…
If you get a suck build, self destruct. LOL
There’s a big yellow walker build with what I think are either Pulsars or Quasars hidden in big armored pods.
It’s horrible… you can’t turn the weapons.

That was my 1st build I got. After a few seconds of struggling with it, I self destructed & then went on for a 1st place win thx to multiple dual Stillwind & dual CK’d Cyclone builds.

It’s all about the builds…


There’s a big truck build with Savior and 3 porcs. And they launch barrels from the right side and rear…

I mean, this is how they should be used but in PvE in a good game, not here in brawls, so that build still sucks. But it’s an “artcraft” build so I liked it.


This event pulls builds from the exhibition, so, try not to get stuck on winning, just try to have fun.

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Absolutely… all the time. That yellow build, though… you can’t have fun in that thing. It doesn’t even work. LOL I think I remember seeing it last year, too.

I was cursed last year with getting only art builds for the whole event.

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That build isn’t that bad, but you need to put it into leg mode as soon as you see an enemy so that you can aim.
I just pick whichever build I haven’t tried yet. If they suck, I die. Not a big deal either way.


After playing it more I realize all the cars suck. Just some are better then others.

If someone was playing most of these things in PvP it would not be good.