Announcement: Weeklies fix

Weeklies fix

Hello, survivors!

We know that some clans are experiencing issues with activating clan quests. We are working on fixing these issues and will release these fixes ASAP

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Ya, that’s it.

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Is the weekly personal quests also an issue? Since we don’t see them. Or is it by design? If so, please revert this change :melting_face:


sigh… so we arent getting a fix so that solo players can have a chance then?
there were issues before when i was in the band i wasnt seeing the challenges, but when i exited i checked a while later and all of a sudden i can see the challenges.
i was hoping theyd fix this so its more reasonable to solo players.


Thank you dev team.

I knew something was weird yesterday when none of my achievements seemed to be registering in the challenges.

Like I suspected, it looks like it will be hard for a true solo player to get as many badges as before, but it also looks like a small band of people could complete a lot of them without ever having to play together or talk to each other.

Now I just need to get some people to join my one-man clan, or find another one for me to join. Don’t love that aspect, but it’s not the end of the world either.

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Didn’t they make clan so they can be set to open?

“Challenge” clans can set it to open and people can move in and out of the clan freely.

can’t believe u defend them on this… insane


I had my new clan set to open, and that one dude on the forum tried to join but couldn’t because they just left their clan.


If you leave a clan you get suspended from clan illegibility for 3 days. You can’t just leave clans and go back and forth.


Yeah, this is going to make people be more confused. It’s going to take a week or two for everyone to get up to speed.

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You can every 3 days.

This is a standard system that has been in game for years. So I assume everyone is used to that.

So… let me correct myself.

You can move freely ever 3 days.

This is a new system for a lot of people. I’m not sure how popular clans ever were, but I get the impression that a lot of people weren’t involved in that aspect of the game, or even wanted to be involved with it. I don’t. I’ll give it shot…in few days. I dissolved my clan to join a different one. So I’m being punished, I guess. Neat. More fun?


Your being punished for the sins of the past.

It used to not be like this.

But you had clans that would jump clans and put 4-5 clans in the top 10 that were all the same people doing the fighting.

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Something is still broken.
Someone joined my clan, and their activities today have counted, but nothing I’m doing is counting, and I can’t seem to get any “activity”.
Could it be because I just left another clan before setting up this one?
Restarting the PS4 now, in case that helps.

Hmmm I never thought of that.

It will let you make a clan but not join one after you leave for 3 days.

I wonder if that is causing an unknowns glitch.

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i am so hurt that you forgot my name. shame on you! :smiling_face_with_tear:
lol im kidding :rofl:

i was in a band and not a clan, i formed one of my own to see what was going on in them and i went ahead and left it to join Poony in his, however i didnt know there was a 3 day penalty before you could join another clan so ill need to wait.

this is odd that this applies to bands as well but i can understand a bit on why they do this, mainly to combat abusing this system to acquire badges at a much faster rate. though for bands i dont think this would be as severe. at the most id say 2 days would be enough rather then 3. but thats just my thoughts on it.

however this rule also applies when you get kicked from a clan as well which makes no sense to me. you dont voluntarily leave the clan and are booted instead so the penalty of 3 days still applies to. you would think being booted would be less time to join another clan but nope.

uh oh… i hope that doesnt happen to me :face_with_peeking_eye:

This is similar to what I was asking earlier and no where do they mention that you have to wait for a band when leaving. I wouldn’t have even bothered making one if I had known that.

Hang in there.
I may come back after the dust settles, but I doubt it. I was already tired of them breaking the game every few months as it was. Having to go through this hassle to progress just makes a game that already had a lot of non-playing work involved less enticing.

I tried playing last night, but just got disgusted and played with our puppy instead. I

think she wants to learn to write.


I just logged on for a couple matches because I’m pretty sure I left my inactive clan three nights ago, and was hoping that meant I could actually participate in the new band I started.
Still nothing.
Maybe I need to wait until the Crossout day cycles over tomorrow night?
Anyone else unable to get any Activity or contribute to their clan challenges?
Thankfully my new clan mate has been playing and clearing challenges, but I don’t even get the badges, because I have no activity.