Another major issue with badge/clan update

Do you guys know what happens if you get kicked out of clan for legitimate reason or just toxic community reason?
You wont be able to get badges for a whole week this happened to my friend he just got trolled it is funny how devs didn’t even expected thing like this will happen to a lot of ppl i saw few other fellers arguing in chat for same reason
this alone shows how greedy and rushed badge changes are
if we just never mind all the other problems this right here is a good exsample of bad game design and shows how mouch devs dont care about us
to be more specific i am not talking about unable to join clan 2 day penalty you actually get locked out of challenges for whole week


3 day wait has been standard for years.
Thank players that abused the system.

Not 3 day wait feller i am not talking about clan join penalty if you get kicked out of the clan you loose whole week badges you cant gain any clan scores for that week

This has also been the case for years.

You can also thank people that abused the system in the past.

This is to stop someone from playing in CWs on Monday to raise their score. Then leave clan. To join another clan 3 days later and play with that clan in the weekend to raise that clans score.

We used to have guys do it all the time.
People will try to abuse anything they can.

eather way why do badges hawe to be involved?
its the only way to get parts or decent farm if you dont whale soo can you explain how is it logical that new players hawe to suffer and face bigger paywalls just becouse gaijin decided to move badges to clans

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As much as the developers like to rock this boat with their beta test style of a game, the players have always been one of, if not the worst thing about this game.

People like to complain about bots, but man, the organics are the worst by leaps and bounds. Some of the dumb things they are up to make the bots seem very sophisticated.

By the way, this does seem a little ironic coming from you, META Monkey. Just sayin.

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Wait, is this why some of us can’t score anything?
Because we joined a clan partway through the week, we can’t do anything until the next week?

Don’t love it, but I also understand the reasoning. Crossout players will exploit anything they can, and switching of clans could definitely be abused.

I just wish they would communicate better with us and let us know what is going on and what the rules are. I thought there was just a three day delay, so I assumed there was some other glitch.

Edit: I don’t even really care about missing out on badges this week. Resources are nice, but I’m here to play, regardless of what I get. I’m just feeling very impatient to find out what I can actually grind out under the new system.

I have not played CWs in around 18month

I build META for clans and post on exhibition, but I have been playing the same few PvP builds for years.

100% - the current situation included.
Thats one of the reasons I stopped playing top 10 clan wars, why hang out with trash people I wouldn’t hang out with in real life for digital gear?

Luckily for me I found a clan full of soldiers and cops. It’s not for everyone, but for us it works :slight_smile:

Their English kinda sucks, but Faley016 (reddit) manages it pretty well. I think I’d like them to lean on him a little bit more for releasing info, announcements, and game development progress.

I heard he was going to Targem headquarters to try and settle some of the issues we are facing, and I am trying to be optimistic about those results. I’d like to not take the current game situation too seriously until he gets back with whatever revelations he has to bring.

I’m looking forward to what he has to report. Plus, he said he would drop us a video that might be interesting.


Sounds like a PR stunt.

If he is an employee I’m sure they are planning something with him.

Then they can give back a few scraps to solo players and call it a success.

This is some marketing 101 stuff going on.

On a side note: I highly recommend the below Netflix series.

Yes indeed this is the stupid design

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The rewards generally get shifted from somewhere, otherwise you see market inflation like we did when they first introduced the BP system. It nearly doubled the prices of somethings on the market not that an extra rarity didn’t help with that as well.

I think a lot of players forget or weren’t here for the seasons before badges where they use to just give you resources for logging on each day along with low value crates at the middle and ends of some of the weeks. When they put the badges in they got rid of the free stuff and made you play dailies/weeklies for much of that value.

I never thought of it tell now, but that might be the case.

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Well, maybe they need a refresher course on that, and hopefully they’ll get one, because if there’s one thing they do badly, it’s marketing.

I actually took that course myself, back in 2000.

they knew. trust me, i think they knew but didnt care.

yep, it happened to me. i left my band / clan to join another and im banned from doing or taking part in challenges till the reset. i couldnt join one for 3 days, then i join one and am banned from doing any progress until it resets again. this is really not acceptable.

this is not clan wars. players are not playing for uranium. they are playing for WEEKLY BADGES. and to have a system in there that locks players out of progression or earning badges for an entire week is blatantly unacceptable.

funny thing is i have herd about bot complaints but the only thing i have a complaint about for bots is their accuracy, they never miss.

it seems like it poony. cause i joined yours and am unable to earn any progression or anything after leaving mine. idk if i can even get the badges, i doubt it.

actually they can put in a system that prevents this. lets say if you were in a previous clan and you got some some challenges, then you leave and join another clan that has the challenges you got done, you should be locked out of doing or completing those challenges to prevent you from getting additional badges that you already got.


That’s an important distinction, and I think that’s at the center of this controversy. Thanks for making it…seems obvious now that you mention it.

This “feature” (not a bug :grin: ), is encouraging me to sit on my hands and troll the forum instead of playing. That’s a pretty stupid development, IMO. It’s them shooting themselves in the foot, if their intention is to encourage people to play their game and thus pay their wages. Not to mention the gated access to Confrontation. Who in the world wants to put their product on a shelf out of the reach of their customers? It’s just so counter-intuitive.

Red-light-green-light, is not the game I’m looking for.

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i thought it was blatantly obvious the first time lol :rofl:

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With the way the current system is made you can abuse the system if you can change clans and still earn badges.

I’m not saying they couldn’t do something different but because the badges are giving when the challenge is completed messes it up.

For example - the clan I’m in finished over half the quests in a little over a day. So we could have dropped clan, made a new one three days later and still have time to complete a large number of the new challenges (if not all) by the end of the week and double dip.

I understand that most people Will not be able to do this. BUT if it is possible then people will do it. I know I would if I was still chasing gear.

So it’s kind of a double edge sword - the system punishes people that are trying to do the right thing BUT they are being punished for the actions of the people that would do it.

It’s messed up - but what do you do?

I think it could be fixed by giving out all badges at the end of the week when clan prizes are giving out.

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I think I was struggling to put it in the context you did. It really pops out when you put it that way.

the solution is simple.

the system keeps track of the missions you have done in your dailies and marks them as complete. why cant the system for weekly badges do the same?

lets say you complete all the badge challenges, they are marked with a check mark on your “completed quests”. well if you left and joined another clan and tried to get more badges in a clan that has all the quests available it wont work because you have them all checked off in your tab and it will only reset at the end of the week.