Any new daily/weekly challenges?

With a recent change from raids to X damage I find myself thinking about any further possible changes. What kind of new daily and/or weekly challenges devs could add? Maybe they can rework some of the old ones, too? Say, include all other categories of weapons in it; something like “win a match with machine guns-miniguns-etc” could have “revolvers/Adapter” added to it. And cannons could be paired with missiles.

There could be an additional weekly, something like “win 5 batteries missions/a few hard raids without being destroyed”.

Those are just my off the cuff instances. What are your thoughts on the topic?


I proposed something along these lines here…

It’s basically a set of matches where you choose a faction and then have to build something using only parts from that faction then go up against teams made of builds with other factions parts.

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Yes, that would be interesting. To “role-play” as a Lunatic or a Steppenwulf. Maybe that should be a weekly challenge “play as X faction unit”.

With that we also have a reason for pre-build factions cars to exist.


Yeah, they should definitely focus on including more weapon categories in daily challenges and stop encouraging using only these current basic ones. There are so many unique and fun guns yet I feel like most players use something from that base trio…

That beeing said, some of the guns are kinda weird and would fit in none of these categories. Also there are so many weapons that these groups would become way too large very soon. I think newer players could feel overwhelmed when trying to learn what weapon is part of what group. And lastly, adding any new weapon type would require updating the groups.

Personally I would love to see a different solution - change these challenges to “Win 5 matches with one of the selected weapons” and then it randomly chooses 3 or 4 weapons from your storage. In that way you would always get a challenge including a weapon you have and enjoy (simply keep only the cool ones!) and any weapon could be a part of the challenge - even the newest or weirdest ones! It’s a win-win!


That sound logical, could be beneficial for all.

Uncategorized, yes. I have a thought on how it could work: by making a weekly challenge for something like 150 resource (badges at the moment) which requires one to “complete/win/without being destroyed X missions/raids/brawls with uncategorized weapons”. So it’s a bonus, but it’s an good bonus, not just “win 12 missions for batteries” every week.

It’s not only about Uncategorized weapons. Look at energy weapons for example - Gravastar is basically a shotgun, Aurora is a machinegun, Quasar is a cannon, etc. Every weapon should be considered individually to group it properly and avoid any potential confusion.

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Indeed. That would be great to have.

Now that is a good idea.

I’m just glad the assembler is considered a cannon. It’s the only “cannon” I enjoy using for that challenge. Insane that it is considered a Canon LOL.

Shame it’s so bad on its own. You either have to do slow-paced precise shots or frantically pew-pew your way around, dealing about 20-30 damage per shot.

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I’m not disagreeing with you. I love it though! LOL most of why I love it is because I’ve gotten decent with it. Decent, not good! It is an absolute turd on some maps.

For me, it’s more satisfying to use and get proficient with these Oddball weird weapons than it is to go out with something simple like miniguns, machine guns, shotguns etc. I would love a brawl with nothing but these weirdo weapons allowed. LOL

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Well, agreed. This is why I’ve build meself Hadron-Snowfall on hovers and use it in Hard raids. It’s sort of decent weapon, but it requires precision.

Assemblers, though, are bad in comparison. They’re sort of good on their own or as an art-craft part but in actual fight they’re bad. Two Adapters can do their work but better and for 200 less PS. One can be good with Assemblers sometimes, but that’s purely situational. I mean, one can be good with everything once in a while…

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Assemblers/Astreus. I only do well degunning people. And then its super hit and miss.

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Funny you say that since I hadn’t really realized it, but you’re right. Well, it’s good at kill stealing since a fully charged long distance shot is pretty powerful. Up close, dps is probably 1/2 what the sniper blasts are.

It’s one of those things that probably will win very few MVPs, but will win matches.

I don’t care as much about MVP anymore as I used to. It’s often more satisfying for me to carefully dismember the other team and let the spray n pray boys mop up the pieces. They get MVP, but I know they got it because I stripped those tsunamis and toadfishes early. :innocent:

At least, that’s what I tell myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yep, both. I have only Assemblers, I dislike Astraeus.

The only reason to care about it should be seasonal challenge “get X patches”. Otherwise I can’t see the situation where someone would try to get it every time. Maybe, to compensate for something, I dunno :man_shrugging:

I like when I have unyielding patch, though. It just looks cool on its own.

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