Any news on balance changes

Any new balance changes coming up? There has not been the usual nerf/buff lottery in a while that used to be very frequent on what was the next gun that was suddenly useful/useless.

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got to wait till “after” the Events to get a nerf… :rofl:

Not many things scream OP right now.

I do think more things need buffs then things need nerfs.

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In my opinion they should change the meta , it’s the exact same meta since 2 years (hover sideways typhoon or scorpion).And this meta is very effective with mouse and keyboard on console or with the cronus zen.And the sideways hover it’s like the forward facing mandrake . Can you imagine on another FPS if you walk on the side you have more HP ,that make no sense.

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I wish they’d give ranged weapons in general a boost, the game has become way too face hugging and shotgun spammy, you’re going to be dead the moment the enemy gets in your face, what it will, so why not let people do more damage before that happens, instead of barely tickling the enemy with dead on precision shot to his guns or vital modules and then getting your humongous heavy cannons shot off by two shotgun blasts in your guns general direction and all parts chewed off even before you can start to reload

You constantly whine about hovers but you aren’t convincing anyone. Hovers aren’t OP. They do some things better than other movement parts and some things worse. They seem to be pretty balanced right now. Good job devs.

As far as the other person’s comment on range, I see a fair amount of range builds. Typhoons, scorps, and kaiju are all seen frequently in high level CW. Is the issue at lower PS? I used to love using whirlwinds at mid PS but sadly Stillwinds still don’t seem strong enough to justify using them over other options at top PS brackets.

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Let’s see how the new drivers mix things up before they start changing everything else.

I play in around 8500-9500 ps mostly, so that puts me in around 8000-11000 PS for the most part, regular pvp and no clan wars at all, and while I do see some longer range weapons, only on the usual tripple cannon or singular scorpion hovers though, most people seem to use all weapons at an extremely close range, like a wheeled tripple cannon build will generally drive almost right into you rather than keeping any distance. Same with hulks, elephants or fat mans, people just drive right up to each other and then it becomes a battle of which can turn their turrets/builds the fastest while they circle each other, or who can push the other player up against a wall. Single Mandrake builds are generally dead in the water unless you luck out on a rush heavy team that sort of keeps all the enemy in a single place. Incinerators don’t seem to be doing as well as they did some time ago either and their number has dropped as well.

Maybe a better wording would be that medium range, non-mobile combat (as in builds that don’t drive around like headless chickens or just circle the enemy while just shooting in the general direction of said enemy) is kinda dead, for example homing missiles, you’ll generally run into either close range sideways Pyres or the extremely long range Hurricanes facing upwards builds, but I don’t know when I last saw “genuine” Hurricanes facing forward or Pyres used as a medium range homing weapon, as opposed to a quick strike sneaky weapon on Dusk builds.

Hovers or cannon builds in general seem to favor getting close to the enemy and spinning in a circle around said enemy, or just steamrolling forward and pushing the enemy and firing their cannons rather than any kind of combat that’s not right in your face.

And everyone seems to use Whirls and I think in the past two weeks I have seen around 2 builds with Whirlwinds. Anyone with a Joule or Diet Joule will drive right up into you rather than keeping any distance or bothering to shoot from any distance away.

Only builds that can seem to be capable of holding any distance to other players are sideways hover builds, and it kinda feels that the whole game has boiled down to hovers being the only thing capable of any longer range combat and everything else being used to just rush and push the enemy. There are exceptions but they feel super rare, and 9/10 matches it’s just the same old rush and push no matter what weapon you have attached to your car, with maybe a hover or two shooting from the back

I’m complaining about the real problem in the game. Not about caucasus being too OP in low PS or rapier being too weak above 10k PS. I’m in top 10 since 4 years and since 2 years it’s exact same meta ,the game is dying because of that.The peoples are bored and they leave.

you should play on XBOX, it’s all about range weapon and mouse and keyboard or cronus zen.

No it’s not

I don’t know of any that have left in the past 12 months due to hovers being OP. This game ìs better balanced now than at any point in which I have played it.

Most leave because the game, while unique in some ways, doesn’t offer much variety in terms of fun gameplay. Most don’t enjoy brawls or raids. Pvp gets redundant after playing for years. Even with the slow addition of maps and inventory, it is natural for people to burn out.

Crossout does a very poor job of marketing, at least in the US. They have also made the grind way too long…at least on console where parts are so expensive.

The devs SHOULD offer past BPs from time to time. It would make things easier for new players or older players that took a break from the game and it would add $$$ fpr the devs to keep plugging away at making the game better. A rare win-win

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yes ,i know everybody in top10. I know all the players who admitted to use those unfair advantage

you are not on xbox,you can’t tell the problem we have on xbox.

What kinds of buffs would you guys want to see?
I really wish they buff Vulture, Astraeus and Varun

Astraeus does not need much, it is the most useful out of the three imo, but I wish both shots did a bit more damage since they have no penetration like a Scorpion so three Medians seem to be much more useful than two Astraeus. Their survivability is about the same if you go for mostly charged shots. Would make the non charged shots more useful, they barely tickle the enemy most of the time.

Vulture is just plain bad, you can’t really spam them enough to use them as traps and a Yaoguai does everything better than a Vulture does. It would need a bigger range of detection and a faster locking on speed, I see people driving right by these and not triggering them to function while a Yaoguai feels like it shoots you for way past it’s supposed circle of detection

Varun needs a bit of a longer window for keeping up the shot streak, any kind of lag breaks up your chain and at worst cases makes you even mess up the following shot because the game does not register you charging it up enough due to the lag making you overcharge and break your rhythm of clicking and letting go. Which in term leads to you messing up some other way like not paying attention to an enemy coming from the side as you are trying to figure out why you did not fire for no reason. Another way to fix it would be to make it shoot the same kind of a shot like overcharging does if you let go of your firing button before it is fully charged, instead of not shooting anything at all

a buff on the jubooko they are useless.

This is a very true statement.

More builds are viable right now then in any time ever in the game.

There where years where we would have 1 or 2, maybe 3 Meta builds at a time.

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Agree that the game is much better balanced than I’ve seen since I started playing. I would also say it’s much less grindy than when I started playing. Remember “get the machine gun” battles?

Still feels like certain weapons or builds end up deciding the outcome of the battle way more than the others at most times

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