Anyone else feel the fun draining with these new challenges?

New week starts do X weekly challenges, do X clan challenges, do X raid, play with X weapon instead of what you want to play, X battle pass challenges on top of that, you just look at the long list of YOU MUST DO THIS PLAY LIKE THIS AND THESE MODES BECAUSE REASON and you just feel like punching a developer on the testicles rather than playing because you don’t want to play any of those things, you just want to play your non-meta weapon combination in the non-meta gamemode and not do a single raid. I don’t want to play multiple matches going shotgun machinegun cannon autocannon every week I want to punch developers on the testicles repeatedly and play something I myself want to play

Anyone else feeling this? Kicking is fine too


‘just chillin :crazy_face: :rofl:waiting for :monkey: response’




After getting repeatedly shamed for flagging everyone else in the forum and brainlessly shilling for the devs, he’s staying oddly quiet.

He’s still here, though.

Every time I log on, even if he hasn’t posted since the previous day, he’s logged in… Lurking like a good little troll.


That didn’t take long.
Goon. :joy:


Literally within seconds…

Why does it seem like Mud is holding grudges? lol

The only new challenges I’m facing are on other games


I did manage to log on yesterday, played some confrontation for about 20 minutes, won the hell out of it, tic-toc, time’s up, didn’t get any points for it, logged off.

I logged on today, Confrontation mode was not available, I played one very crappy mission in PVP and logged off.

This has become the routine: If I log on and Confrontation mode is available, I’ll play it. If it’s not available, I piddle around for 5 minutes, then I log off. It usually isn’t available, and I still haven’t completed the Confrontation tutorial challenge.

At some point I feel like I should at least grind out my battle pass before it times out, and I keep pondering my new pay-to-not-play game model I seem to have forged for myself. What have I done?

Then I come here and look at this weird-ass forum. WTF actually just happened? Some guy craps all over the forum and a Moderator comes and cleans it up for him?

Who knows what happens behind closed doors, but I hope they made him shave his legs for it, whatever it was.


Because he probably used up all his flags he went into recon mode to take notes on who to flag/what to flag and bam, came on today and found some of my posts flagged/removed xD
Funny enough it was the ones that mentioned he is either a bot or works for Targem/Gaijin

Someone told me that you get so many flags that after a while you can’t flag for a day I think, They told me this months ago when the tree swinger started his flag campaign on me!


I truly think he works for them… I’m willing to bet the even has a promo account (that would actually explain what he brags about having). He had me fooled for a long time.

If he flags these, I’ll just copy & paste them so many times he runs out of flags flagging them.

BTW, if you start a thread & he flags the original post, it can’t be un-covered.

So, copy & paste your first post as the 2nd post, and the monkey can’t hide it.

can we please keep things on topic here Roopull, please.

the thing i find irritating about it is in order to do / complete alot of the challenges you need to do clan confrontation. im not a person who enjoys clan confrontation or pvp in general and i dont want to do it just to advance the rank to get our weeklies done. idc about doing raids because i think they are fun so i do those alot. but this is just… to much…

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Apologies, and yes.

I posted a thread explaining how the nerf/buff cycle works. It’s not designed to actually balance anything. It’s designed to maintain a META for a while… until the parts for that META reach a critical mass & stop bringing in new cash. Once the income starts to slow, the META is nerfed to allow a new one to emerge.

In the past, this was largely limited to CW players & other “high end” players. Folks who could grind out an epic every now and again with badges just weren’t bringing in enough money.

The new challenges brings the business model of the CW nerf/buff cycle down to the 9k power score limit.

This is creating a new stream of income as people attempt to acquire the parts needed to chase the confrontation nerf/buff cycle.

None of these changes are designed to make the game more fun.
None of these changes are meant to balance things as players understand balancing.

All of this is designed to bring in more income regardless of how we feel about it.

This is why people are feeling the fun drain.

I have marveled at the decisions the devs have made over the years & struggled to understand why they’ve done the weird things they’ve done.

Why are there factions that were introduced via a battle pass instead of being grindable like the first few factions?
Because the new model brought in more money than grinding.

Why are old items like ML200s and Enlightenment left ignored while new legs (that could’ve just been a buff for ML200s) introduced?
Because buffing old parts doesn’t bring in new money, but a BP leg does.

Why were new wheels introduced as a pack-only part instead of something I could get for free?
…I think there’s no mystery here.

The game isn’t as fun as it used to be because the devs turned a corner a few years ago. When the game was young, they had a vision to make the coolest MadMax/BladeRunner/crafting/shooting/driving game ever. They nailed it.

They then lost inspiration, and got money hungry. They’re no longer trying to make a cool game. They’re trying to make money.

Playing a cool game is fun.
Being milked for cash is not.

I don’t think every player in the clan has to do clan confrontation. I played a bunch today and we’ve already unlocked the second level, and I don’t think we should have any problem getting to the next one.
So just do all the raids you can do we can complete those challenges and let me and the other guy take care of the confrontation stuff.

Edit: the tutorial challenge is specific to each player, so you will need to play it to get the 600 badges and the epic crate, but looks like that was a one-time-only deal.

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+1 - yeah it’s only one time. It’s a pretty nice reward even if it took you awhile to do.

I don’t even expect to finish the confrontation/tutorial battles any time soon, if at all…it seems to be just another mode for the high rollers. Only a few of us in my clan are still trying, and I’m ready to give up on them completely…only got 3 or 4 kills after approximately 25 battles. Who needs it.


I don’t like these changes. It punishes players for not being active enough and having enough active clan members. Everything will collapse if they keep widening the gap between the whales and everyone else.

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I always miss the window for Confrontation mode. I’m not anxious to chase it either, and have largely lost interest in the whole scenario.

Actually, I never had any interest in this scenario, which makes chasing it around all the more difficult.

I suspect it will be a while before I complete the tutorial. I don’t even want to complete my battle pass anymore, and now I’m dragging my feet over that, like it’s some kind of chore.

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That’s been happening to me a lot too. Which is ironic as I went out of my way to make some builds more suitable for it too.

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The story of my week…

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