* Attention Forum Mods* someone is abusing the 'Flag System'

Could you please stop defending this flagger? I know that there is a thread of understanding between you, especially since you like to like your own posts and pat yourself on the shoulder in many situations. Nothing will change the fact that he flags the most here, maybe you’re right and someone helps him with it, maybe is one of the devs or maybe some secret friend of his with whom he pats on the shoulder, and they both laugh behind everyone’s back. But someday it will end and the flagger will be exposed :sunglasses:


It’s entirely possible that it does end up being Monkey, but your certainty isn’t very convincing.

Do you really think the mods are protecting whoever it is? Seems a bit far fetched to me.

‘i going to say this for the last time’…

‘i never said monkey was flagging me’
and you still don’t get what i went through being a ‘victim’

‘so lay off on the justifications’ thx :kissing_heart:

‘or just don’t include me in them’ :shushing_face:

I’m sorry, what do you think I’m justifying?

I think I was the first person to start a thread on the new forum about the mad flagger. I’ve had my account suspended a couple times due to shenanigans. I’m not interested in justifying anything about this kind of thing.

Flagger in attack :crazy_face:

I’d be willing to bet a super-sized happy meal that he’s got a promo account as payment for this.

The only things getting flagged are posts way off topic OR criticizing him and/or the game. That’s it.
After I got PMs from multiple people accusing the Monkey, and after mine started getting flagged after the Weekly Challenge debacle, I started to get suspicious. So, I started paying attention.

I’d log in, and check to see if he was online. I’d then check to see if others were online at the same time (no offense, but you were one of them since you’ve almost defended him).

Seeing you & others were NOT online, but he was, I’d post something criticizing the he!! out of the game.

Mind you, he hadn’t posted in something like 18 hours the last time I did this, but there he was… online.

Within seconds of my post, it was flagged.

This happened 3 times.

Yeah… this is what I was doing instead of playing the game. :rofl: It was honestly more fun & more rewarding.

It’s entirely possible that someone else is the flag-monster, but I doubt it.

This was the latest… It was actually funny to watch it happen.


Hasn’t he always been pretty civil and friendly with you? I’ve never noticed you guys fighting, or him saying anything angry about you.

It’s possible I missed something, but I spend a lot of time reading this forum.

Yes he has been defensive about this update, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate he’s mad that other people aren’t happy about it. Maybe I’m blind?
To me, it just looks like he thinks many of the complaints are premature and because people haven’t figured out the new system yet. And it looks like a lot of you guys are mad that he’s not taking your complaints seriously. Did I miss some big blowup between the two of you?

Edit: I would be curious if any of the people that messaged you accusing monkey have a history of mischief. Because if I were trolling the flag system for laughs, I would definitely send messages like that to get suspicion off of myself and to stir the pot. Thankfully I’m not like that, but I know some people are,

Yep. We’ve always been civil - even in PMs.

None of the people who PMd me insinuating Monkey have any history of mischief that I know of. One is a little salty for my tastes, but I wouldn’t call it mischief.

I’m not really referring to what he’s publicly posted… just that after having my suspicions aroused, I started watching to see who was online when. It’s pretty easy to check. Just click their icon & it’ll show you if they’re online - and if not - when the last time they were online was.

What he publicly posts is pretty defensible. I’ve defended it - both publicly and in PMs.

It’s the fact that I’m quite certain he’s the one flagging everyone. That’s inexcusable behavior to me. He’s flagging people for not being happy with the changes… for not agreeing with him. That’s scummy behavior. Not even the Muppet is/was that obnoxious, and that account is designed to be obnoxious. If it was Muppet, I might even be okay with it, because Muppet never pretended to be a productive member of this community.

The Monkey’s entire persona on this forum is a lie.

He’s not a polite, thoughtful, knowledgeable and helpful member of the community. No, that’s not what he is at all.
I was fooled.

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Mine that was flagged was in all caps and had profanity. Not me at my best for sure. I don’t blame anyone for flagging it though. I don’t actually care it was flagged.


You say you’re certain, but I can’t imagine being certain about something like that just from trying to keep track of who is online when things are flagged.
Like you said, for it to be true, everything he has represented online was a complete fiction. Do you really think that’s the most likely explanation?

You mention muppet, and to me they seem like a more likely culprit. To be clear, I am not accusing muppet, I am just pointing out a hypothetical situation.
I’m pretty sure that muppet doesn’t like monkey, based on their online interactions. Muppet is definitely capable of mischief, and has some skill in that department. Muppet also has at least one alt account. I’m 90% sure muppet has made comments citing the rules and pointing out how people are breaking them.

Now just to repeat, I am not actually accusing muppet. I am just pointing out that they are just as likely to be the flagger.

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Post a well thought out criticism of the game & see what happens.

Of course, now that he’s been so repeatedly shamed for flagging, maybe he’ll leave you alone.

I posted a link to a CrossOut Youtube Partner’s video about the new update & it was flagged. Many of the responses were flagged… There’s no criticism - polite or otherwise - he won’t flag. The only reason he isn’t flagging more of them is that he forum apparently sets a flagging daily limit.

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‘well i’m sure muppet will be happy you brought his name into this instead of using your own name’ :thinking: :crazy_face: :rofl:


I hesitated before hitting send on that one for a while, but decided to take the risk to make a point.

I probably should have used myself as the hypothetical troll, but it would have been too much work to construct the “evidence”. Would have been funnier though.

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Ik what Im talking about and Im sure 100% ,theres to much to talk, explain , all situations ,all signs many bahaviors that prove my point.
My opinion is based on many weeks observation.


I did almost the exact same thing and had the same results of my posts being flagged when he was on the forum but not being flagged when he wasn’t but later they were when he came online, does he not realize people can see when he gets on the forum and when he isn’t…

Then why choose to single him out and why is it more than a handful of people who have a big suspicion of him flagging, if it was as you claim it is to be name reasons why multiple people would frame him and try to tarnish his reputation??? Where there is smoke there’s usually fire, what I don’t understand is why you are defending him like you’re getting paid to do so.
People have suspected him of flag spamming for at least 6 months now probably more, Why such a long campaign to frame poor monkey if he’s innocent and done nothing?
Why would people try to make him look bad by saying he’s a spam flagger?

In fact, if I were :monkey: I would stay off the forum for a while and come back to see if people were still having a spam flagging issue, and if it wasn’t me and the flagging persisted I’d be like told ya it wasn’t me, but everytime he isn’t online the flagging doesn’t happen so…
I’d rather not take heed of a person who doesn’t want to see what’s right in front of their eyes!

Yeah, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and don’t try to be nor do I pretend to be something I ain’t while showing others glimpses of my real stuff like someone does

So was I, until the time came when I dared to disagree with him and not submit, and then the can of flags opened and hadn’t closed yet and that was at least 6 months ago

Didn’t you have bad blood with the muppetta?

Yup that’s what I heard, as I’m not a flagger I don’t know personally, I’m more of a debater or if the person I am debating isn’t willing to meet in the middle or just becomes a vulgar child I just ignore/mute but on this forum that means next to nothing

Has it occurred to you guys that the other reason Monkey might always be online when you got flagged is that he’s just online a lot?

Anyway, I’m starting to feel like the circular firing squad theory is a front runner. I can’t keep track of all the beefs anymore. You’re probably all flagging each other.

As far as me and muppet, I don’t recall any major disputes. I know I’ve corrected some of their assumptions about me a few times, but that’s nothing special. I get the impression that they tolerate me, and I hope to keep it that way.

not a frequent flagger myself, but i have to say the few times i did was exactly then. people go crazy when their stuff gets flagged, especially the crazy ones. e.g. this thread.

gotta say, pretty lucid moment for you poony, i think youre at least partially right.

yes, yes, come to the dark side!

haha, mister “dont stalk me by watching youtube videos i promote here” is a bit of a stalker himself. projection, hipocrisy is what gives my presence here purpose. thanks for giving me purpose.

some reasoning this is. his unbroken politeness is the very reason you think it was him? nono, the following is your true reason:

he disagrees with you on the update which made you rage quit and you cant have it. meanwhile your posts get flagged so you see red.

its in the same spirit as thinking the match maker is conspiring against you when you dont get carried for a couple of matches. impulsive, in the heat of the moment type of judgment.

ah you old bully! its a good guess, but as my very own stalker, paulie, can confirm, im basically never here. and the account of my family member has announced its connection. we never post in the same periods of time though.

then again, this is exactly what the flagger would say!

youre an npc in this game and forum to the degree to which you started believing you were a real human being. gather round, its story time:

years and years ago, in the before time, when there was still a pc forum and most of the console plebs were locked behind high and mighty walls. some of crudest creatures from beyond those walls made it across, among them xbox420 aka lexi, skeletoncrew or something, and you guess it, monkeyboy himself.

it was harsh times anyways, but these beasts knew no bounds! xbox420 was n bombing in good old xbox lobby fashion and monkey was known as a troll who would spew crap nonstop.

as we all got more pc and monkey wanted to change its ways it adapted. he actually made a post in which he confessed to trolling hardcore and spewing crap, which is what he had been told repeatedly by others before.

he then vowed to be a good boy from then on to which i told him hes a turd and a liar. others forgave.

clebardman knows this story too.

that helpful enough? so yeah, i guess monkey flagged a bunch of posts, its right up his ally. but you dont know, so dont pretend you do. not smart to talk yourself into a rage like this.

no, bad! you have your theory and now youre reaching far and wide to somehow fit reality into it, quit it! its backwards logic.

i called you a noob and blind many times, especially when you were so very oblivious on the aim assist thing. but, you are old school and i guess i have a traditionalist side. all of us old schoolers in the forum know to not hate the player but the game :wink: you got the right impression.


on this whole “kill the monkey” thing: one gross thing many here have in common is the absolute readiness for conspiracy fueled mob justice.

its what i mean, when i talk about the cyber bullying thats going on here and of which i have been a victim many times!


One made an appearance :rofl: and a :hiking_boot: :tongue:

That was fascinating. Longer than usual, I think. You should write like that more often. All I’ve ever seen you be was caustic and rambunctious. That’s the first time I recall you actually being clerical. I’m not sure I can call it congenial, but it’s damn near civil and informative. I’m wowed. I don’t know what to say really. Just wow…but…

…is that the victim card you just played? That caught me off guard too…who are you really, and what have you done with the real Mupppet42069?

I remember too. I also remember a forum lynch mob that formed there over Disco, Psyberserker, TexasHeart, or whatever. It was awful. Way worse than this. I was new and it sort of freaked me out that stuff like that would happen. What happened here was weird, but it wasn’t as bad as…“in the before time.”

I have my opinions about this situation here, but I don’t like them. I’d like to be able to just shit-can the whole idea too, but whatever.

And now, the resident troll turns out to be the voice of reason? Bloody hell. This forum is awesome. Weirdest damn place I’ve ever been sober…ish…most of the time.


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Oops. that wasnt meant to be a reply to Roopul.

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