Anyone having Speed Issuses with Omni Wheels

The Speed is Capped which is becoming a problem , Hover Builds going in Reverse , are uncatchable …
The Fusion build give a Power Penalty reduced by 15% on top of cabin power -10 %

The wheels going up hills should pull and go faster but there slowing to speeds of 20 , the cabins are already slow , cars going Tank Speeds …

These wheels perform different on the real life RC Car it spins fast, this has a halt, the wheels take off speed is fast these are not!!

Fix the wheels plz, fix the limitations

I haven’t really got into Omni wheels since the nerf that everyone is talking about but it sounds horrible. Heavier Omni builds may be dead until a change or the new engine comes out. Light builds have 6 wheels and the Golden Eagle. People who use this combo seem to be having all right games.

I keep seeing stuff on the forum about omniwheels and hills, but I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem on PS4.
I did have one experienced getting stalled on a hill, but later realized it was because my build was so big and had bumpers too low, so it was bottoming out on some hills, and preventing the wheels from touching. Moving my bumpers up a block solved that.
I do feel like something may have happened to ride height with both omniwheels and augers. My controller vibrates the whole time, as if something was dragging. And things seem to improve if I leave more room under my build.

I’m actually enjoying the new smoothness of motion. Makes aiming a lot better, and I’m crashing less often.

My first message on this forum… Will be about this issue along with other wheeled builds, going from 90kph to 20kph when going up hill. Playing the game while feeling like you’re stuck in the mud is a huge step backwards. I don’t think this issue is getting enough attention. Yeah they are smoother, I guess, but that’s because they don’t move now. Revert the changes.


I’m starting to think the issues must have something to do with how mass impacts speed.
That would explain why I’m not seeing this issue, as I usually don’t build all the way to the mass limit (I need my speed).

i noticed the other night that light cabins even with max weight perform so much better than my torero build which is at least for now a medium cabin


I always found light cabins work best with omniwheels, but I’ve tried medium and heavy cabins since the update and didn’t notice anything weird.

on flat its fine , but on maps with alot of hills and slopes say nameless tower for example trying to get up to the dome , its like trying to drive with an ebrake on


I think we need to ask people to post a picture of their build. It also might help explain the issue and we could help.

maybe im too close to mass limit, still dont seem right


Ok, that’s really weird. You have lots of unused mass and only 4 wheels. You shouldn’t have any problems with hills.

What platform are you on?
Also, is there anything more than 1 block below the frame?

Yeah that is weird.

4 wheels should be fast, fused or not.

So it is 4 Omni wheels, Hadron cabin, and what engine, also what driver?

Is anything on your build power fused?

pc and no i have 1 block of free space across the entire bottom

i think i have a hardcore fused for power , its all i could fit in the current configuration, only other fused stuff are the coolers, radiator and 1 of the nothungs and its torero cabin

Ok… so I did a little testing. One with a 4 wheel build and one with a 6 wheel.

I have the Syndicate garage, and it has a pretty steep incline right out side the garage.

I did circles up the ramp, and when I got close to the top I did feel a weird slowing effect that felt like it continued even after I was only flat ground.

It didn’t happen every time.

I think something weird is happening and I’m not sure what.

On the 6 wheel build it was on a light cabin, I did go out and fight someone in my garage and they removed some of my armor before I killed them. Then when I went back up the hill I could not reproduce the slowing.

Not sure if any of that helps or confuses thing more :slight_smile:

ive noticed it doesnt happen on nameless tower if its raining idk if it was coincidence or something else

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Ok, the main reason I ask, is my Omni wheels, Hadron cabin and all engines are power fused.

So my experience is going to be much different, but I do think something weird is going on.

My recent omniwheel build is on hadron, and has 8 wheels, only four of them BP fused.

When you say you have one block free space, do you mean that you’ve only build one block lower than frame? I used to be able to fit two blocks below frame, but seems to cause problems now. When I look at your build, it looks to me like you’re two blocks below frame, but might be the camera angle.

Maybe it’s a PC-only glitch? Doesn’t sound like me or Monkey are seeing it on PS4/XBOX, or at least not to the same degree.

I’m wondering if maybe it’s something to do with terrain traction? The 2.0 update seemed to amplify the differences between terrain, to the point where sand maps are hard to drive fast on and maintain control.
Can you post some video so we can see how much speed reduction is happening?

Yeah, I’m only feeling it sometime, and it’s right at the top of a very long and steep hill. I might not be hitting it exactly the same every time though.

Not many places in PvP maps where you have hills like that.

It could also be in my head :wink: lol.

i think its mostly just 2 maps , its just extremely inconvenient when it does happen where beforeif you get stuck going slow you just had to go diagonal and glitch it outta there at full speed lol

yea ill get some examples uploaded tonight