Anyone here actually enjoying the game?

I always assumed this was supposed to be a fan forum for Crossout, but most days it feels more like a support group for people who are angry about the game.

Am I the only one who actually likes playing Crossout? I mean, I know there are a few other fans of the game here, but we seem to be the minority.

Anyway, just thought I’d try to balance out the vibe of the forum a bit.

I’m poony4u, and I love Crossout. It’s my favourite game of all time, despite the shortcomings and frustrations. I hope it keeps going forever!


Not really, but I’m used to how it cycles around. I’m going to work on some War thunder Skins for a little while, while this game sorts itself out. That’s my plan, anyway.


Yes. I think confrontation is great. Doing invasions is much easier, more rewards for players and Levis. Balance changes are good. New icons look fresh and updated. Invisible wall removal in Bedlam is awesome. To name a few. :ok_hand:


I found it very enjoyable from 2019 up through about a year ago. It’s been hit and miss since then. Currently, I’m starting to like confrontation game-play now that it seems everyone’s got the seal clubbing out of their system on PC. I haven’t ever really had any issues with having to rebuild something after an update (except every build that has a hover on it, wish they’d make up their minds about those godforsaken things). I like it more than it annoys me.


I’ve recently got back into doing Invasion because of the new challenges, and I like it more than I remember!
Of course it helps that I got myself an Acari, which works wonders against Leviathans.
I also made a Leviathan for the first time in a long time, and it’s actually getting some matches when I deploy it, so I guess other people are also coming back to Invasion. Last time I tried, my leviathan couldn’t get any matches.


Crossout is in my top 3 games of all time and is currently the only game I play. (Confrontation is my new favorite mode - I got a 3013pt solo que game today)

I loved the game on year one when it literally had no content at all. Now the game has 100 times more content and it is even better then ever.

It does feel like many of these guys only come here for the drama. It’s easy to tell. You have some guys that only come around once a week or two, they might make 4-5 posts and if you read them 4 out of 5 (if not 5/5) will not even be about the game. They come just to make negative comments about anything. It don’t mater what it is, they are just here to stir the pot.

I mean “why would anyone that does not play or even like the game choose this forum to hang out in?”, sounds broken to me.


No, not enjoying it. Been on a break for a while now (since before the batch debacle actually), and don’t feel like coming back.

The stuff that kept annoying me for years now just never got changed unless it was for the worse.


Not so much. Now raids are full of hovers retchers - its not fun. Clan confrontation is PVP only but another style in 4vs4, PVP should be fun only if it will be like raid 1 team def and repair base and second must destroy base or race like old game Rollcage. PVE is playable but only with low PS on bigger than 10k are relics and retchers op bots, whose killing fun from game. Maybe if devs delete retchers builds and reduce damage of bots about 30% could be fun. And the another very important thing which game needs is PS match filter that not happen that you have 11k and play with 17k or against half of team fulled by 16k builds.


I’ve enjoyed logging on and building a few builds I never played and enjoyed the games I do play.
Soon I will play more.

I didn’t have a gripe about the gameplay. I would point that out. My beef was about the solo reward nerf, but they did something about it. Again, though, I have played very little and won’t play a lot for another couple weeks.


I’ve been here for a little over 2 years and I still enjoy the game, even with the bs that comes and goes. Played the “World Of” games for 4-5 years before this, then found XO and haven’t gone back except maybe once every few months for a few battles here and there. Tried Warthunder, gave up on that after 9 months because the damn thing is way too complex, you feel like you’re always 10 years behind everyone else, and it’s a sealclubber’s paradise. So yeah, I’m happy with XO; not even interested in knowing about any other games out there and investing time into them.


A question for the people that don’t enjoy the game:

Why are you here?
I know some say it’s because they wish the game would be more like they want it to be, but why come to a forum that the devs don’t even read to complain about that? You could complain online in ways that might reach them, but this isn’t it. Or even better, you could just play a different game and accept that this one isn’t what you like.

What is the point of coming here to vent about a game you don’t like?

No I’ve been on Starfield

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Because it’s not that simple. There are things we like in the game, and things that poison everything.
Me I’m just staying out of it until circumstances change. Mine or game’s.
I like the game in general, but devs pull lot of sh*t making it too toxic to play. Primarily their inept everlasting rebalancing(They nerf things none ask for and leave ugly metas untouched for months, like Hugins shotgun builds at 5000-6000 PS and such) their hungry donation policies… like crosscrowns… what the point of those?? I’ll tell you, the point is they have mismatched value with packs luring you to buy more than you need and then even more to make use of that leftovers. They literally take players for cattle they need to make pay. And lots of balancing goes not for gameplay but to boost monetization. The playerbase despise they have is well deserved.


'UMM, since when did this forum become yours?

'maybe if you don’t like what players have to say,then you should find another forum. where it’s all rainbows and unicorns…

‘and it’s ‘just a Game’ and you guys are trying so hard to convince people to what they see is not not real’

'and what really pizzez me off ‘‘your in a forum with fake names your trying to convince,and spending all day and night of your life’‘in this forum’’… :crazy_face: 'who’s crazy now? :kissing_heart:

'i’ll leave it at that,before i get flagged.

’ they do read this forum,no one has to login to read anything here’

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If they don’t play - then are they players?


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I seem to like this game in smaller doses these days, and for now I am going to do other things.

I used to have a huge library of skins, but I lost them all. That is the first one in my new collection. I just did it today, and I think I’ll be able to do better once I get back into it.

It took forever to upload, and now I’m pretty excited to get back into that…I think I nailed the Nomad green.

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Do they have a forum for that game?

i love crossout, however id love it more if more modes came out for it.
yeah i love raids and not playing pvp, except in dronepocalypse, but i feel the game needs more modes, more things to do. i love that your able to build any way you want in crossout, make weird, dumb or even impressive looking builds / cars / art builds / etc.
i want this game to last because i love playing it, i love going in, getting resources, blowing up enemies and just having a relaxing time in raids and stuff. trying out new weapons to if i can afford them. i just want the game to get better, not worse. i know the devs deep down want this game to keep being good and succeeding.
i want the game to keep going to, i love playing and i want to see the game grow so much more.

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If you haven’t noticed, or played long enough, devs made dozens of good modes that were later revoked and now we left with brawl rotation consisting of rather pathetic selection instead of having copters there, storm, 3*3, FFA, etc.

Answering the original question:

I do not like the game. I do not enjoy it.
However, I WANT to like the game.
I remember loving the game.

It does anger me this has been largely destroyed.

I have what is perhaps naive hope it will be repaired.

Answering the question of why I am still on the forum is I do not enjoy the game:

I could ask the same of the two or three relentless cheerleaders on the forum. Why log on to comment on a game that clearly does not exist? These two or three speak of the game as though it is still amazing, as though there are no problems with the direction it’s taken, as though the badge update wasn’t a huge middle finger to a huge portion of the player base, and as though the reviews and stagnant player numbers aren’t a problem.

What is the goal, here? It’s obviously disengenuous, and that is putting the rose on the dungheap to say the least.

In my mind, there are 3 types of forum members.

The first are the people who come here and have nothing but negative things to say. They have some sort of agenda to destroy the game and harass the players.

The second are people who may or may not still play. They come here to sincerely discuss the game. They do not ignore the warts. They do not ignore the gold ring.

The third are much like the 1st. They come here to militantly defend what is a game clearly is a great deal of distress at the hands of Gaijin and Targem.

I confess I sometimes list towards that first group after acutely unenjoyable sessions on Crossout. Life is heavy. I want an escape from time to time. Crossout increasingly offers that escape, but alters the offer for a thorn regularly.