Arena 9k - Show us Your Builds - Mini-CWs

The last few weeks I have been building like a mad man for the coming 9k Arena (I don’t care what they call it - this is Arena) and I have been wanting to start a thread dedicated to builds made for that mode but have been to lazy :slight_smile: until now.

Post rules:

  1. Please only post cars that are between 8750 and 9000 PS (unless for some weird reason your car is lower PS - then explain why your not using the full PS range)
  2. Please only post cars you plan to play in Arena 9k - we have many people that play this PS range, but if you don’t intend to play it in arena then please post in the original “Show us your build” thread. This thread is not for raid/PvP builds.
  3. This is not a pissing contest thread - this is for META and ART builds. No one is right or wrong - that is not what this thread is about. We don’t need someone saying “I would strip that car in 2 seconds flat every time someone posts an art build… we get it, your awesome… again that is not what this thread is about.
  4. This is not a bragging post - if your doing well in Arena with your build then it is fine to mention that - but we don’t need any “My builds owns you all you suck!” Type replays.
  5. Have fun and make everyone feel welcome!

Post away!

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When Arena first came out I was still deep into playing top ten CWs and I couldn’t even imagine playing non-meta builds.

For the last year I have mellowed out a lot and doing many things just for fun. With the up coming Arena I plan to try and have a more relaxed approach to many of my builds. (I do plan a few META monsters - but that is not my main goal for enjoyment). Over the last few weeks I have been releasing a series of 9k builds to the exhibition that reflect this relaxed style. (At least for me)

For my first build I would like to share a 9k exact - 100% fused - Photon - Athena Omamori - Omni wheel build.

I don’t normally build 4 wheeled cars - so this is something to push me out of my comfort zone - I also don’t normally build cars with the guns plopped on top :slight_smile: but here we are.

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All my cars are 7xxx or 9xxx :pensive:

I’ll probably throw a Whirl car together quickly.


What’s the HP on that build?

The one above is 1200 +/-

I will take a screenshot of the stats and post it in the above post.

I also have another double Athena that has over 1800 +/- (I will post that one in a bit)

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Working on a triple spike and dual hammerfall when I get the parts. Until the Astras get their pen buffed the astra build is extremely inferior relative to its skill requirement and nerfed velocity. 582 with 3x spike @ 100% pen, 608 with dual Astra @ 55% pen.
These are both 9400 and 8500 respectively but that just means more room to grow past having the core and weapons.


Here is a second one I built - different style with one gun back and one gun forward.


Edit - replaced one of the phone pictures with a screenshot.

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Very cool.

I just got a set of hammerfall the other day and I’m looking forward to that build too.

Maybe hammerfall Agus? (Not sure what that looks like below 9k)

I don’t have any spikes, but that does sound fun.

At 9k triple spikes cut everything in half.

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Ok… so I redownloaded the Xbox app for screenshots :slight_smile:

Here is a 9k exactly - All fused - Torero - double Cyclone - Omni wheel - Oppressor - RN Seal


Edit: I added the stat image.


When showing the build, click the 'i’and you can show the vehicle, stats and parts at the same time


Yeah, good idea. I’ll start doing that. I have a lot so it will take awhile.

9k exact - 100 % fused - MG spider - two of the guns are under mounted and two are in the tunnels on the sides of the build.


Here is a second double Cyclone build I built a few weeks ago. 9k exactly - All fused.

Speed 116 and has almost 2k health.

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I’m thinking that special weapons probably won’t work in this mode after all, not if you can get that much durability and speed on legendary weapons.
I still suspect that epics will do quite well, but I’m going to have to try some legendary builds.
Thanks for the posts, definitely helps me get my head around what we’ll be facing.

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Medians perhaps


Wish I hadn’t sold mine, but when the prices skyrocketed after other people figured out they were good I couldn’t resist the temptation to sell.
I’m thinking tempura could also work, on the right build with the good driver.
And maces might be good enough to work. Possibly pyralids, although I haven’t played them for a while. Last time I tried them I was quite surprised at how well hard they hit.

I adopted Astraeus back when they were dirt cheap and thought they were just a better option than trying to use Medians. I can get 2 Astras and an Omamori for 13 energy whereas 3 Medians would cost me 15 and take more space, that’s my logic anyway as they pretty much do the same job.

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I made the same argument when I sold my medians, although I haven’t been using my Astreus much.
I’m just not great at sniping, and the charging mechanic definitely doesn’t help.
The nice thing about medians is the simplicity of pulling the trigger and a bullet flying out immediately.

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I’ve not been touching mine either, if I want to do some stripping and range I’ll take out the Athenas now. I’m pretty addicted to my dual Fortunes and Helicons recently, I took a week break and returned yesterday so been a tad rusty