The Quest - Show us your “Legendary Builds”

To help me get back on track playing Crossout I give myself quests from time to time to keep things interesting. My last quest was to produce a bunch of 9k builds to play in Confrontation. I’ll post a link at the bottom of this thread.

Now I am setting a new quest for myself.

The Quest: To build a separate build for every legendary weapon/cabin/module in the game.

META, Art, PS, or whatever else does not mater. The only rule is the build has to at least have ONE legendary cabin, module, OR gun in the build.

I hope everyone else can join in posting their Legendary item builds and maybe we can spark some building conversation and tips.

I will be posting all my builds on Xbox over the next few months as I have time to build them all.

Have fun!

Below is a link to the old 9k topic (I’m done building 9k for now) as I post new Legendary builds on Xbox I plan to delete all of the 9k builds one at a time.


For my first build I made a Nidhog Banana Boat

It can be found on Xbox as “Banana Split”

This build uses 5 buggy wheels to make synergies with the Hermit wheels (2 Hermits in back to add a slant), the Nidhogs, and the oppressor engine perks.

With the buggy wheels it is easy to keep full perks on all three items at lower speeds. I had never built with buggy wheels before but since all the other items depend on speed for their perks this seemed like a good fit.

This build can go 95 even though it is on a medium cabin. It also has over 3000 HP.

It uses the Hadron + King combo for reload.


My Invasion tower build, Johnny Hightower (inspired by characters from 2 of my fave 80’s movies). Beholder cabin is the only legendary on it.


I’m so happy to finally see someone else recognize the usefulness of buggy wheels!

I’m curious what you think about their usefulness with seals, have you tried that?

I have not had time to try that.

I fused these buggy wheels a long time ago for the hope that I might use them some day.

When I originally started making this build I didn’t even have them on it, then I realized that everything else on this build perks depended on speed so I rebuilt it for them.

I will definitely have to try them with seals.

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Got To love Hightower - nice tower build man.

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PS 11K, and it’s got lots of Legendary crap; gun, cab, engine. I think it’s the first spider I’ve built that I like, and probably the first build I’ve run with Legendary parts successfully in PVP. I don’t normally play anywhere near 9K or beyond in there.

No MVP yet, but it’s got a reload module tucked in there that makes that gun hammer pretty hard, and it’s being competitive in PVP. I’m typically getting more than two kills per match with it, so for me that’s an acceptable build.

I don’t really care for the frames that are sticking out, but so far that hasn’t mattered much. It’s surviving, and actually flourishing so far.

I like the Thyrsus…and the Kronos (I think)…and the Gerrida (of course). Glad I picked up this Battle pass. It’s pretty good sci-fi.

Here’s that Screenshot/parts-list.

I uploaded it to the Exhibition too, for what it’s worth.


THat’s a beautiful spider!



Awesome Doc. Looks cool man. I want to make a build with that gun soon too. I might aim for it to be 9k PS.

It’s good to get out of your comfort zone.

That’s what I did when I made all those 9k builds, I had been playing/building 16k+ for so many years I thought I almost forgot how to build at that PS.

Note: for anyone that posts in this thread: it is always nice to include a screenshot with a part list. Press the “I” symbol and move the inventory box to show the major parts. If not, then that is cool too :slight_smile:


I’ll try and update that post with a parts list after dinner and some X-Files.

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Thank you!

I have not built anything with that cabin yet. I love the speed of it though.

One of the reasons to push myself to do this challenge is to build something with all the BP legendary items that collect dust in my inventory.


Shhh. Don’t tell everyone they have been OP since addition! They also pair well with claws or sabbath as armor pieces over them. Ooops. I let another hint out.


Last time I checked, they were cheaper than most special wheels. Bought a few extra that I don’t even need because the price is so good.

Ih ill drop pics of my three latest builds. Why not.

I always build a big maxed out version for a wrapon amd a lower ps baseenergy version. Now im starting to do confrontation builds on top of that. These are my latest trifecta. Im enjoying these things a lot. The cab and gun placement really help keep by gun alive longer.


Nice builds man. I have not built with those new round tires yet. How do you like those?

Deadman cabin is also the one I’ll be using for my car with that gun.

I think I’ll try to make a 9k leg build with it on the deadman.

Which is better for Thyrsus, Hadron or Deadman? I’m convinced Deadman is better than Hadron for Avalanche builds.

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I have not had a chance to play with that gun yet. (To much to build and to little time), but I have been thinking that deadman would be better for the play style I want to do with that gun.

Right. The reason I think Deadman is better than Hadron for Avalanche is that Hadron is too slow for a hit and run playstyle. Full King reload Hadron only does about 80 kph with so so acceleration. I don’t have the +power fused version.

Also, the Hadron Avalanche build is heavily outclassed by Porc Flash builds and Hadron drags you into powerscores where you run into that.

Avalanche on Omnis with a Golden Eagle and a Flywheel is an extremely attractive package. You strafe around at 100 kph with great acceleration and +45 percent reload. I think the same considerations would apply to a Thyrsus build.

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Deadman/omniwheel/avalanche is definitely my best combo for that gun, and I also really like that cabin for Yongwang builds.
I think it’s good for any of the high energy weapons, although there are definitely other good options for Kaiju.
Haven’t tried it yet with Thyrsus, but it’s next on my list.

Definitely one of the more underrated cabins.

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Yeah, I don’t think reload helps Kaiju much as most of its downtime is spent charging the gun rather than reloading it. Also, the Kaiju ruins the Deadman’s great speed. Leave it on your spider.

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