Armored track needs to be fixed

Am I the only one using armored tracks in Crossout? I’m asking this because they are broken like FOREVER.

The game physics in Crossout is… FLAWED, to be polite. But I already realized that nobody cares about that.

However, the state of the armored track is ridiculous on an unbelievable level.

Due to its huge contact surface it should have one of the highest grip of all movement parts in the game. But the reality is exactly the opposite of that.

I have 4 different builds that only use two armored tracks. They are between 12.8 to 18.7 TONs. In battle, builds with only 4 wheels (any kind of wheels) can push them perpendicularly as if they were nothing. They glide as if they were on ice.

I tested it in the garage with my own builds. A build with 4 wheels and over tonnage (red bar) can push my 18.7 TONs build!!!

In case it wasn’t clear, wheels are the opposite of tracks. They have a minimum contact surface. Not to mention Atom with virtually zero contact surface.

Also, in battle, no matter moving forward or backward when I stop, my build slides and rotates. This is not just an annoyance, it also sabotages gameplay.

It’s past time for Armored Track to be fixed.


You forgot to mention at what powerscore you play your 12.8 to 18.7 TONs builds.
The higher you go the bigger the cars get you know.

Or you could just keep turning in place without moving forward or backward.
If your build is heavy enough, that will deflect most people driving into you and that is one of the hidden powers of tracks.

But if really you dont want to be moved, buy a skinner and shoot it at the ground.

I’ve noticed the slide, but I’ve never had a pushing problem… then again, mine’s a 24 ton four tracked build.

12.8 TONs => 9.5K PS
18.7 TONs => 10.6K PS

It doesn’t matter anyway, 4 wheels should never be able to push a build with armored tracks, not even 6 or 8 wheels. Wheels should not have more grip than armored tracks. Just like the equivalents in real life.

Add to that the weight. Pushing 18 TONS is not the same as adding 18 TONS to your build, it is still far beyond the capacity of your build.

This is not a matter of opinion, but of physics and mathematics.

Also, how do you expect me to participate in a battle without moving? Am I going to stay in the same place all the time and just rotate?

What about fix the armored track instead?

Armored tracks are BROKEN.

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A few things to keep in mind:

  • wheeled builds in Crossout are pretty heavy compared to your average small car. Many will weigh as much as your tank, so the inertia alone will give them a lot of pushing power

  • speed is a force multiplier. If someone rams into you at 120 kmh and they weigh enough, they will move you. By the same token, if you try to accelerate from a stop while pushing a heavy build, you won’t be able to push them much.

  • track traction is going to be mostly forward and reverse. They should slide more when pushed from the side, as their treads don’t generate any extra friction in that direction.

I sympathize with your frustrations about tracks not being immovable against wheels, but I feel I should point out that when I’m playing melee and/or flamethrowers, it’s tracked builds that are the hardest to attack. They are pretty much only vulnerable to pinning from the side, and with the new fast pivot, are often able to change their angle at the last minute before impact and screw me up. Even heavy spiders are easier for me to bully on wheeled builds.

i dont think they will cuz after i posted this clip thats when tracks got a huge nerf :rofl: :rofl:

I was trying to simplify.

You are using as an example a very specific situation: “A very heavy build using wheels colliding with my build at 120 km/h”

And you’re using inertia to justify your build’s ability to push mine. But you have to consider other factors such as action and reaction, friction and gravity, for example.

Also, if you have a heavy “enough” build it also means it shouldn’t have much tonnage and mass limit left and it has to deal with that plus the weight of my build. Admitting that we are talking about similar PS.

But what happens in the game goes far beyond that. When a 4-wheeled build of ANY weight and at ANY speed pushes one of my armored tracked builds, it slides as if it were on ice and will only stop when the map ends.

I remember a match where a 4 Sabbath build was perpendicularly pushing a bot (Goliath/Fat Man) at low speed. The bot collided with my 12.8 TONs/9.5K PS build and that guy kept pushing us both like it was nothing!!

I don’t know a word to describe how ridiculous that situation was. Heinous maybe?

Armored tracks are BROKEN.


why dont u watch the video i posted then theirs ur answer of why tracks r trash now

tracks have been trash ever since i posted the clip

To be fair, Sabbaths are meant to boost your speed and power, and in the case you mention, probably has an engine boosting their power more.
I mean, look at competitive tractor pull rigs: they’re on wheels, and only the rear two are generating power, and yet they are able to pull huge loads and overcome huge amounts of friction. Wheels in real life can be very effective at pulling/pushing, even in dirt.

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tonnage in crossout is whats known as torqe in real life meaning the more u have the more u can pull nd push but dumb ppl of now days only hear of horse power thats why ppl r stupid af now a days lol

Sabbath like wheels have minimal contact surface. More power? Even worse, they will skid more easily.

And we’re not talking about a dragster that burns its wheels on the asphalt, the rubber softens and becomes “Glue”. We are talking about sand and mud.

No matter what the wheels are capable of, they should never outperform tracks when it comes to grip. Much less do magic.

Also, we mix two different things in our posts: The sorry state of game physics and the fact that armored tracks aren’t working as they should.

Builds are different, there are countless combinations of parts. I tried to use obvious examples that make it clear that the problem exists.

I’m not speaking lightly, I have thousands of hours into this game.

Armored tracks are BROKEN.

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like ive said watch this fkn clip nd this is ur answer like r u dunce or something like holy fk

And yet you seem to be unable to put together a grammatically correct sentence.

Bro, you turned then are like “you can’t climb a slope with tracks”.

Try again.

no shit this was before they nerfed them nd this is the reason why the tracks r shit

I don’t see a reason for you to be rude. I watched your video, I just don’t know what you want me to say.

I’m not looking for an answer, just asking them to fix the armored track.

I can’t talk about Tank tracks, I never had them.

Maybe if you elaborate I can answer what you hope to hear.

ya nd ive been asking ever since they nerfed them so ya good luck on that, if u have 1000’s of hrs in the game then u should know when the tracks became shit nd the clip shows u why cuz the devs dont want us having game breaking things but ohhhh ya my build also says fk kapcans while u ppl get stuck lol maybe i should make a clip of that nd watch another nerf to the tracks lol

Right now I’m very disappointed with the game. I have a few reasons for that. And because of that I don’t play as much as I used to.

What I can say is that the “pushing thing” is broken like forever and the “drift thing” started since last year but I don’t remember from which month/update.

i know its bs like if i use my tank build in a certain data theft raid i cant get up the ramp without alot of speed or a push nd getting stopped instantly from tiny bots sucks nd its cuz of that clip the tracks suck nd ive made a clip showing nd that they need to be fixed but they wont fix them