Art building Tips!

Just lay them out there

Define what you want to build and what look you’re going for

What ever comes to mind, I just felt like starting a thread so not taking it seriously just creating somtin to talk about

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This old thread has some valuable tips, but it’s more about art builds that are still viable in PVP, rather than pure art builds.

If we’re talking about pure art builds, I have less to share. I’ve never been great at recreating things from the real world.


Great discussion topic!

So first if you have a favorite car or vehicle look it up on the internet. Then look at parts and build around that image. Below is an example

I wanted to make a 1958 Plymouth with better armor but still look as authentic as possible.

It is good for easy raids. Infact a lot of my art builds that look like acutal cars are used in easy raids.

To be clear they are not good for PVP!


I do nothing but pvp…until I run out of copper…and for me the trick to staying pretty (tell me I’m pretty) is

  • Low power-scores

  • Drones or shot-guns (they are easy to conceal or work around)

  • Maximum horsepower, lots of speed

  • Run with bots. Live players mostly suck at this game at low power-scores, plus bots make good meat shields.

*…and a good strong bumper for smacking kid’s wheels off

That build (inspired by an M420 Lamborghini build) runs great in PVP at just under PS 5K (2 Sidekicks and a Cobra).

I like to steal tricks from the meta like mounting armor to pass through parts when I can, and give special attention to frame construction.

I also stay the hell away from explosive modules, like generators, and try to just work with the energy points I’m given by the cab.

I like to run minimal decor so as to keep the power-score down (sometimes I can’t resist the bling tho), so instead I spend a fortune on paint, and I do have a wide collection of stickers…that’s my 2 cents.


Yea there’s a lot of bloat in that thread, 133 posts, Ill try and extract something out of it some time during the week but I’m definitely not reading thru all that. Yea this current thread don’t have to be about art builds that actually work, anything will do, functional or non functional.

I was giving a tip, sorry if I came off as demanding/rude…

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That’s ok, I know my biggest roadbloack to art builds is just simply getting motivated to build one in the first place(which is the case for any new build for that matter). Building takes a lot of time so when I doo do one it is only very rarely, perhaps every few months.

Another approach is to look on the Exhibition and find a vehicle that you like.

Then make modifications that you prefer. This saves time and gives a great jumping off point.

Here is Johnny Silverhands Porche from Cyberpunk. It was already on the Exhibition. I changed some of the structure parts on the back and sides. Changed out for a Yeti stealth module. Made sure I had a 120 kph vehicle.

Yes, some time was needed to make these changes. But you have to invest time to create something cool.

Have a goal in mind and use that to empower you to create. Also the exhibition can inspire you. The author Probuilder007 created the original version. (At least I think he was the first.)

Please Note: Always give credit where credit is due. The author of the original build put time and effort. The least we can due is pay homage to their master crafted works.

Hope this is helpful to you so you don’t have to make something from scratch.



Great tip!! I don’t like building from scratch whither I’m copying my own build or someone elses, most of the time it is a build morphed from something else to cut on time.

Well the devs is gonna need to raise the character limit if they want me to include credits, not even enough characters allowed to spell my own name.


No worries,

Giving homage is just on the forum. Like you said no way to put author information on the exhibition.



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