Functional art build techniques

I know some people think art builds (or cars that look like cars) can never be very functional, but those of us that play builds like that obviously disagree.

I thought it might be nice to have a thread dedicated to building techniques and tricks that work will with smaller compact builds.

I’ll add a bunch of my tips later, but figured I would start the thread now and see what other people have to say first.

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Tip #1 - play at a low enough PS - the higher you get the more builds will stop looking like 4 wheel cars.

Note: Many builds stop looking like cars because the higher you go in PS the more important it becomes to have multiple movement parts. If you can’t move, your dead.

  • plus…spaced Armour !! :yum:

Very true. It’s hard to play four wheel builds above 10kPS.
Although to be fair, it’s also hard to even build a four wheel build that is much higher than 10kPS, unless you are using lots of legendary and relic items.

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Be fast, bring your own radar detector, bring a cloak… pick your targets wisely and have an exit strategy, you can do this at every PS.


Drone-boats? That used to work. Not so much any more. As far as I can tell, the Mad-Max era of this game, where cars that looked like cars were viable, is over. 2.0 destroyed the viability of car shaped cars, and I have had no luck doing any such thing since…the bots seem to manage though, sort of. Nobody else I’ve seen is

I’m curious to see what advice there might be for this topic. Low power-scores only? How low? I’d try it if I was allowed to go below 5K, but the matchmaker disallows it. I’m stuck trying at 5-7K where unless you can make a “car” with Augers and gremlins, good luck. Otherwise I’m forbidden and sent to the queue of eternal slumber. Attempting anything that looks like a car over 7K seems like a fools errand, doomed at conception.

If there is any good advice on this topic, I’d love to hear it. I have very little luck with it myself these days, I keep trying, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

If you want to win. Do what Monkey does. Otherwise you’re left with easy raids and adventure mode. It’s probably still workable there, but IDK. I haven’t done either in a long time.

I have had a long and sustained loosing streak (ever since 2.0) trying to manage to build anything that looks like a car, and thus my affection for this game is rapidly dwindling. I think it’s just over for me and I can bear to admit it.

META or die.


I still do it, hit and run… radar, cloak and cheetah… sometimes an Aegis… be fast and trick your opponents… clapping these meta chasers in a nice car keeps me playing, the rage messages… the salt… the way i look so good as I destroy their copy paste trash and laugh in their face… it feels so good.



You have piqued my interest.


Perhaps when I get home I can post some gameplay, not as if people don’t know who I am already…

I record a lot and also keep track of 2k 3k 4k + scores and I had to stop recording 2k scores in my 11k Retcher because I was getting it too frequently and now only record 3k+ scores in my art build… So I’d say it goes pretty well for me.


I’m sure the video will be form your XO_Guy123 account - if it happened to be a perma-banned forum user account instead, that might be interesting.

Also, please start a new thread. This thread is about building.

I think drone boats make it easy to build a good looking car because of the box shape of the weapon.

I’m not sure how “functional” drone boats are, but it easy to build around.

Below is one I did


Only the shotgun design can maintain the shape of a normal car

Sometimes I wonder why, in the case of higher PS, the design of placing weapons directly outside becomes unfeasible

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Ha, still obsessed with trying to ban someone who cares about the game? I asked for my account to be terminated all those years ago, I was never banned.

I don’t even know who you are. Can you please stay on topic? I just said it would be interesting if it was an old banned account.

If your going to talk about your personal gameplay and post videos can you please make a new thread. This thread is about building. Thank you in advance.

Now back to the topic:

I know you said “cars that look like cars”, but when I think of art builds I’m thinking more of something like this

For the sake of this thread are we not including those?

It’s your thread man :slight_smile:


This is a purely artistic construction, without any consideration for its combat capabilities, not even weapons :upside_down_face:

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It could have a drone in it. (It don’t, but it could)

I took a photo of the first art looking thing I saw, it’s just an example :slight_smile:

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Rent free for years kekw

If, in the end, the developers compromise in the track, like the comments on reddit to give extra weapon durability, we should see a lot of art design in the battle

I tend to just assume getting shot is to be avoided at all costs… so it limits my weapons away from dps and close quarter combat… The past year or so I’ve had a JDM style sports car which I swap out my weapon and modules

As long as weapons are mounted to cab or grilles then you should be just fine, never had any issues losing mounts. Even if it’s a grille mounted to a grille that’s mounted to the cab, it’s usually just fine.

Utilize the underneath to mount things you need, minimal frames, some of my versions only use 2 1x4 frames.

My couple with the Aegis have become my favourites to run, mainly because the cloak lets you flank and the Aegis lets you pull more ballsy maneuvers and you have a bit of extra time during your exit strategy

You can always get around and stay out of sight, only being in sight to shoot and by the time they react you can drop the Aegis and dip around cover etc


I think I watched a vid the other day on Reddit where…some guy was shooting it’s own wheels off in order to stay mobile, with a very similar looking build. I thought it was clever.

So What I’m seeing so far is to…

  • Lean heavy on speed agility, and a cloak (hit hard and run fast).

  • Invest in top shelf guns and fused modules.

  • Stay away from high power-scores

  • Use minimal frame-work

  • Try not to scratch the paint (avoid melee and close-quarter combat).

This leads me to ask, is it (in the case of art-builds) better to focus on quality modules that can be concealed in the frame, than to use multiple guns (for maximizing fire-power) that are hard to armor without heaping rubbish on your build? Perhaps it is better to focus on modules over guns?

I’m probably going to give that strategy a try anyway, even if the response is , “No, don’t do that.”

Cool Leviathan, by the way. I bet it looks sharp docked at the range, and is good for testing weapons on too.

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I’ve thought about it, are there any art builds that are heavy duty designs

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