Yeah it’s already here.

So this new weapon does 150% damage if fully charged but you can shoot it without charging and/or charge half-way for like 20-30% damage bonus.

Is it better to receive 100 damage each shot or just spam with low damage hoping for opponent to be destroyed first?

AND it’s probably good to use with Master cabin… if your opponent is kind enough to let you shoot first then hide for a 30 seconds to repair your parts on which weapons are mounted.

It is of the same use as Yokai? Is this a joke weapon?

Yokai just got a fair buff… It still didn’t really make it much better though.

Astraeus if you don’t have an averter on it blows itself up after like 3 charged shots. I don’t think I would trust it on a master cab your only restoring up to 50% of the durability at the potential for taking 2x the damage for cab hits from the heat up. Maybe with a cloak the combo might work but it’s iffy…

Maybe people should stop asking for more challenging weapons if this is what they come up with.? lol

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Still better than losing your weapons.

Tried it uncharged on a sphere, got ~1000 with two Astra, Flywheel , and Hadron. Tried charged shots and it was about ~1700, with 5-6 shots, each deals 80 damage to your car. Irreversible damage to the parts weapons are on, mind you. If Yokai is just useless, Astraeus is almost detrimental. I could mount same rarity and power consumption weapons such as 3 Adapters and get ~2400 damage with the same precision. The only thing Astra is better at is the blast radius. The downsides are many.

Just take the damage. The weapon isn’t good on light or medium builds unless you’re going to exclusively use the non-charge mode but with heavy cabins you can pile on armor to shrug off the self-damage. The build I’m using two of them on has 5.2K HP specifically for this reason.

Has me curious about using it on a machinist with the averter.

So I tested it out. And here is how it works.

The guns don’t take damage. Whatever your gun is mounted to takes dammage from loaded shots. So you kind of NEEED to use Ermak with Asterus. And have the guns directly mounted to the cab. Then your taking about 30 damage each charged shot to your cab. It does about 570dmg per shot, so its damage output is decent. With a 4 second reload that’s not bad.

It’s a very interesting gun. But it is very limited to the Ermak. I just simply don’t see this gun working on any cab but Ermak, of which it was designed to be paired.

In conclusion a very unique and interesting gun. But veeery limited in what you can combo it with.

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That’s kind of lame.

I mean. The upside is ermak is a very versatile cab in terms of working with movement parts. Its in that mass and tonnage sweet spot like echo is. It should be a great hover cab. And asterus hovers will be nice.

It just kind of feels against the spirit of the game in everything is use-able on everything. It shouldn’t be so bad as to blow themselves up for being on a different cab…

Literally just use a heavy cab and pile on the high HP armor. Problem solved. 5.2K HP is an ample amount of HP for PvP with them.

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Ok so it’s doing damage to the parts it is mounted to anything other than cab mounts results in them going pop… That’s still a horrible mechanic.

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The weapons do as much raw damage in the charged mode as a scorpion does. They’re far cheaper than the scorpion and the perk is all that makes the scorpion better than them.

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Wouldn’t the weapon work well with Humpback and a lot of HP? Would the weapon damage the build enough to charge the cab’s perk?


Yes, maybe Bastion and Humpback can also do the trick.

Two weapons do that. Two. 12 energy.

Two Adapters with 8 energy consumption deal 604 damage within that time period. With no damage to your vehicle.

Unique — yes. Interesting — no. Combo — no reason to have it since there are opponents that can damage your car in order to activate cabin’s perk. Or some other weapons like Incinerators and Porcs.

Doesn’t matter what u pair them with, ermak will always be the superior cabin for asterus, and asterus will always be the superior weapon for ermak.

I’m not keen on the idea of losing over 1/4 of my hp on a different maxed out heavy cabin just by firing my gun. And your kind of pressed to not use large plows on those other heavy cabs. Def not optimal.

What about the “master” cabin, it can technically regenerate the hp of pieces placed on averters, i think it could be a nice combo, but idk.

I guess if you put elbows on master cabs nodes and then mounted the guns on the elbows that would work. It would be especially good if you could get two elbows per gun all all attached to nodes, and perhaps even an averter attached to all those elbows as well. You could pull that off if you built the car sideways and mounted the elbows at what would become the back where the nodes are.

That’s not a bad idea at all. Tbh that’s probably the best use of master cab so far.

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Then the vehicle becomes a little too wide. Not the worst idea though. But still no reason to have this joke of a weapon.

It’s damage matches that of the scorpion for a far cheaper price.