Athena in Clan Confrontation

I still yet to win any battles against anyone using Athena on clan confrontation. Its really OP. Cyclones have over 700 Durability and yet I loose them in one shot from 2 Athena’s, That is insane and there perfectly accurate and have still a huge range.

Its ridiculous. People say there not OP but why can I score 8000+ Rating in Clan Confrontation and win pretty much every battle even battling good Cyclone builds. If they have decent team and one guy runs Athena loose every single time and when I meet the Athena build my guns disappear pretty much instantly its very sad.

Destructors are bad too but at least there little skill in them. Keeping the beam on them to get that max damage. Athena is like a 3 burst cannon rifle.

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They’re very OP, I just use my Aegis build and do hit and runs on them out of cloak… my Aegis lasts until I’m in cover again, then I cloak and repeat until I cut their legs off or they die


How much range do they actually have? It feels to me like cyclones have way more range, but I’ve never played Athenas.

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Cyclones have more but Athenas are still over 200m of range with not much drop off on damage until the very end… I had a video somewhere I’ll find it

I made this video because a lot of morons were saying Athena had been shadow buffed a lot, but they’re dumb and I happened to have a video testing it’s damage and range just after release and compared it to now.

50 meters then 200 meters

I mean, 200 meters isn’t short range, but that’s also nowhere near truly long range. There’s a lot of guns that can hit them long before they’d be in range to shoot back.

I’m not saying they don’t need a nerf, and I fully expect one is coming, but I’m not seeing them as “unbeatable” or whatever. I’ve been degunned by them like everyone else has, but I’ve also stripped a lot of them off other people, and I’m not even very good.


It’s pretty long range for an explosive, heating and hitscan weapon

216 per burst with a 0 charge catalina… so about 1k at base damage at that range with hitscan… then on top all the reload perks, modules or cabs for energy/heat damage and that’s a shit tonne

No other hitscan weapon can output that much damage at such a range, let alone with heating and an explosive finish…


I think it’s more the combo of heat and explosive that makes it so dangerous. The range isn’t that crazy. Still basically a mid range gun.

I expect to see the damage nerfed soon, or maybe a big durability nerf instead.

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Yeah I just edited my comment and it’s basically saying that

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Lol, I just did about three edits to my response.

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Well, you’re not supposed to push an athena with a cyclone (unless they are reloading). The gun just deals absurd cqc damage, the range nerf didn’t do anything since it’s still far enough to matter.

What range nerf?.. Oh yeah 50m like that makes much difference lol

Most maps keep you with in there range anyhow. Specially in Clan Confrontation. Which is very sad. I try to push the most open long range sight lines and they still nail my vehicle.

I was think a 125 m with 150m max after 125 damage drop off and / or a 2 round burst instead of 3 maybe.

2 round burst should technically nerf damage just because its one less bullet each trigger pull by 33.3%

Yeah confrontation has quickly devolved into Athena wars, there’s 1 every match and usually it ends up in which Athena build can clap the other team first.

Sadly I don’t see them nerfing it since it’s their brand new whale wanker and these guys are as desperate for money as ever

Lucky for me I think confrontation sucks either way so outside maybe playing 3-5 matches a week just to show some activity in the clan roster I can completely ignore Athena wars and actually play guns other than the designated meta


To anyone who wants to quibble about how Athenas are not OP…

1 Athena is currently 8K on the market (6 energy).

The next most expensive legendary gun is a Helios (4 energy) at 3K.

To have 12 energy in weapons:
2X Athenas = 16K.
3X Helios = 9K.

And they’re even worse on hovers.

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It’s almost as if they costed 10k coins because they’re OP as fuck, and not the other way around.

Are Stillwinds similarly OP? They were about 8k coins when I sold mine.

What about Arothrons? Currently one of the most expensive epics on PS4.

The market is often very weird.

200m is very long range for hitscan. Most players do not outrange 200m just in their aim and positioning. Except for Whirlwinds everything works better under 200m, even ‘sniper’ weapons like Astra.

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That was my point.

Athena - 7.8K
Starfall - 4.1K
Dove - 3.6K

Stillwind - 2.9K

It is not even close.

Depends on your platform and the time period.
My point is that price is often not a good indicator of how strong an item is.

Athena is very strong though.

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