Athena needs nerf

It has way too much accuracy and range. Yet we all know they won’t do anything about it since it’s their new favorite pay to own pay to win, sorry I meant pay to progress, weapon

Not exactly making me feel like putting any real money into the game though, like most of these recent changes


Athena isn’t so powerful that it needs to be nerfed right away, at least destructor is powerful too, but it’s not very expensive

Athenas have way more range than destructors, feels like they can be used halfway across the map

At what PS do you think they need a nerf?

I barely see this gun being used.

Stronk in confrontation.

It should be strong at 9k

Oh cool I did not know we had powerscore specific nerfs how utterly amazing this game lel lol

It’s everywhere on the PC, but mostly 9000-12000

so should Kaiju but here we are

This desperate attempt at getting people to pump money into the game has no right being able to strip weapons at pinpoint accuracy from halfway across the map at such a speed that most of the times people using these just stand out in the open on omnidirectional builds and just shoot up people appearing from behind cover way before anyone has any time to engage them in combat

They are destructors with added range and on steroids

it IS to powerful. i come across bots in pve running 3 of these things and the damage output is just ridiculous.
they can completely destroy me in no time.

9-12k is where this weapons should do well.

So are you upset that Athena works? Or that Kaiju doesn’t?

Kaiju has nothing to do with Athena - Buff Kaiju is another thread.

Wait a second… are both of you talking about it being strong because of a bot? Or a player?

Bots in PVE have access to 18 energy? These are 6 energy weapons are they not?

Edit: Weapon seems ok, but mine are not fused (couldn’t afford it, bought them off the AH)

idk i never really checked them. ill have a look. yeah they are 6 energy.
i swear i seen a bot running 3 of them in pve though. ill have to check when i run pve again.
but honestly its not the first time they did something like that. in raids dawns children have synthesis weapons but they dont fire like the normal version does, instead they fire like a machinegun with a cooldown. really weird if you ask me, idk why they dont do that as a sub class of energy weapon. which is even weirder cause the boss can have some helios’ and they fire normally. idk man i couldve sworn i seen 3 on a bot. can someone confirm this or check when they run high ps pve. they usually show up around 12 - 15k i usually run 13 - 14k.

It 100% needs a nerf, this gun is crazy overpowered for its nonexistent skill requirement, its more powerful than a cyclone, is hitscan, and front loads its damage in 4 bursts in a way that the Destructor cannot keep up with and has 50% more range to boot. You cannot mess up with a semi automatic Destructor that has a 4 shot cylinder. It is the APEX ranged weapon that isn’t a relic. In combat this thing’s model allows it to present as a spectre with 540+ hp frontally and so people bunker it behind two steppenwolf L bumpers with a two wide shooting gap.
If a bot has these its ggs for your team unlike any other bots in this game. No non-relic weapon comes close to the lethality of Athenas based on bot performance.
I only kill Athena players so easily in Confrontation because most of them have more money than skill and I’m just better and faster than them in their copy + paste Athena Gerrida Photon spiders. The people playing them are just that bad.

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bots DO have these in patrol vs ai. they are stupidly strong and do ridiculous amounts of damage. they are also spaced very far apart on the build and have a ton of health. i dont run into them often but when i do i HAVE to strip the guns or ill die very fast. apparently they can do 800+ damage very fast because my plows do not last at all. the problem i have with it is that it heats your vehicle and it does so fast.
4 bursts and thats how much damage im taking with boosts… wow…
without boosts.
i tested this and from the front it only takes 6 - 7 bursts to destroy my car. thats just… ridiculous…
3 bursts to destroy both my train plows to.

yeah no kidding. that damage is just absurd. i think the kaiju can do that much to me but it takes a bit.


PLEASE NERF this gun its impossible to play this game especially in confrontation. If an enemy got Athenas then its 100% lose. Its kills interest to play. Make some changes or nerf this weapon to the bottom so we can play FAIR.


Love that a first time poster comes here to say “nerf Athena”. Meanwhile the veterans are fighting to keep its OPness. The recent nerf was not enough.

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Athena should of been a relic just like it is no buffs or nerfs needed. Devs is terrible at putting things in the wrong tier.

Well they are still trying to sell the Vulture as a legendary weapon so yeah, the devs are stupid and very blatantly so


I uninstalled because of this bullshit weapon.


The price alone shows how powerful it is…i wrecks at CW at bronze and above…stripes anything