Athena needs nerf

It needs come down to be at least the same durability as the retcher for starter. It got a much smaller hitbox than the retcher, can insta strip other weapons but yet nearly double the durability like how do that make sense in devs eyes. Why I said it should of been a relic because to balance this it needs like a super nerf especially to durability. If this was a relic as it is now it would still easily be better than mastodon, helicon, ripper,typhoon,jorg etc and yet it is a legendary like wtf.

well, ogs knew, mobboss, my man! but there are naysayers in the thread too.

quite a few forum quitters in that thread. lexi is even having an epic pc vs console fight with a random user.

to me this really seems like its the same old, same old. p2w item in a bp.

Except one couldn’t buy it with BP but rather needed to buy… pack items - trombones if I remember it right, like 1000 coin for each. So it was BP + 1000-2000+ coins per item crafted. :smile: :smile:
It was (and is) an expensive seal club.

It has huge under mount. So you need to make a 2 iq move, hide it behind cab, or like old cannon turret builds and voila!

In moments like this even happy weirdos like rough monkey must admit devs making a boo and its not so great game. And it’s not a first time by far.

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I have done well against them with both an epic dog build and an epic range build.

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I own double fused Athena and I don’t currently play that build in confrontation 4v4. I can easily kill Athena builds with multiple types of weapons that have much funnier play styles and give me more enjoyment.

I’m not saying the gun don’t need a few tweaks, but I’m going to have to call build/combat skill issues if this gun is outright owning you every single time. (This is not like Typhoon Stun lock broken and that was in the game forever)

It is a great gun, but by fair it is not game destroying.

Something makes me Think that most of these guys were not around during some of the worst broken OP weapon times. Athena is tame in comparison to some OP METAs we have had.

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Who cares.

I’ve killed lots of double scorpion hovers with 4xPiercer builds.(I trust you are bright enough to see what I mean here)

No more words needed.

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Literally, it took people half a year to realise how strong the gun was, there’s a reason I sold mine for 14.4k each

Don’t keep it to yourself, what weapons?

He’s only good with porcs


The moment they actually nerf it is when they have another absurdly expensive pay to be better than anyone else weapon ready to take it’s place, so they can milk the same people who bought the Athena for more money

And then pat themselves on the back for being so gracious as to listen to thier playerbase and do such a good deed of nerfing a weapon also btw buy this new op toy we just happened to release as we nerfed the last op toy whoopsie he he

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Athena is a Greek god, supposed to be OP, don’t like it move to Rome! :joy: (sarcasm)

Athena is good. Athena isnt OP. I dont own athenas. To support my position, I point you to the upper echelons of CW. It isnt dominated by athenas.

If the best players in the competitive mode arent abusing it, it means it isnt OP. It simply counters you.


“I don’t have any experience with this gun but a handful of people I consider the top of this game are not running them daily so that means it’s not op”

Athenas hard counter all weapons, name 1 weapon that counters athena that isn’t athenas themselves and not a relic

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I find myself playing a few different builds right now. I current have twenty four 9k builds, but obviously don’t play them all. (I’m also in the process of deleting most of those builds as I’m making new High PS builds)

In spot number one I’m running one of two auto-cannon builds. Auto-cannons have been my personal favorite gun for a long time.

In spot one I’ll have one of these:

  1. Double Cyclone with the new Spider legs OR
  2. a triple whirl bigram build

In spot #2 I run

  1. Double Kapcan + double porc spider

In spot number 3 I put some kind of wild card build - or something fun. Lately I have had:

  1. double Fortune Omni OR
  2. 5 kapcan tusk build for fun.
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I thought you were gonna say lances, but Tusk is better.

I question the Cyclones, though. Dual Athenas will strip them in a single volley, maybe two, long before you’ll do any significant damage. At least, that’s been my experience. They do over 600 damage per volley, destroying a fused Thyrsus + Averter in just 2 volleys.

That’s true, but you need to keep your distance on Athena builds. If you let an Athena or Destructor roll up on you, you’ve already lost. Last session, we played one Athena player, and we won. The map was Ship Graveyard, and one of my teammates smacked him with green Incinerator fire then I flanked and shot him from the side with Cyclones. Harpy Omni GE is extremely fast.

Athenas may be great, but there aren’t many of them, and they have range problems after the nerf.

I have already told you I dont have a problem smoking them regularly with epics. I use remedies and astraeus. I didnt chose those with athena in mind but they each have some advantages and weaknesses when compared…just like many other options.

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Athena is strong, but it’s just not accurate to say it has no counters. Any weapon that has more range can beat it, and any close range weapon can also beat it (assuming you manage to sneak up).

Also assuming youre on a map where a longer range weapon is even viable

Yeah, it sucks that some maps can make entire classes of weapons almost useless.
So many weapons can barely be used on most of Sector Ex, although after repeated humiliating matches I’m starting to figure out ways of using some artillery weapons on it. Still haven’t figured out what to do with Nests on that map though.