Athena needs nerf

K, post your best clip of you taking down an Athena with an Astraeus build in Confrontation. I want to see it. No backstab patches, he has to be paying attention to your name before you surprise him.
There are 5x+ as many athena players as those who can deal with them.

yeah i wanna see some ps4 gameplay too

Maybe I can get them to do it like a duel, where we start back to back , take 10 paces, then spin amd shoot. Or maybe XO should make me a flare I can fire off that says “I intend to shoot you”.

You clowns will try to discredit, regardless of circumstances. I am not wasting my time making or posting a video. You threaten to quit the game…I am ok pretending that is your best option.

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Why would you demand he kill an enemy who knows he’s there?
I mean, cloak is part of the game, and he said he’s either playing a sniper or a dog. Of course most Athena players he kills don’t see him coming, as that’s how you should play those weapons.

Also, if you can’t see how either of those two builds can be effective counters to Athena, I don’t think you’ll be convinced by any video.

Lol, right!

It’s almost like the range guys raging in voice chat (I know you PC guys don’t have voice but console does)

They will be like “no skill Rush p&@$$! Why don’t you fight me fair instead of all press W stealth BS” - when that is the play-style.

So buy “fight me fair” they mean stand their and let me kill you.

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You just said you easily take them down with epics, I want to see how you handle yourself in an even fight against a competent athena. It has to be a mutual fight, not you murdering some dude who never saw you coming. Some 110lb arab can ambush any highly trained 200lb soldier with an ancient akm and kill them, doesnt mean the 200lb soldier isnt far superior to him.

You can’t remove a persons play-style in a dual and prove anything. All it would prove is if you stand their like an idiot and let them shoot you then you die.

Also this game is not a 1vs1 game.


It means that 200lb soldier was beat in battle and he was the lesser man in that instance.
It only maters who is dead and who is alive. Skill/Tactics are also part of the game.

Not just raw power and damage.


Dude what?

Why are their conditions? Why do people always do this, like if you don;t beat someone in the most unlikely and ineffective way then it’s meaningless lmao

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“No backstabs”

You can really tell who doesn’t run a radar/pay attention

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I despise Athena for various reasons. I think it should be renamed to Corinthian or Sisphus.

If Athena is too common in Confrontation. Use lances and send those Athena-wielding bastards straight to hell, where they belong.


Lol, but don’t you know the way kids beat things in video games now days?

You don’t need any game skills or tactics - you just get it nerfed.

Does anyone ever remember playing old old old games like “Golden Eye” on N64? The reason I bring that game up is the fact that it is a multi-player PvP game that is on a Cartridge for a system without a hard drive. If you bought a game with balance issues then - the only thing you could do was “Git Gud”

Now in the future we’ve improved things and moved on. We have the technology to solve that problem

Of course it has - and this gun does need adjusting still.

Your not getting the point.

Some guys in the thread act like it’s the end of the world while they wait for the balance changes and their is no possible way to win unless you have them.

Out of anyone here, I would thank you know, that’s BS. Skills/Tactics/Teamwork can easily beat this weapon.

Balance tweaks? sure

Unbeatable weapon of complete OP domination? Not even close.

I’m kind of glad there is this Nerf Athena push on all the forums. If it wasn’t Athena, they’d be coming for my Cyclones. Tell me more about how Athena is ruining your game every 10th match.

Also, don’t get me started on Goldeneye balancing. That Golden Gun was nonsense OP.


One of the best games ever…

I love my Cyclones. They’re very versatile and work in various situations. One of my tactics is to sit back and cover and area with them.

I don’t see too many Athenias, its probably because they’re very expensive and only available to whales.

We’ve also had a lot more Broken OP weapons in the past. Sidekick Drones (2017), Sparkvester (2018), Stunlock Typhoon (2019), Annihilator Drones (2020), Hitscan Kaiju (2021)… ETC.


Your not missing anything man. I got fused Athena’s and Cyclones. For my playstyle Cyclones work better.


This needs to be flagged as bringing “NERF ________” heat to my gear.

Fused Cyclones have a terrible time against Athenas. Cyclones only outrange Athena by 300 meters and that 810 Cyclone durability per gun is nothing in the face of 3 unanswered Athena volleys. Also, sometimes, the Cyclone splash of 5 blocks doesn’t hit both Athenas at once, so you have to shoot them off separately.