Attack of the rapid fire machine guns

It’s all i see when i play the game.
Not normal machine guns, not guardians or defenders.
Everyone is just using rapid fire machine guns.

Maybe Targem should look into this.


I knew you would create some sort of another absurd thread after sucking up some from my build.

We all know you love your rapid fire machine guns ultralocust, i have never seen you play anything else.

Does that supposed to sound bad? I tried things. Found what best for me.
You want to pin on me that I just use ugliest meta to get easy wins… but playing 400 hp little fragile car on 5k PS doesn’t adds up is it?
Besides, doesn’t it makes more sense being good at one thing than doing multiple and suck?

Nonsense thread. What op is saying just isn’t true.

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Why dont you trolls start a topic of your own?
What is your input in this game other than posting Sh!t replies to people who start topics every week?


My input is ~30 packs I bought to support devs and get prestige parts faster because I love to build and improve crafts.
If you mean the feedback - it makes sense to give some where it supposed to be - on planned balance changes announcements, released updates, or suggest ideas topics. Some emotion-driven complain threads barely matter. And doesn’t add much interesting info or discussions to forum either.
I could agree though that Piercers are kind of too strong, but just a tiny bit. Fidget isn’t. And I don’t think it’s fair to touch IMP while there is no relic version.
Nerfing piercers… who would protect you from hover havoc that would follow?))


Thanks for your money friend, there couldnt be free to play players without it.


This is dumb they are only in low ps… Get over it.

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damn bruh, thats so freakin cool!

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They are just doing now what only shotguns used to be able to do in the past, be extremely good at close range and require close to no aiming skills other than being able to point in the general direction of an enemy

So basically even to this day, shotguns and their gameplay style are op and overperform most other weapons

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Bahahahaha, piercers are OP? Not in my lobbies they’re not. How many you rocking? 3? 4? Cause I promise I’d eat those things alive with the same number of Sinuses.

Here’s how it would go down: I either murder you regularly and your name becomes obsolete. OR, you murder me, I pay attention to your name. Then if you’re on the other team, I play near my teammates near the front line, keep my speed up, wait for you to show up, kite backwards while ripping your guns off in a few short bursts. And that’s how that would go.

How am I so sure? Cause I’ve dealt with literal 5k piercer builds you’re talking about. They’re only dangerous to machine guns if you’re not paying attention. If you are, it’s the same as 2499 Junkbows, the same as 15k Jorgamander-Nidhogg bananas, the same as 9k arbiter bananas, the same as 4k Borers. Pay attention, have a fast ride, and it’s free lunch every time.

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Been through that so many times. If you’re a hover - you’ll have hard time having 4 MGs without sacrificing something crucial, for whatever reason upto7k PS most MG hovers only have 3 MGs. Wheels - they are much harder to control and keep distance. Never actually even met a good kiting long-range MGs on wheels. Just a bunch of bad ones.
So as soon as someone tries working on my MGs I break that line of site, wait for you to get working on other target, move to other flank, etc. When I have the chance softing up your weapons… and then as soon as I see that opportunity to attack you while your allies can’t help you - I’ll just go for it. Ideally using cover to get to you as close as possible using cover to reduce those long range shootouts. If I see you start backing up in time, and I will have to chase you through lots of open ground, I just abort the attack and do it better time. It’s same tactic as shotguns would try to use. Except repidfire MGs allow to pour some good damage at 100-150m.
If you wish to prove your theory of kiting, we could test it.
I’m happy to hear someone successfully counters rapidfireMGs, meaning that they not just OP, but my success with them also lies with better builds and tactics.

This thread is turning into a e-dick contest of epic proportions :yawning_face:


Yes, and a certain user in this thread reeks of insecurities.


I know you. You just a hater.

What did you expect? It’s a PvP game.

rare footage of derrick the bird playing pvp at 5k ps with a 4 stack, 6vs6 at 2 pm


I wish you were on Playstation, cause your tactics would definitely give you a puncher’s chance. I’d like to see how it’d play out.

This is my ride at 5k

But I definitely think I fit your description of being a long range MG player that can kite. I honestly spend half of every match shooting behind me while I drive full speed ahead without looking. It’s the reason my guns are laid out like that. It’s also the reason I don’t use banana builds.


My goes like this. 3 of 4 MGs capable firing backwards. all MGs hidden behind durable parts, hot red for speed, improved seal…
I actually met builds like yours few times. If you had 4 MGs and kite and aim really well, perhaps you would had chances. 3 sinus at 5k PS is just too weak.