Augers and omnis(Latest patch)

Thanks to the latest patch in wich meatgrinders and the omni wheels have gotten improved smoothing and removal of the strafing speed increase.

With current testing of older builds on meatgrinders they basically became unplayable. Their speed is now horific and for a maxed out ermak (in mass limit) it would take at least 400meters of straight driving to reach a max speed of 70km/h. With this they are also able to be bugged out and reach above 80km/h when strafing near max speed.
Next to this do you also almost instantly lose your speed when trying to switch direction while strafing and already moving.

For omnis the issue arises with their speed and power as well, their overall moveability became a lot worse. Something wich could rival hovers even is now again back in the grave.

Both of these movement now again feel like they have had their power need increased by double. The same issue that had arived and happened during the syndicate update.

I hope this gets looked after and possibly the strafing speed increase gets returned, it was one of the few gimmicks that made it work at all.


Yeah, you really needed your diagonals with G-Eagle to get that extra 10 kmh, and my Omniworm on a maxed Howl now takes almost 300 meters on a straight to reach 90, and my Echo worm, with everything power fused, now takes twice as long as before on a straight to reach 60 kmh.

I also very much dislike how they drive now, they feel far less responsive.

i love omni…infact they did nerfed !

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Omnis still feels fine to me, but this change ruined augers, possibly even completely killing their viability.

Sad to hear the changes don’t feel good.
I’m still going to put in a bunch of time this week seeing if I can make them work, but I can already tell I’m going to miss the diagonal speed boost.

I like how the handling feels now, omnis at least don’t feel as janky and sluggish, but the drop in maximum speed in a single direction is really felt, especially when currently speed seems to be everything. Not to mention now my 6 omnis heavy cab build, with the golden eagle, struggles climbing any kinds of uphills

It’s a mixed bag


omnis on grass inclines barely move now , im hoping they can tweak them again without feeling like another nerf

im getting the hang of the way the work again , but getting slowed down that much because of grass sucks


At first, I didn’t notice the change with my auger build.

But yeah… it’s slower, and it was painfully slow before.

And… it can’t climb the simplest obstacles in the Test Drive.

Are they trying to make hovers the only movement parts or what?


sure feels like it in game


I actually didn’t notice it, until it was mentioned either. For some builds I think comes down to they could be under powered cab and engine wise for the number of omni’s they are trying to run. I’ve always considered them fairly power hungry despite what their consumption is listed as.

Few of mine:
Hugins with hotred - slightly sluggish getting started running 8 (6 upgraded)
Hadron with golden eagle - fairly responsive when running 6 upgraded
Harpy with golden eagle - responsive when running 4 upgraded (I have some other 4s too that feel the same)

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Sorry the uncalled auger change with 0 test server time allocated has negatively affected your experience .
I would like to add to this mess that they have killed small tracks for me , they now receive more drawbacks and less benefits then ever before . I already gave up on the direction of movement parts for this game tbh , I will test augers and omni’s today I have 8 or 10 powerfused omni’s and a couple of augers. In short , small tracks have an even greater horrible delay when switching from side to side , even when you are going 0.5 km/h you can not use your 360 turning ability until you deadstop with ebrake this is making you so slow to respond (in symphony with the delays) that your competitive edge has been totally blunted. I could go into greater detail but they just feel really dull and not exciting at all , I don’t want to be pushed in some movement part meta. It just not right with a current hover reality to take away the handbrake trick from wheels and the snappy response of small tracks/augers/omni’s.
Sorry if this was not 100% on topic lads, I just don’t want to start my own topic again about this sad subject , we are all being steamrolled to get more blunted crossout experience so that cross-platform can be implemented . If we remain competitive as we were there is no way they would be able to compete , so our controls are being delayed the game generally slowed down . Since 2.0 I refuse to buy any bp or anything at all. This is imho ofc , good luck out there lads :v:


All my omni builds feel a bit better than before. Yall were just feeding off a bug useing heavy builds…i stayed true to my rules of omni use and all my omni builds drive smoother after this patch.

Yup. Anything over six omnis is a bad idea. I have one seven omni build. Thats my only exception to my rule, and thats on a power fused nova. Omnis on heavy cabs with maxed mass arent a great idea. Hadron weight range is the max you want to be pushing omnis at.


I actually really like my 8 but as I said it’s not as fast to respond at low speeds as my others, mostly do to its mass/tonnage ratio. I’m hoping that maybe upgrading the last two omni that might improve a bit but I can cope with it as is. There isn’t much else I can upgrade on it to get around other then a hot-red upgrade for power which isn’t much. If they are kept on the lighter size the 8s can still be fairly peppy though.

That reassures me. Most of my omni builds are 4-6 wheels, and using faster cabins.
Have you played any augers yet?

A heavy omni Colossus build is basically invulnerable to melees and pushing tho. Literally all you have to do is turn on the spot to break free of pretty much annyone trying to bully you.


If anything needs buffed its wheels. Omnis that travel faster diangley then i can travle straight, or how about when they self destruct i can’t separate from them, but when i self destruct they separate in the blink of an eye. Have wheels ad to cabin speed, they should anyway lot less friction then omnis and a lot more traction then hovers.


These changes were a nerf and the devs did this on purpose. They did the same shit they did to augers over a year ago again, except to omnis as well. They don’t play anything but hovers! Omnis are sluggish now.


I’ve been getting that impression too. The game seems tailored for them and they nerf around them a lot, leaving them the only real constant in this game.

That really bummed me out. I’m a wheels and speed guy, and that sort of drained the last bit of viability from wheels. Their curse on wheels has harshed my gig pretty severe. I haven’t even tried this new update yet, because with wheels so screwed, there isn’t much I feel like playing in this game. Mad Max is MIA.

Not that I feel like Omnis and Augers needed a nerf, but maybe this will indirectly buff wheels? I still don’t like how they stall, and stick to objects and furniture. The omnidirectional movement parts don’t seem to. And, I liked the faux low gear that the hand-brake exploit provided. Now, it’s like I only have second gear and reverse.

This is not the up-date I’ve been waiting for.


I only have dual auger builds. A catalina porc, a hadron porc and a huggin nothung build. They all feel like they drive a bit cleaner. I cant say how any build higher than dual augers plays however.

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